Fantasy / Adventure

The Tale of Zi Wei

Cat Comics
Aron Ave
i though mc supposed to have a body that dont match with his age n he even taller than that dragon girl n hospital nurse in the early chapter now how can his body become smaller just like a kid? that taoist uncle mistaken mc as a grown up adult n invite him to drink wine, where do i miss? do mc get into something that shrink his body?
Hello, Im The Elder Of The (Light_Sect😇) Has Come Here To Recruit Some New Member To Join Our New Established Sect.

Available Positions Left

7 Elder
3 Guardian Elder
8 Core Disciple
30 Inner Disciple
100 Outer Disciple

First Come First Serve
please state what position do you want and have discord or not
our main chatting centre is discord
M/A Hunter: Outer Disciple
.@.: What’s a sect?
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Aron Ave
i guess only stupid character without brain is suitable to become mc in every story.. even after knowing how his parents died n how dangerous taoist world can become but mc still too carefree n dont even use his brain to think logicaly.. this manga too frustrating
Jay Binn
If anyone's being bullied it's the old man for not being young and cute. He's being discriminated against. The main character can't even tell wrong from right and takes the girls side, as usual.
Aron Ave
mc become a kid now?? it stated that mc have a body that dont match with his age plus that uncle even mistaken him as an adult.. hahaha now mc turn into kid again stupid art
Sanjith Gowda
when everyone there see his pen they're gonna freak out considering he is buying broken mirror
Shadowmaster: well a homeless having a godlike artefact
total 1 replies
he dumber than swiper the fox from fora the explorer.

he's so itching for a battle. bet they gone steal it
he is make ng trouble showing the wand.
Aron Ave
this mc too stupid
Diamond Player
crazy update plsss
Mukunth Sreyas
gets interesting
Milan Rana
Sarthak Shyam
wtf is tomorrow
Roman Ubiera Ramirez
Asia Last
dafuq, it schoked me lololol
Francis Korian
hate u all on his shoulder there is for
Lord Poldo
wheres the horror tag?? lol
Kirito Dragneel
What was with DBZ Kai ending?
Aendle Breinburg
[ ]
good thing the cover is still the same, i nearly unsubscribed it due to name change
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