I Was XXX By My Idol
Romance / Completed

I Was XXX By My Idol

Young Dream
I Was XXX By My Idol
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I Was XXX By My Idol Comics Online. It has almost been three years since I saw him.
As the no.1 listed in the “actors that girls want to sleep with”, ji chen is so hot nationwide. But I actually woke up on his bed with numerous reporters crowed at the door…my life under the same roof with my idol begins…

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No matter i read all the comments each episode i get irritated.... But sorry i just want to say that this manga and this kind of love that ji chen shows is not the samething as always like dramas or movies this love from ji chen is unique... And the comments say that ji chen has not told ruan li like her but ji chen said it...he just always get afraid and change the topic easily because he is scared, scared that ruan li will avoid her..... Why girls always saying that they're always the victim, is the man or ji chen faults that he is good in acting or pretending that he does not like ruan li??? Come on i am a girl to but i understands this type of guy.... Im sorry but this is my opinion❤️❤️i wish to be a writer also so i understand why this is happening i just irritated by the comments they always get irritated in ji chen... Ji chen has confessed but he change the topic for sure i will be understund it and ji chen sorry to ruan li he just not say it but he show sorry to ruan li by loving and caring her. Dear author i will be waiting the next season🤗
Jana Rashwan: Same here😢
Just a fan.: ohhhhhhh i feel you
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Darren Willowen
I love it!!! way better than other mangatoons I've read on here...bc Jichen isn't a horrible person who treats her too awful, and the FL isn't super weak nor is she "strong" to be point of being extremely rude and pushy. super cute story! Jichen was awesome! the FL was awesome! the diversity of character was great, I like how Su Muyang and Yilin showed potential for romance but it didn't ruin their characters, they were still fighting with each other to the end 😂 AMAZING STORY!! thank you so much, author!!
I love the story from the beginning to the last, i been reading all the comments each episode buy sometimes they get irritated by ji chen and i dont know why, is it because that i'am a dream writer too... I wish to become a writer but i am still studying but i really love your manga❤️i start reading this since 2017 and i read ut again and i never unlike it... I will wait the next season❤️❤️❤️
Jana Rashwan: Same...
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