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Vampire Taboo

Young Dream
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Bill accidently became an assistant of Joyce, a famous and fussy star. more unfortunately, Joyce is fed on blood...As a price, he will turn into a hamster if he violates vampire taboo. And all this little cute hamster need is a kiss to turn to his original form...

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Boys’ Love
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Devil of the devils
Kiss, Kiss fall in love!
Maybe you're my love!

I see you come, I watch you go
You never seem to leave me though
So is this love or hate
We'll see you're making me crazy
Inside my dreams, you're all I see
Well, all I see is you and me

PS: am sorry guy I can't help it
Devil of the devils: Thanks ❤
Devil of the devils: I'm not the author...
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Diamond Aries
Joyce is worried Bill might jump ship... That's the best line ever!! I laughed but I'm so worried that Joyce has feelings and won't express them. And that manager, he's not even hiding what he's up to! And he's...kinda playing matchmaker. But I want the pink dolphin guy (can't believe I forgot his name) to find someone too.
Diamond Aries: it's Kao...
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Joyce"so that Bill won't jump ship"he is worried......awwwwww Bill is forever your one and only because he love you,hope you both confess.
i waiting for Joyce answer regarding what Bill said about being replaceable medical kit.......hope Joyce reply make Bill's heart skip a beat and blush😆😆😋
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