Devil Commander
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Devil Commander

Devil Commander
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Devil Commander Comics Online. Three years ago, a deal entwined their fates together. One is the daughter of a criminal, the other is the noble young master of a military family. Three years later, she has found a kind man who is willing to protect and love her for the rest of her life, but that devil commander appeared and said: Before I get sick of you, I won't allow other guys to touch you even a bit…

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Hottest Comments
AnimeLover Wattpad
Did you noticed the art's is changing guys? I like the first art. And the hair due of the guy also. And the FL and ML arts. And I love the story. The end.
Crys Aguiar
I'm getting mad at him for threatening her and she for letting herself be bullied.
To ficando com raiva dele por ameaçar ela e ela por se deixar ser intimidada.
i am confusion what are they to each other exactly?? are they ex's if so why does he act that way towards her?? does he still like her if they are ex's?? ahhh this is stressing me out!?!?
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