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I Was XXX By My Idol

Young Dream
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It has almost been three years since I saw him.
As the no.1 listed in the “actors that girls want to sleep with”, ji chen is so hot nationwide. But I actually woke up on his bed with numerous reporters crowed at the door…my life under the same roof with my idol begins…

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School life
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Continuation from the last chapter (at the Stadium):

Ji Chen: “Ms. Ruan Li, would you like to be with Ji Chen who will be a company staff through the rest of his life, for richer, for poorer, till death do us part…”

Ruan Li lets out a gasp of surprise, covering her mouth and staring at Ji Chen. She can’t believe what she’s hearing, what does this all mean? Ji Chen steps down from the podium that he was standing on and walks towards the silent Ruan Li.

Ji Chen: “But….it’s no use turning me down now…”

Ji Chen stops before Ruan Li with a mischievous grin on his face. She looks up at him, “Eh?” Ji Chen leans forward, reaches up to stroke her hair, his hand stops just at the base of her neck and leaning so close, Ruan Li can feel his hot breath on her. He says, “From the moment you put on this wedding dress, you are mine.” Without giving time for Ruan Li to react, Ji Chen grabs her head and pulls her towards his lips. Chen’s lips press firmly against her, taking her breath away. Shocked, she squeezes her eyes shut but not before seeing Ji Chen’s eyes sparkle possessively at her. Ruan Li is still processing all this information, she thinks to herself, “This must be a dream, what’s happening?” Her thoughts are interrupted by Chen’s other hand wrapping tightly around her waist, pulling her closer to him, his tongue slides between her lips and takes possession of her mouth. She relaxes into his embrace and kiss, Ji Chen has not kisses her so passionately before. Minutes later, he releases her and pulls her against his chest. She’s out of breath but Ji Chen’s voice snaps her from her fantasy.

Ji Chen: “Ruan Li, I love you. We may have met because you were my fan, but you are not an ordinary girl…” Ruan Li tries looking up at Ji Chen but she’s presses so tightly against him that she can’t see his face. She tries to free herself, but his grasp remains so tightly wrapped around her that she can’t really do anything but lean against him. “You’ve always been different to me. You’re not only brave, kind and gently. You are my hero. I let you go before because I thought it was all I could do to protect you.” Ji Chen squeezes her tightly as he says this. Ruan Li could hear his heart racing as he continues. “But three years later, you came back into my life, my world…I’m not going to let you go again!” Upon these words, he leans down and kisses her forehead. Ruan Li takes this opportunity to place her hands on his chest to push herself away and look at him in his eyes.

Ruan Li: “Ji Chen, I don’t understand…What are you saying?”

Ji Chen steps back and flicks Ruan Li on the forehead. Ruan Li frowns and puts her hands on her forehead to protect it from further flicks.

Ji Chen: “You’re mine!” A smile spreads across his face, he kneels down before Ruan Li and pulls out a diamond ring from his pocket. “Ruan Li, will you marry me.” Ruan Li stares down at Ji Chen and the ring he’s holding before her, tears start flowing down her face. Ji Chen immediately stands up and pulls her against him. “Why are you crying again?” Between sniffles, Ruan Li pulls away slightly from Ji Chen so that she’s looking up at him. He reaches down and gently brushes her tears away.

Ruan Li: “I’m so happy! I’m not dreaming right?” Ji Chen chuckles and pinches Ruan Li’s cheeks. “Ouch, that hurt!” He laughs at her.

Ji Chen: “See, you aren’t dreaming. Now are you going to give me an answer or will you keep avoiding the question?” Ruan Li wipes the remaining tears away with the back of her hands and then throws her arms around Ji Chen.

Ruan Li: “Yes, yes. I’ll marry you!” Ji Chen grabs her head and pulls her up towards him. He gives her another deep passionate kiss. Their bodies melt into each other as the weight of everything dissipates from their bodies and the love they feel for one another is expressed in their embrace and kiss. When they finally pull away from each other, Ji Chen takes the ring from its case and puts it on Ruan Li’s left ring finger. She looks at the ring on her finger and holds it tightly against her chest as Ji Chen puts his arm around her.

Ji Chen: “Let’s get you home.” They start walking towards the exit of the stadium when Su Muyang steps out from the shadows, in front of the exit.

Su Muyang: “Hmmm, seems that I have lost the position as your best friend…” Ji Chen looks at Su Muyang as he pulls his hat off to reveal himself to them. Ruan Li steps up and was about to speak when Ji Chen puts his arm out, stopping her and stepping in front of Su Muyang.

Ji Chen: “You’re my brother!” He puts his arm around Su Muyang and ruffles his hair. “You can’t get rid of me so easily.” He nods towards Ruan Li and signals for her to approach. “She’s my fiancé, you’re not getting rid of her neither.” Su Muyang laughs as Ji Chen wraps his arm around Ruan Li and lead them out of the stadium.

Su Muyang: “You’re right. You two are meant to be, I can’t even dream of separating you…” He releases himself from Ji Chen’s arm and starts walking towards the parking lot. “Come on, Sis Yajun is waiting for us in the car. Let’s go home.”

Ji Chen and Ruan Li follows Su Muyang to the car where Li Yajun is waiting for them. They return to Ji’s Residence, where Ji Chen has been staying. During the ride to Ji’s Residence, Ruan Li finds out that Ji Chen will be publicly announcing his retirement from the entertainment circle next month. When he had entered the entertainment circle, he had promised his father that he would do it without his father’s help. If he ever asked for help, he would return back to the Ji Family and take over the Ji Family business. Having lost Ruan Li once and seeing the dark and dirty side of the entertainment circle, Ji Chen was already considering leaving that world. While he was in America studying, he felt lonely and realized what was truly important to him. When Su Muyang was taken hostage, he realized that he wasn’t ready to put the people he cares about in danger again. If that meant living a normal life as an office worker in Ji Corporation, he was willing to do that.

***One Month Later, at Ji Chen’s Retirement Concert***

Ruan Li is backstage watching Ji Chen announce his retirement to the crying fans. Su Muyang is standing beside her. She looks up at him.

Ruan Li: “What are you going to do?” Su Muyang looks down at her and nudges her.

Su Muyang: “Are you worried about me?” Ruan Li frowns, turns away and huffs.

Ruan Li: “Will you be alright Brother-in-Law?” She turns back and sticks her tongue at him. Su Muyang chuckles and looks towards Ji Chen, who’s doing his last dance on stage.

Su Muyang: “When Ji Chen left to study in America, we’ve already agreed to go on our own. I’m acting now. I’ll be fine.” He turns back to Ruan Li, who turns away from him when their eyes meet. She looks lovingly out on stage where Ji Chen is performing. “What about you? Ji Chen is retiring but you still have to help Director Chen with your movie.” Ruan Li sighs and looks up at Su Muyang.

Ruan Li: “Don’t worry. Ji Chen has already taken care of most of it. Director Chen has already found a new actor to replace Ji Chen when I was in the hospital. With the help of Ji Chen, they are well into filming, I don’t think I really need to do much now…”

Su Muyang: “Is that it, you’re going to leave this circle too? Did we scare you away?” Ruan Li gives Su Muyang an inquisitive look as if she’s trying to read his mind. When she doesn’t respond, Su Muyang looks away feeling embarrassed. When he looks back at her, she has returned her gaze to Ji Chen who’s now wrapping up his last performance.

Ruan Li: “I never wanted to be in the entertainment circle.” Her gaze remains locked onto Ji Chen. “We got a wedding to plan. I’m going to support Ji Chen, I have no desire to step into the entertainment circle again.” She lowers her voice so that Su Muyang could barely catch it. “I’m happy staying by Ji Chen’s side, I don’t need anything else…”

Ji Chen’s final retirement concert ended with no problems. Su Muyang has moved to an apartment on his own and Li Yajun has retired as Ji Chen’s Agent. Ruan Li returned to her job but has moved into Ji’s Residence to live with Ji Chen. There she met Lin Ze who has been locked away at the Ji Family’s residence. Lin Ze confessed to Ruan Li and begged her for forgiveness. He had always loved her but was jealous of how much she loved Ji Chen, someone she never should have been with. He didn’t want to hurt her, he only wanted her to realize that Ji Chen wasn’t the one for her, that she should only have eyes for him. Shortly after talking to Lin Ze, and much to Ji Chen’s frustration, Ruan Li asked Ji Chen to release Lin Ze the police and help him get a good lawyer. She wanted to forgive Lin Ze and give him a second chance. His engagement with Su Yu has already been broken off, he’ll already have a hard enough time when he gets out, she didn’t want to see her childhood friend ruined. Ji Chen finally agreed to help Lin Ze on the condition that they get married immediately. The wedding was moved up to the following week. As Ji Chen’s retirement was still a hot topic, they had a small, but romantic wedding on the Li Family’s Estate. Ji Chen and Ruan Li wrote their own vows. Su Muyang, Zhao Yilin, He Miao, Li Yajun, and a few other close friends and family were all in attendance. Shortly after the wedding, while Ji Chen and Ruan Li were away on their honeymoon, Lin Ze was released to the police and sentences to five years in prison for kidnapping and assault.

***Six Months Later, at Ji Corporation (where Ji Chen is working under his father)***

Ruan Li is running into the office tower. She’s late for her meeting with Ji Chen.

Ruan Li: “Oh no, he’s going to kill me!” She exclaims as she rushes into the closing elevator doors. “Made it.” She lets out a sigh of relief as she presses the button to the top floor of the building. When the elevator doors open, Ji Chen is standing in front of it with a frown on his face. Upon seeing Ruan Li, he looks at his watch.

Ji Chen: “Where have you been? You’re 30 minutes late!” Ruan Li rushes up to Ji Chen as he turns around and walks away. Still out of breath from running here, she yells after Ji Chen.

Ruan Li: “Hey, is this how you should be treating your pregnant wife?!?” Ji Chen stops on his tracks and turns around staring at Ruan Li.

Ji Chen: “What are you talking about?” He walks swiftly up to Ruan Li and holds her upright by her shoulders. She looks up at him with a wide grin.

Ruan Li: “I’m sorry I’m late. I was at the doctor’s office. It took longer than I expected but I’m pregnant!” She look Ji Chen with eyes sparkling. “You’re going to be a daddy!” Ji Chen looks stunned at Ruan Li’s smiling face. As the words sink in, his face lights up and he wraps his arms around Ruan Li, spinning her around in his arms.

Ji Chen: “We’re going to have a baby!” Hi puts her down and kisses her. Their kiss is interrupted by a cough. Pulling away from each other, they look up and see Ji Chen’s dad, Su Muyang and Zhao Yilin standing before them.

Ruan Li: “Sorry.” She pulls away from Ji Chen feeling embarrassed. Looking over at Su Muyang and Zhao Yilin, she asks, “What are you two doing here?” Ji Chen speaks up.

Ji Chen: “They were going to join us for dinner tonight.” Ji Chen’s dad walks up to his son and pats him on his back. As he passes Ji Chen, he whispers, “Let’s talk after your dinner.” Ji Chen gives his dad a knowing nod and leads Ruan Li up to Su Muyang and Zhao Yilin. “Shall we go?” Su Muyang wraps his arm around Yilin and nods. Ji Chen leads everyone back to the elevator and they head to dinner at a fancy French restaurant that Su Muyang had reserved for them. In the elevator, Ruan Li looks at Su Muyang, whom she hasn’t seen since her wedding and wonders how he got so close to Zhao Yilin.

Over dinner, Su Muyang talks about the projects he’s been working on. Every once in awhile, Zhao Yilin would chime in and talk about her projects. Ruan Li learns that they will be working on a film together. During dessert, Ji Chen suddenly orders a bottle of champagne and a glass of sparkling apple juice for Ruan Li. Ruan Li watches the waiter walk away and whispers to Ji Chen, “What’s going on? Why are you ordering Champagne?” Before Ji Chen could reply, Su Muyang gets up and kneels before Yilin.

Su Muyang: “Zhao Yilin, you have been by my side for the past few months. You have been my strength, my listening ear, and a thorn I can’t seems to get rid of…” He pulls out a ring and holds it in front of Zhao Yilin. “Will you stay by my side forever?” Zhoa Yilin lets out a gasp and grabs the ring.

Zhoa Yilin: “This is all you can afford? This little diamond?” She pulls the ring out as Su Muyang gets up and starts to reach for the ring.

Su Muyang: “It’s bigger than Ruan Li’s! If you don’t want it, I’ll take it back!” Zhoa Yilin pulls away and puts the ring on her left ring finger.

Zhoa Yilin: “Why do you have to be so mean? I’m just kidding!” She throws her arms around Su Muyang. “I love it. Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!” Su Muyang leans forward and places a kiss on Zhoa Yilin’s forehead. They are interrupted by the waiter returning with the champagne and the sparkling apple juice for Ruan Li. They return to their seats as the waiter places the glasses before each of them. When the waiter walks away, Ji Chen raises his glass.

Ji Chen: “Here’s to Su Muyang and Zhao Yilin’s engagement! Congratulations!” They clink glasses and then Ji Chen clears his throat to get their attention again. “I also have two announcements.” Everyone turns and looks at Ji Chen. “First, as you may have guessed, Ruan Li is pregnant. We’re going to be parents!” Zhoa Yilin lets out a squeal of joy but stops herself as Ji Chen continues. “The second announcement is that I will be taking over Ji Corporation next year as the President. My dad will still remain on the board to assist me until his retirement later, but Ji Corporation will be in my hand in a few months.” They all clink glasses and talk enthusiastically about all the news.

***Two Years Later***

Ruan Li is sitting in the living room rocking her son to sleep. Ji Chen walks into the room and sits down beside her.

Ji Chen: “I just got a call from Yang. Zhao Yilin is pregnant, they want to invite us over for dinner tomorrow.”

Ruan Li nods and smiles. Leaning back, she rests her head on Ji Chen’s shoulder. “This is so nice. Who ever thought we could live such a peaceful life like this two years ago? It’s been over five years since we first met…if you told me then that this was how my life would be, I would never have believed you.” Ji Chen smiles and wraps his around Ruan Li.

Ji Chen: “You weren’t getting away the moment you woke up in my bed. You’re mine and I’m never letting you go!”

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Levy Mcgarden: omg this was soooooo amazing it would had been better with pictures i hope every one reads this then they will have the ending we all wanted
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💓💓byun baekhyun💓💓

When su muyang was caught by his men, he was beaten in the head grasshopper so he lost his consciousness, and when Jichen known that su muyang was following the man who wanted to make jichen lose his dignity, Jichen immediately went to rescue him and how shocked he was when he muyang was lying weak in the hands of the men. Jichen tries to help her. And jichen managed to defeat the man and save him. Jichen took Ms. Su to hospital.

When I was handled by the hospital, Jichen got a message from an unknown number containing "come to the old building on the street xxx at 00.00 pm and don't think of bringing someone with you or your girlfriend will be in danger". jichen was shocked to see the message and he couldn't think clearly anymore. Finally the specified time arrived Jichen went to the old building that had been determined. When he arrived at the building he looked for where Li was and when he was in confusion he was suddenly looking for the door in the old building to open itself. jichen was surprised by that. jichen asks "who is there". but there is no answer whatsoever. and jichen starts feeling bad things. Jichen was very worried about Li's life. And a few moments later someone came to him. because in the building it's dark so jichen can't see who is walking near him. When the footsteps stopped simultaneously the lights in the building lit up, and how surprised Jichen was when he learned that the mastermind of all these events was "jing". Jing said to jichen "why? Shocked to see me?" (While laughing evil) . Jichen said "why are you doing this?" and jing replied "why did you say, I did all this because when I was dating Ruan Li (you know I am a exboyfriend of ruan Li?) (Jichen was surprised) I was very disappointed when Ruan Li talked about you because every time she talked about you there the light was burning in his eyes, and I really hated it. It hurt me very much. I really loved ruan li. So I decided, I would destroy you jichen in all ways. So that Li didn't talk about you again when we started a new one. try to get rid of your dignity by making a fan spend the night with you at the hotel, but unexpectedly the fans brought by my men is ruan li, but I haven't been desperate. I still want to destroy you. Here, I will kill you so you can't get it Ruan Li. And I can start a new thing with Li (while laughing badly). Jichen said "You talk too much" and Jichen immediately put his fist on if you are upfront. there was a fierce battle between jichen and jing. Jing took a glass bottle that had been broken from the floor and was about to stick it into the jichen from behind and at the same time the li entered the building and protected the jichen from the jing attack. jichen who was turning his body saw that the ruan li came to protect him. and when the attack hit ruan Li, Jing felt guilty. and at that time, people in black clothes entered the building. and just before Ruan Li lost his consciousness he said calmly they were your father's people. and the ruan li fell unconscious at the jichen.
Jichen immediately brought ruan Li to the hospital and with jing he was brought to court for the charges of attempting murder. and ruan li comma for 1 month. and at 1 month that jichen is always faithful waiting for someone to wake up. and Ruan Li woke up. Jichen who saw Ruan Li waking up very excited and also enveloped in relief, Jichen was very afraid of losing ruan Li. jichen likes to shed tears. Ruan Li who saw the jichen shed tears laughing freely. jichen was embarrassed because ruan li laughed at him. finally they talked and arrived when ruanLi was allowed to leave the hospital and a week after ruan Li left the hospital, Jichen had a concert that he had to go to and he asked Li to come to the concert because there was something he wanted to do. Ruan Li agreed.

Arrived at the concert. shortly before the concert Ruan Li went to the backstage because he wanted to meet Jichen. when on the trip he met with Su Muyang, Su Muyang who saw the ruan li then apologized because he had treated him badly.
and Ruan Li forgave Su Muyang. and the concert began with Jichen singing a song that really touched the hearts of his fans. and at the end of the concert Jichen announced two important things. first he will come out of the intertaimant circle and the second he will propose to the woman he loves, ruan li. ( fans were very surprised by that)Ruan Li accepted Jichen's application. and their wedding will be held in two weeks.

The wedding that was waiting for arrived. Ruan Li is wearing a very beautiful dress and the jichen is wearing a very cool suit. they made their marriage promises on the altar. and their wedding was attended by jichen's family and fans. their marriage went smoothly without any interference

they finally have 3 very cute kids. 2 are male and one is female. These children have extraordinary features. no wonder his face was declining from their parents

what about Su Muyang? Su Muyang finally had a woman he loved, namely Zhao Yilin. They fall in love with each other and decide to get married in the near future.

What about jing? jing spends his time in prison...
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Desiree Angeles
#ENDING# #IWasXXXByMyIdol #ReWriting

The ending should be like this:

Ruan Li is leaving the country, because Ji Chen's father and his Agency boss does not approved their relationship.

As Ruan Li, boards the plane. Their friends and other Idols was their to convince her to stay. But she have no choice but to go. To protect Ji Chen's career.

Ji Chen, was having an End of Year concert for everyone. But he notice Ruan Li wasn't there. When he is at the backstage, his father and manager told him that Ruan Li is leaving because they did not want her to ruin his career.

Ji Chen was furious, but the Concert executives won't let him go and follow Ruan Li because he's in the middle of the concert and the people paid for him to sing.

Back at the airport, the Idols and friends causes a lot of trouble to try to stop Ruan Li's departure. But the airport security stops them. And so Ruan Li get inside the plane.

At the concert, Ji Chen sings a song he composes himself for Ruan Li. And he starts to cry. When the fans asks him why he is crying he told them that the song is suppose to be with the girl he loves.

But his father and the industry won't let him be with her. And so he was deeply sad.

The fans felt his sadness and encourage him to go and follow his heart. He told the audience that he can't leave them because they paid for this concert. But the fans says its okay. As long as he is happy. And seeing him singing live is enough for them already. He run away and chase after Ruan Li.

The concert executive got mad and ask him back. But his father remains quiet and watch him go.

When Ji Chen reach the airport, he saw the other idols and they all apologize to him because Ruan Li is now at the airplane and is about to fly.

Ji Chen, forces his way inside the control room. And made a radio announcement that can be heard inside the plane. He calls for Ruan Li and declares his love for her.

Ruan Li cried and wants to be with Ji Chen. The captain felt pity and decided to not to fly until the two lovers reunited.

Ruan Li goes down and embraces Ji Chen. Everone gathered around them as the two declare their love for each other and kiss.
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