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I Was XXX By My Idol

Young Dream
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It has almost been three years since I saw him.
As the no.1 listed in the “actors that girls want to sleep with”, ji chen is so hot nationwide. But I actually woke up on his bed with numerous reporters crowed at the door…my life under the same roof with my idol begins…

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School life
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Snow Bunny
wait...wait...i wanted to know if something is wrong. About what happened between Ji Chen and Ruan Li...Ruan Li is suddenly dizzy and unconscious when she bumped into someone, right?? And then somehow she ended up in Ji Chen's bed...Naked!! But Ji Chen also doesn't know what happened, he suspected that Ruan Li is his mad fan whom climb herself up into his bed.
So, i guess there is someone behind this! That person plotted something, maybe wanted to ruin Ji Chen's reputation?? or it's got something to do with her ex-boyfriend?? Before he broke up with her, he said that she wanted to sleep with Ji Chen, right?? and then BAM!! Something like that suddenly happen!!
Suspicious isn't it???
Snow Bunny: no, i mean Ruan Li's Ex-boyfriend. Ji Chen never had girlfriend before. But it turns out it was not Ruan Li's ex doing, but still a mystery who plotted that to happen.
feng am si: no. he don't have ex
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Redgina Mahinay
Ji Chen's fans are so close minded and judgemental. Just because his girlfriend doesn't look good in those pictures they decided to turn their backs on him. Shame on them! If they truly love Ji Chen, they'd support him no matter what! plus the fact that they don't know Li! They're so judgemental and cruel. They're just jealous because Ji Chen dated a fan that is 'below' their standards. Besides, it's not always about the looks. Sometimes, its about how they make you feel. They're being rational, nonsense! Gosh, I wish I was there so I could stand up for Ruan Li. Though I'm very sure Ji Chen will, still I want to be there for her, it sounds so depressing! GUYS LET'S STAND UP FOR JI CHEN AND ESPECIALLY FOR RUAN LI! AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP! STAN CHENLI!

ps. chenli ji CHEN and ruan LI
👑S E R E N I T Y👑: true!
Code: 404: they just can't accept the fact that Ji Chen and those who are in the entertainment business are people too who can fall in love and in their eyes that Ji Chen has to remain pure and single so they could fantasize all they want
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wow AUTHOR that's a awesome episode....... but not a awesome ending.....because JI CHEN has two important things in his life. RUAN LI & MUSIC. He got RUAN LI but lost music....I think you should make some episode on that what is going to happen next....will JI CHEN's father agree to let him to go with music.......and before this SU MUYANG and JHAO YILIN seemed to be so what happened to them....are they in a relationship?........ again i also want to know what will happen to RUAN LI's EX BOYFRIEND?Will he be punished.....Please AUTHOR make some more episode....this questions are killing me☺☺💕💕
If anyone thinks that i am right please like this comment and i am not so good in English.... so if there is any mistake please correct me😅😅😅
AUTHOR we want more episodes......Please 🙏🙏🙏😘
No One: yeah right
author plzzzzz dont end in here🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
imnuha:’re right!
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