My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend

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My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
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Winter Snow
I don’t think Sam should be that cruel! I can understand the hurt he feels for unrequited love and maybe too for the fact that Tanya didn’t speak to him and tell him how she felt but readers and everyone else, let’s not forget the moment when she wanted to tell him herself how she really felt, he yelled at her in indenial! Obviously he knew from the beginning and was trying to stop it from happening. That’s not cool. He even went as far as telling her not to see him anymore. Isn’t that cruel? Yes he may have found her and raised her but she is not an object. And she does love him as a brother. And she does appreciate the stuff he did but as a brother. She loves her entire family. Hence she felt a bit hurt by how she was sent away. My gosh that’s not fair. Just give him to Rachel’s freaking twin dude. So not cool. He’s beyond heartless and no thinking straight. Can’t he see how Lolo feels too? What about Lolo? What about his feelings? Bruh dude that’s not fair.
Winter Snow
It’s kind of strange but I saw another English translation online, and it was really bad. I prefer the people who posted this translation here on MangaToon. Rather, well what I mean is I prefer this translation. It makes way more sense, and it’s easier to read and follow. And it’s way more emotional and the funny parts are easier to laugh at here. It is just so much better tbh. Thank you for ur hard work translators and author and artists. Please continue to update the episodes for the upcoming season! This is very hot. Lolo hang in there!! Keep fighting
LadyChef: The one on mangadex is fine. The names are just different and it’s already on season 2
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Pamela Grace
i really want to know what's the story of her twin sister.. i have so many questions.. if rachel can't recognize them is it because she is not tanya? maybe her twin sister is? if so, how is sam so sure that she is tanya and even stalk her in her 7th life.. the spoiler in the earlier chapter made me so confuse..
Mr. Snow White: my boyfriend is jinyiwei
tanima chow: can someone tell me the name of season 2 in mangago?
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"Be around for one more month. We have a deal of celebrating my birthday next year."
"I am sorry. I broke my words. Will you remove your hands and listen to me?"
"I am sorry. Sorry and thank you."

-Lotus & Rachy
*Looking at the wallpaper phone*
"Hmm how is Rachel doing? it's been years. Maybe she is crying all the time. Hahaha nah, that's not her."
*Battery died*
"The last battery is dead."

Jack Achado
already has more than 200 episodes in English on the internet, I wonder when the second season will come out here ....
Isabel Mayor: I only found up to 180 episode
LadyChef: Their names are different online
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"Your Majesty, her name is Rachel Lin. Today, I brought her here is for another thing. We need your blessing for our marriage, Your Majesty."

-Lotus 😍
sometimes I think he doesn't love Tanya he is observed
if you want to love love yourself first
like this method of proposing I love you
I like you
I want to be with you
I have a crush on you
"I said I would take care of you but I don't know why you seemed so annoyed back then. I mean what I say. Every single word."

"Come out. You have been following me all the way."
"You knew. Why didn't you say it earlier?"
"Because I owe you a proper farewell."

-Lotus & Rachy
♡ɪᴍ ᴛʜɪʀs𝚃𝙰𝙴 ᴀsғ♡
lolo means grandfather in our country HAHAHAHAH
UwU-Chan: oonga eh!
Inuyasha: ako hindi grandma ko lang
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"Lolo, don't leave me behind next time.. I don't want to be alone.. I'm really scared.."
"Yes, I promise."

-Rachy & Lotus
"Do you know how much effort I put in to see you? Can you just care about my feeling even for a little bit?"

Jungkookie Hyung
well when I was seven years old my father helped me to bath, eat, take care of me when having high fever etc .... he's my best father for me........ besides my mom he used to care of me
Jungkookie Hyung: hahahhahaha
Cahaya Hidupku: When i was 7, i dont even know what is wife. 😂
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Little Ruth
wattta phone..
it last 10years before it drain the battery..
i want this kind of phone.. mine will last only a couple of hours.. not even a day.. thats why i own a powerbank..
Winnie🌸: when he went back to his timeline it's been only some hours or a day may be. but in present timeline rachy already had spent 10 years. but when she travelled back in the time she landed on exact one or day after lolo arrived. time travelling can be confusing sometimes.
Naree: everything is possible in accient world 😂😂😂
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Chelle Cab
that's it?🤔😫
is there a season 2 of this comic?..the story is good but it suddenly ends?.. it's frustrating!!😥
Nana-chan: What is the name?
Pak Girl Gone Viral: plz plz telll
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the chargw of the phone lasted for several years before totally drained? wow so fake, what brand is that i wanna try 😏
"As long as she can spend more time with me, even it is only a glance, I will be more than contented."

"I like you. Little girl, don't be silly. I said I had a crush on you."

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