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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend

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An imperial guard got a time travel and arrived in a little girl' home. lonely and desperate for love, she treated him as her boyfriend. but he kept in mind his unfinished task in his world and eagered to go back. he promised to come back to be with her but failed. will they meet again?
this time, let me travel through time and love you in your world...

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School life
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Rachel will be back to modern world when sam is dying. Before she completely disappear she wish that sam can be saved so the king of hell save him(i forget his name but he is the real identity of lolo, lolo the jinyiwei is the reincarnation of him) but lolo dies then the king of hell brings him back but there is a price for that, he takes away lolo's memory of rachel. He will appear in lolo's dreams to warn him that he will take rachel away if lolo doesn't love her because no matter what she becomes he will always love her

Ignore it if u don't understand what i'm saying
🌹Maggie🌹: @shahad yes
Shahad Jamil Abu Sharar: are you in chapter 124 too ? 😂
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omg, poor lolo..this is the last moment they can get together.😢😢😢
after this, rachel are going to fall and almost died.
but thanks to the brother to come and save her in time..
lolo and rachel are going to separate for now..😢😢
deen nur: Miho can
i hope this comic not have story sad ending
Miho Chan: she said for now. donno bout future XD
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Otaku kind of gal
My parents split up when I was 6 and now I am almost 14 I didn't understand it at the time cause I was too young but I would always remember them arguing and them I would say stop fighting and my dad would say that they were not fighting but he lied every time he said that to me and he didn't tell me about my 23 year old half brother until January 12, 2018 so it has been a bit rough especially finding out that you have a sibling that you didn't know you had and the fact that I though I was an only child for so long the first 13 years of my life. I also hate the fact that I have a sibling but I didn't get to grow up with him ok I need to stop now cause I'm making myself crycry cause I'm a very emotional little soul.
BeccaAnn : I went through the same
Cutie Violet: 😭.so sorry to hear that
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