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Chasing Love System

Dashen Media
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Tara, the stylish and talented hostess died in a car accident and got into a love chasing system, which can provide her a chance to revive after winning the hearts of four male targets. In order to reunite with her boyfriend, she decided to accept the task and started her love chasing journey…

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author! i want to say some things to you behalf of every "chasing love system" lovers, this is the one of the best mangas every comic comes to the part when the story gets a little boring but this comic never came to boring part this is a amazing story and the drawings are amazing too. we just wish that the story's will not be sad.
💐🐰we will wait for season 2 so please make it fast🐰💐
lexi xie: I love this manga can you please make season two quickly sorry if I was rushing you
❤Rizumu❤: yes Daisy... there is no boring part in this .author please make the next season fast
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Ramesh Balaji
I think she may end up with, the feelings she has with Mike is a childhood sweethearts moment not anymore for her, with Lester is a very good friendship, friendly feeling, with zack it’s probably a elder sister helping a brother whose also younger than Tara,she’s trying her best to help him. With Mr. ye I think it might turn the table. Let’s wait n read more chapters.
GATCHA LIFE: well..She SHOULD be with Zack!
Ramesh Balaji: Ahhh, I think probably it’s all these four boys together in one combo of a man
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SomeoneThatsLonely M.
does everyone forgot that she "have" a boyfriend and she doing all of this just for "him" while all u choosing who to ship with her I was wondering "what does he look like"(her bf) I'm very curious and wanted to know how does he look or when will he appeared or not ;-; meh that's all adiós amigos I'm moving on to the next chapter with my fresh point 😗.. 😎👋
Lelouch: i think her boyfriend is a mixture of, lester, zack, and mike
Suki Yang: tbh, i question her relationship with her boyfriend

she's a little dense about love hinting but that's okay

i know she's doing it for her plot device bf
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