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Double Sonata

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The dragon clan rule this sealing continent.
Rumor has it that Ye, the king of dragon clan, is bloodthirsty cruelty. However, he bestows a human slave as his concubine, pampering her and doting on her for all sorts of things. She thought she had met someone worth entrusting her life to. She thought he was truly special to her, but it turned out to be just a reflection in the mirror, a substitute for someone else…

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Alyssa Rivera
I had to think about it but the girl did have a flashback dream of herself dying so I really don’t think she is the reincarnation of the coffin girl but I think she is the reincarnation of someone from that particular time. I also think the sister is the reincarnation of the coffin girl.
Becky B
awww cosita! 😍 en lo personal yo amo las serpientes pero no porque las amo quiere decir que sería lo suficientemente tonta como para tratar de acariciar una dentro de una cueva😅
Bien por ti niña! sobreviviste👍
I think she, Wange Mu is not the reincarnation of the woman in the coffin, Ah Li (that betrayed the dragon king years ago) ....
Maybe, they are related... Like she is her sister?
But the love story seems to happen a millenium of years ago.. So, her elder sister time-travelled into the past?
how bout Mei Li, the purple snake... why does the snake not harms her...
Who's Hong Ying and what is his/her connection to the silver dragon's squama (the ball that can safeguard Wange from danger)
I really want to know what happened in the past but more so than that, how will she be saved from the illusion...
Quick, where is the next episode..
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