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Double Sonata

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The dragon clan rule this sealing continent.
Rumor has it that Ye, the king of dragon clan, is bloodthirsty cruelty. However, he bestows a human slave as his concubine, pampering her and doting on her for all sorts of things. She thought she had met someone worth entrusting her life to. She thought he was truly special to her, but it turned out to be just a reflection in the mirror, a substitute for someone else…

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so everyone's asking for an update. i mean like, i can't blame them coz its been months. but then, we jave to ask MANGATOON for a FORKIN' UPDATE!!! you guys are asking/talking to the auther, but in reality the AUTHOR CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!! this is a chinese manga afterall, right??? coz if not there's a high probability that its exclusive in mangatoon. and that means mangatoon-in-charge, right???
Kiki: even if it's out it will be locked soon because I have a few Chinese manga apps I downloaded because I was bored of America comics so yeah but anyways I saw this story in one of the apps but I couldn't remember which one but I know the story is locked along with a couple of other comics like the deserted woman. But also if you want to read it you have to learn Chinese or ask someone to translate it but also it consist something that us Chinese can understand so I'm sorry...
Crystalii: nope. mangatoon has the raw version in their app. they translate it. the only thing here is that the author isn't drawing new chapters. but even so, its useless to ask the author since he/she is chinese. MOST chinese people can't understand english
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sunset auria
i feel her😂😂when there are so many yummy foods on the table ut your not allowed since its not yet lunch/breakfast/dinner😂😂
Chim Chim
lol she didn't know the perverted king she mentions is him 😂😂 i'm starting to imagine how's her reaction when she know that king is him 😂😂
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