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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend

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An imperial guard got a time travel and arrived in a little girl' home. lonely and desperate for love, she treated him as her boyfriend. but he kept in mind his unfinished task in his world and eagered to go back. he promised to come back to be with her but failed. will they meet again?
this time, let me travel through time and love you in your world...

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School life
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This the continuation of the previous extra episode and both episodes are flashbacks. These would fit in between episodes 70-78 which was a flashback showing the past of Tanya, Lolo, and Sam. Episode 99 takes place around episode 75-76. Episode 77-78 tells what happened after the first part of this episode. That's when Yves brought Tanya to Lolo and told them to run away together. Before leaving Tanya tells Yves to tell Sam that she won't be able to go to the lantern festival with him where he planned to "ask her something important". The rest if this episode shows what happened after Yves got back home. It also confirms that Sam was pretending to be Lolo's brother and further confirmation that he was the one who Lolo met in modern times that helped him to travel back to his time period. It also explains why in episode 3 Lolo "mistook" him for his "brother". This also gives us the idea that Hein is the shadow warrior that was trying to kill Sam at the end of season 1 in episode 96-97.
No fear Dr Chu is here: on m@ng@r0ck
atri78: You'll find it on M@ngazuki, chapterm@nga, 1stkissm@nga, etc.
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guys!!! spoilers😄😄😄😄 i read the first chapter of the season 2. rachel really did came back to her time. but she realized that in her time she only left for two months. and her twin sister is already there. she decided to go back to lolo. her cousin wanted to go with her but because of a small mistake, rachel returned to ancient time together with her twin sister. what's so sad is that lolo doesn't recognize her anymore😢😢😢😢😢 i hope they update the second season immediately
Jazz: where? and what is the title??? pls
Jazz: where did u read season 2 ? what is the title of season 2
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Eason Mo
i don't know
i won't buy your character explanation for sam
author you're cruel to sam
first you make him fall in love so desperately
second you turn it onse sided love
third turn him murder
fourth now a fraud
after all this what he can't receive a bit of love from tanya
please author please don't be that cruel
i can't concentrate on anything expect sam
please let him get the love in return (sorry for the mistakes)
Eason Mo: season 2
whats the name i want to read
yeahitsnish: Again. Its brotherly love for Tanya. So, Sam did get a love from Tanya but not the same kind for Lolo.

Either way, Sam and Tanya are sibling in away. As as a elder brother to Tanya, that’s his job, to protect his siblings but Sam become obsessive and possessive over Tanya, that’s NOT healthy anymore.

Also, seen few from the S2.
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