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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend

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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend Comics Online. An imperial guard got a time travel and arrived in a little girl' home. lonely and desperate for love, she treated him as her boyfriend. but he kept in mind his unfinished task in his world and eagered to go back. he promised to come back to be with her but failed. will they meet again?
this time, let me travel through time and love you in your world...

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School life
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Fang bea yin
to be honest ...Sam Brooke is really suffering
I mean chasing the love of your life for seven lives in each she got to at least 20yrs

its running just a little bit behind the finish line in a race every time ..
I also admire his struggle ..I mean 7lives

a crush who dosnt like me ....1week tops.. ..
Follow me
Hey I would like to tell everyone there's a second season where in the FL and her twin travel again in history. The ML forgot the FL and her twin is together with the white haired guy
Follow me: You can read it on kuaikanmanhua but it still raw
Anna Kl: where?
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Fang bea yin
i really wish he will find happiness ..maybe with Tanya's twin sister this guy is too good and Devoted to be heart broken

this guy .....definitely falls into I am misery ..
Joan Avila: rach have a twin sister
total 1 replies
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