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It's long.
IT IS LONG! Its great!
Hey no offense power is so weak in my opinion saint rankers are not that strong maybe if their strength increase by several thousands fold I would be interested in it so much Ive been an Otaku for several years and Ive seen some of this type even though its power is not that good I hope the plot would be interesting I KNOW the author won't look at the comments section because it's not the actually the author upload this in this app personaly but there is only one sentence I would write:It lacks somethings but Its great and I want you writer/author to make your next project or this current project the best!
(I'm sorry its just my self opinion and for the fans I'm sorry! If I offended some)
my review for this project is 3.6/5.0 based on the audience impact and the first chapter Thats all!
Please I hope the next or the current project won't dissapoint me.
Hump..maybe JUST! maybe if this project turns out to be great then I maybe wrong after all only if I read all the rest or in the middle part of this project i would give my next rating!
Hmm..For goodluck let me cheer you on!

Mohanad Tamimi: i've already read it on a diffrent site and it stopped at 170 and said it was completed
_The_chameleon_: the comic isn't finished yet guy
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I don't hate alice, she choose kalan and trying her best to help kalan even if it mean shamelessly asking for help from linley.
but the important things, the maid has seen the dragon form which we suspect she MAYBE a spy. what would you do if you are linley?
a. ignore the maid, focus on alice problem and help her instead
b. Kill the maid and help alice.
c. kill both alice and the maid.
d. counting the number of letters of this comment.
couldn'tbe more agreed with delia. what's linley saw in alice actually?
and btw I don't feel any deep romance but why is it so fuc*king dramatic.
linley met alice once with saved her life, then meet again another time but never in contact until having a deep relationship.
I feel like this manga seems rush and missing something, so I decided to check out the novel after this.
Serafin: which saved her life* autocorrect
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Damm, that was kinda sad, bro.. The name of the sculpture "awakening from a dream" hit Alice hard, since she still likes Linley and she was just forced to like someone else. But hey sucks to be u girl.

Guys just follow what u want, and make sure that u wont regret ur decisions. Good luck.
Andrew Pegarido Torrillo: She's just a Gold Digger Bitch she chose money over her feelings. Delia is much better for Linley.
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govinda verma
wait now I remeber I watch this 1year ago it one of favourites comic of all time .....spoiler linly become powerful to get revenge to pope or something for killing linlys mom ...after that linly married to delia it is awesome comic
Christina Maylou
what?!!! noooooo!! those unruly self-proclaimed god's servants are so extra filthy that the word itself 'filthy' cannot describe their exact filthy-ness 😤😤😤😤 i want to go kill them myself 😤😤😤😤😤
Lan Yui: agreed!!!!!!!!
DarkFox: I'm with you!!
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the last panel haha XD, I call him "the savior" because maybe he will become the shipper between delia and linley or it will not make any progress. this dumb linley sink into revenge and sadness of alice.
Just today I have completed this manga in the other source... The pace of this manga is little fast & likely not so detailed, however the whole story is good enough. But the reason am here is quality graphics of Manga Toon ✌. And yes Manga toon developers as this manga has completed its chapters in d other sources u must hurry & update it fast like 4/5 chapters on daily basis.
LUBANG : Can't reply in this section... Look for the fresh comment below
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actually alice did nothing wrong to be despise that much guys, she has chosen someone and it's her decision.
but my question is, is she going to lose her virginity?
wow, I'm surprised how ignorance linley was. the female mage know better while she come from 5000 years ago.
of course the same place will not stay the same place right?
I knew it, mc was indeed smart. but lack experience and ignorance, it caused him to be quite hasty.
quick question, when did alice and linley become lover though? I mean before this chapter.
the saint rank failed, but he send five people of rank 9. I'm curious now...
two strong people can't detect that maid? could she be demigod? XD lol
romilito sevilla
the scarlet bishop guillermo will not going to make it happen, he favors linlry so much
Shahin Kashi
the story quality is much lower compare to the novel if anyone likes novels better to read that its one of the best.
wait what?
seems like I need to read the novel from the beginning.
Lloyd O Artuza
guyss if you want read this panlong for free go to MA.n.g.a.n.e.l.o
best brother, and my mood changed when I see the last panel
evil judge evil. laughable, but this is the wotld, reality.
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