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The Falling Star

Young Dream
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As a super star, luo she is actually a gay. But what’s more annoying is that the boy he loves is busy dating with other girls…can she come out and pursue his love bravely? It’s more difficult for him to meet the one he love and can he seize the happiness tightly?

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Boys’ Love
Hottest Comments
Stella Garcia
Can i have a man like him hes so kind and very lovable person i hope i met someone like him who will fight for me love me care for me and specially shout tobthe world that he have me whoaaaa hahahahaha just kidding im to young to think all of this hahahah
Author, thank you very much.....
You putted a lot of efforts and hardworking and you did great....
Even if I am a girl, I felt those feelings you tried to represent. The end, where Quan and Lingling, Luo and Hanxin and Hang and Mengmeng were together. I loved it the most. All their feelings and expressions committed to one another, the most lovable moment of live.
May you do well more in the future and present more good works...
Thank you
aku yg slalu ada 😉😉😉
satu pasangan udah punya anak satu perempuan satu laki2 kenapa mereka gak di jodohin sekalian ya biar seru 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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