The Drifting Classroom
Horror / Adventure / Completed

The Drifting Classroom

KaiYuan Comic
The Drifting Classroom
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The Drifting Classroom Comics Online. There is a classroom in the school. No one except me can see it and I accidently entered it one night…After that I have to study in that class with my ghost classmates and ghost teacher who all died in a fire. Why didn’t they go reincarnation but choose to stay in the school? What’s the secret behind the ghost girl that is pregnant? I have to find out truth…

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Hottest Comments
you've got to be kidding me ! it ended just like that ? where the two apprentices got their lovelives ? waaaa . i love this story . can't it have more ?

what happened to River's and Yan Chang's agreement ? .. what happened to the classroom and all the students and teacher there ? i thought River need to graduate from there ? waaa . more pleeease !
its wolf kitty cupecake: YA MORE
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Pretty Pineapple
story was about classroom ghost and that baby but river didn't even solve that classroom issues at all instead of helping those ghost to get free he started to make money and left everything where it all started
He even broke up with his gf it's so dumb
Bomia Ehiokioya: I think it can be assumed that he appeased yan chang's ghost and settled the classroom students through his good deeds. That's the most logical conclusion
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first, he talked to a ghost .
second, he accepted the gift from the ghost ! (which is bad, because according to what i read before, when you accept something from a ghost they will never leave you)
what an idiot and stubborn guy.
jennnnn: welcome ? 😊😊
Shizzfik: Shit, i didnt know that. thank you for telling
total 3 replies
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