I Was XXX By My Idol
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I Was XXX By My Idol

Young Dream
I Was XXX By My Idol
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I Was XXX By My Idol Comics Online. It has almost been three years since I saw him.
As the no.1 listed in the “actors that girls want to sleep with”, ji chen is so hot nationwide. But I actually woke up on his bed with numerous reporters crowed at the door…my life under the same roof with my idol begins…

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School life
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Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~
listen people, I'm totally supporting the FL here who's just had a rough day but...
try to think of this from the boyfriend's perspective (I'magirlbytheway) who has to handle her girlfriend being addicted to other guys i.e the idols by following them everywhere on social media and go to every concert and say deranged things like: "I would die for you XYZ!! "
Now try to turn the table around. How do you expect a girl to behave or react to her boyfriend being addicted to other girls huh?
If boys try to stan their female idols then the outcome will exactly be the same as in the manga. The point is that your significant other will never accept his kind of behavior and that should be respected.
(Btw I'm a total NCT fan ahhhhhhh!!!)
Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~: oh then that would be completely different.
then this argument wouldn't take place.
Amal osman: But he used that As an excuse to break up with her solo.....
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Sophia Madelene Pajota Cañete
well I hate linze but there is something I really feel bad for him he loves ruan li so much but because of jealous at ji Chen he hurts ruan li and now he is happy to die because he thinks even if he dies ruan li and him can't go back to what they are in the past and now he just want to see her for the last time
raisa_army_bts forever
I'm dreaming jungkook with me😴

most impossible thing in the world
even god won't be able to do that
my meeting with jungkook 🙂
Little_messy: Ohh really.. Are they really that handsome or i am just blinded by love😍😍😍.
Nowshin Anjum Faria: do you see bts in Real life i see 10 time iam from Korea
total 59 replies
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