The Tale of Zi Wei
Fantasy / Adventure / Completed

The Tale of Zi Wei

Cat Comics
The Tale of Zi Wei
Waiting for this manga i like waiting for my future girlfriend whom i will never meet it took too long time to release even one chapter😩😩
James Kalulu
mc is dumb because he 's doing things a normal person wouldn't do in a place u are not familiar with
James Kalulu
how can someone be this ignorant and stupid (change mc and this would have been a great manga)
Iseoluwa Mr imagination
the guy is like an idiot... ah, whoa, heh? too weak for my liking
Everyone will agree we need an crazy updates to pick up pace of this manga/manhwa
James Kalulu
Oh my God the mc's stupidity is gone make me drop this manga
comic lover
this is what I think of this "hey look there is a little girl running we should go follow her they get in the barn yea we just walked our self to death" I would have been like hell na I am leaving bye
James Kalulu
kill the Russo and make fat kid the mc
7 days again and only dreams..huhhh
Manjit Kumar L
wtf mc is so dumb if saw something interesting his mouth gone open
Wrecker Koulik
man it's already been decades
Jason Micheal
the mc should just drop dead already
Jason Micheal
liking the shower though
Charmaine Alvarado
I think his parents are also a toist
Charmaine Alvarado
I think his parents knows about it,chz they always moved a house.
Rald Fadrillan
oh yes, because he's an idiot...of all things to left? such a dumb
Drizzt Do'Urden
he just beat the faceless devilist without haventing any "real" power...yet ur all saying he is to weak and not developing? also idc if any1 noticed but at 1 point when he grabed the faceless devilist by the neck his hand glowed a light blue...same color as his primordial qi. my guess is he is able to use his qi without the use a pen which seems to b the 1 requiredment for any1 to have in order to use there primordial qi.
Such an underrated manhua!
Shivam Trident
when you are releasing second volume
when is the second volume coming out?
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