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The Drifting Classroom

KaiYuan Comic
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There is a classroom in the school. No one except me can see it and I accidently entered it one night…After that I have to study in that class with my ghost classmates and ghost teacher who all died in a fire. Why didn’t they go reincarnation but choose to stay in the school? What’s the secret behind the ghost girl that is pregnant? I have to find out truth…

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School life
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ghost: "mam am i pretty?"

me:*looks at ghost*

ghost:"MAM AM I PRETTY?!"

me:*puts on a straight face* yes but do you know what would make you the prettiest woman of the dead?

ghost:*looks confused*

me:*holds up a bottle of Listerine and toothpaste and toothbrush* a fresher breath...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!: *user died of unknown causes*
CRØSSOVΞR: yeah that's funny and confusing...
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if Dance finds out that lee has a girlfriend.....Drama is on the way 😏😂👌🏻🤣
XiaoMu: I doesnt matter coz she is a ghost and tume comes after he save them.. She will let him go already after he grad.. 😊😌
Black Beryls: i ship them too
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MirRannA S.
Hey, what happened to the school. You know, he entered a school and now he has to go to the school until he will graduate, is school have some kind of summer vacation or something 😅? (If someone now/remember what happened to the school, please tell me!)
Sebastian Liem: The Script is changing dude, is not about the school anymore, it’s all about banishing and make a deal with Ghost especially Woman
MirRannA S.: Well if remember correctly, they(his ghost friends) playing video games and he doesn’t want to take them with him because he afraid that they could get hurt.
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