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Vampire Taboo

Young Dream
Mădălina Niculaev
Ok so.... I think when Joyce said "Maybe of you kiss me before i turn into a hamster...." it was just an excuse for him to kiss Bill. What do you think?
omg when he tried to stop the kiss I felt so embarrassed!!!! I throw my phone over the room and scream still didn’t see the scene I scrolled down to write a comment I’m to embarrassed to see the rest
Vale 102938: Me too
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I knew that you are idiot, but... Now I DO KNOW THAT YOU ARE WITHOUT BRAINS AND HEART!!!!
Bill, dont be sad(((
707 is with you!!! I'll let you hug Elly!!! 😽
dustan damian Cruz
check out other websites.. they have already updated the next chapter...
bla: what kind of website?
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I'm sorry, if she sis that thinking it is straight up her vday gift, I'd slap her.
army _bts_70
ahhhhhh it's been sooo god damn long!!!! Please we some updatee!!!!!!!!!!!!
what were all those pictures at the beginning? were they using it to censor?
it would be so cute if Joyce actually made him cry and joyce got flustered
Smol depressed bean
one moment you have a hamster and the next you have a super star in your room kissing your brother.
Little Dreamer
have u guys seen chicken noodle soup by J-Hope and becky G
Nerdy Gurl4life: Course I have!
Luminous693 : BTS has a TikTok
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Rebecca-jane Ann Dunn
somethings not right about mr Joey hes deffo not a nice man like I thought he was sinister
midoriya todobaku
my man huhh ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okayyyy my parents is looking at me like I'm crazy
awww how cuuutteeee, i want to have some,,😍😍😍 no matter you are a vampire please come to my home
Kurashima Takaomi
so one turns into a hamster and the other is a panda😍😍😍😍😍 they are adorable!!!
get your hand off my cinnamon bon
I can treat u better than he can
scarlett: we think the same jajaja😂
Elbell13x: That is what I though haha
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Smol depressed bean
what if a half vampire had a child with a human? would the child be 25 percent vampire?
Noooooooooooooooo I just binged this and it's the end 😭
Elma Cast
Anyone else has like 4 or 5 pages that are unable to load = unable to read?
Cate T: have the same problem... but only on this manga.
Lee ❤ Yaoi ❤ BL: omg I almost turned off my wifi over it 😭
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it is the real different from expecting and reality
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