My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
Romance / TimeTravel / Completed

My Imperial Guard Boyfriend

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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend Comics Online. An imperial guard got a time travel and arrived in a little girl' home. lonely and desperate for love, she treated him as her boyfriend. but he kept in mind his unfinished task in his world and eagered to go back. he promised to come back to be with her but failed. will they meet again?
this time, let me travel through time and love you in your world...

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Winter Snow
I don’t think Sam should be that cruel! I can understand the hurt he feels for unrequited love and maybe too for the fact that Tanya didn’t speak to him and tell him how she felt but readers and everyone else, let’s not forget the moment when she wanted to tell him herself how she really felt, he yelled at her in indenial! Obviously he knew from the beginning and was trying to stop it from happening. That’s not cool. He even went as far as telling her not to see him anymore. Isn’t that cruel? Yes he may have found her and raised her but she is not an object. And she does love him as a brother. And she does appreciate the stuff he did but as a brother. She loves her entire family. Hence she felt a bit hurt by how she was sent away. My gosh that’s not fair. Just give him to Rachel’s freaking twin dude. So not cool. He’s beyond heartless and no thinking straight. Can’t he see how Lolo feels too? What about Lolo? What about his feelings? Bruh dude that’s not fair.
❤ Little Aiko ❤: Anecy isn't everything fair in love and war . i too think what Winter Snow is thinking is quite right
Anecy: Love is never fair.. You can't control who you love...
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Winter Snow
It’s kind of strange but I saw another English translation online, and it was really bad. I prefer the people who posted this translation here on MangaToon. Rather, well what I mean is I prefer this translation. It makes way more sense, and it’s easier to read and follow. And it’s way more emotional and the funny parts are easier to laugh at here. It is just so much better tbh. Thank you for ur hard work translators and author and artists. Please continue to update the episodes for the upcoming season! This is very hot. Lolo hang in there!! Keep fighting
Enrique Cabrera: what name?
LadyChef: The one on mangadex is fine. The names are just different and it’s already on season 2
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Pamela Grace
i really want to know what's the story of her twin sister.. i have so many questions.. if rachel can't recognize them is it because she is not tanya? maybe her twin sister is? if so, how is sam so sure that she is tanya and even stalk her in her 7th life.. the spoiler in the earlier chapter made me so confuse..
Mr. Snow White: my boyfriend is jinyiwei
tanima chow: can someone tell me the name of season 2 in mangago?
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