Chasing Love System
Romance / TimeTravel / Comedy / Completed / Strong Female Lead

Chasing Love System

Dashen Media
Chasing Love System
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Chasing Love System Comics Online. Tara, the stylish and talented hostess died in a car accident and got into a love chasing system, which can provide her a chance to revive after winning the hearts of four male targets. In order to reunite with her boyfriend, she decided to accept the task and started her love chasing journey…

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Strong Female Lead
Hottest Comments
Rianne Arrozal
Wait a minute...If her mission is to make the 4 targets fall in love with her...Then...What if she goes back to her normal world and the true tara would be back in her normal body but she would be brainwashed so she didnt know the boys THATS THE PROBLEM?!
Annu: I like ye the most.... 😋
🖤Nightmare🖤: ThEY shAll CoMBiNe inTo OnE BecoMe One
total 9 replies
it's the best of all which I read so far
eagerly waiting for season 2
author's work appreciated
now pls could you bring season 2 ASAP
this one is the best unlike other so far in which always hero bullying heroin and making her miserable to gain her love
wack up dude no one will fall in love if you took there privacy n force them into it
that's why this game is much more interesting at least female is playing with male sounds amazing 💕😍😉😆n satisfying at the same time but also can see the smart ass female around
we need more manga like this one which female centric these days
🐼🐾CARTA BLANCA🕷🕋: * por
🐼🐾CARTA BLANCA🕷🕋: Wait...
So much?
a poder cierto no hablo inglés :b
total 22 replies
Fefe Scarlett
The thing is she's lazy does not try to cook at home but wanted s to go to a famous restaurant doesn't really know what she does makes them (she's mostly clueless)
and just wants to be revived
Normita Castro: i thought its a complete episodes😔😔😔
Suzue: Uhhh.. Maybe the host of the body cannot do tht... Well irl she rich and doesnt need to cook so pfffttt
total 3 replies
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