Make Way for Your Vicious Queen!
Romance / Historical / TimeTravel

Make Way for Your Vicious Queen!

Make Way for Your Vicious Queen!
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Make Way for Your Vicious Queen! Comics Online. The rain was pouring down when I was having my last conversation with my scumbag ex-boyfriend, the guy who cheated on me yet thought he could buy my love back with money. Suddenly, I was struck by a lightning. When I woke up, I realized that somehow I have time travelled to the ancient time and became the empress!
Before I figured out what was going on, a naked woman came in front of me...
It seems I have been reborn into the body of a vicious empress! Luckily, I'm good at being bad...

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I have read this story and it's trash . the story gets soo confusing . the ml is also trash he's very arrongant and there is no character development at all . 70 chapter in and we still don't get a clue about what he what's from her . let me tell you more about the ml he is very stupid , he yells at her even when she is caring for him , he doesn't even listen to her side of the story, he locked her up , he sends someone to spie on her idk why, he also cheats infront of her . the fl is very stupid there is nothing vicious about her the only person that is vicious is the ml . honesty I only character is the maid anyways

Amanya: @humidity after reading your comment and knowing you read upto 70 chapter I thought it should be how it should end or how it goes so I read upto 140 chapter out 143 released until now (remaining 3 are premium). So, based upon that it's not what you think....The king is very caring towards the queen. He even get to know that she is not the real queen but still stands on her side. Moreover, queen also goes for opening cosmetics industry in imperial time and there also she gets support from the king. I felt the story is quite interesting, I am actually waiting for release of next chapters.
Xiao Hai: Well lucky me. I read the comment before I waste my ticket on another as*hole ML.
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she is a really dumb girl....
just a few minutes ago she was talking so arrogantly with her ex and now she became timid and acting all stupidly in front of the ml....
you did nothing when she slapped u....even when that jerk pushed you....
she is nothing but humiliating and embarrassing herself ......
if it was me I would have skinned both of them and then cut them into pieces and feed it to the vultures.....
👑Athena🍁: what ?
Namjoon's potato: what?
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Suga Genius ( savage queen)
i don't understand it but I love it 💜
✧∘∙سافاج جنية∙∘✧: Become a translator haha
✧∘∙سافاج جنية∙∘✧: 🎶Disco overload I’m into that I’m good to go, I’m diamond, you know I glow up~🎶
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