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Xtreme GamerPH
It's long.
IT IS LONG! Its great!
Hey no offense power is so weak in my opinion saint rankers are not that strong maybe if their strength increase by several thousands fold I would be interested in it so much Ive been an Otaku for several years and Ive seen some of this type even though its power is not that good I hope the plot would be interesting I KNOW the author won't look at the comments section because it's not the actually the author upload this in this app personaly but there is only one sentence I would write:It lacks somethings but Its great and I want you writer/author to make your next project or this current project the best!
(I'm sorry its just my self opinion and for the fans I'm sorry! If I offended some)
my review for this project is 3.6/5.0 based on the audience impact and the first chapter Thats all!
Please I hope the next or the current project won't dissapoint me.
Hump..maybe JUST! maybe if this project turns out to be great then I maybe wrong after all only if I read all the rest or in the middle part of this project i would give my next rating!
Hmm..For goodluck let me cheer you on!

Freeda Siregar: aa axxxaa aa D'0 ' xx Ca D #a
Edwin Benedict Abedn: Kalo) hnp
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Apollo Belarmino
Now for everyones info as to why the psycho beast master is here in linleys wedding, is maybe to show his gratitude towards linley for releasing him from imprisonment, though he doesnt admit it, and maybe he acknowledges linley for his strength to some extent, and linley did get rid of the radiant church for him, which from my point of view is the only faction this psycho has a grudge against as well that kingdom in which once resided in
its bwiitot❤: is it already completed? No cliffhanger?
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Ankur Sarkar
With the starting of the Manga we saw that during the trial for the dragonblood. The pen like thing after after having Linley's blood started burning. Doesn't it show that linley is a pure dragonblood. And if if he is then why weren't we taught about that in the manga
Hector Espudo
that's it???? no long battle to destroy the church, no secret ability that crushes the spirit that took half of the continent, just kill the leader of the church and everyone's happy? SHEEEEEEEET! I EXPECTED BETTER!
its quite far from the end if we base it from the content of the novel its just the beginning for a new adventure. the source of the church is still alive in the other realm.
Anonymous: yh true
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i have i question why is the leader of the beast army there with his psycho pets ._.
its bwiitot❤: is it already completed?
Kame: maybe
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Oseanna Findlay
what the hell y r they back together this is not right she betrayed and humiliate him y y y . I just wasted my points for this. unforgivable 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Elena21: I can understand, it happens
Edgardo Crisostomo Jr.: she just place her with alice
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any reason they finished the manga , it seems it has many ch in the novel . But anyway this is a good ending , i like this than a bad ending
John Alexis Cabantog
this is one of the best comics ever
Edgardo Crisostomo Jr.: yes but too bad it already end
Miya Soldivillo: yes I agree
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Anthony Fernandez Rojas
Every reader knows what will happen next. The plan is going to failed. In worst scenario he will be captured.
Laurence Rama
i think it ended too early!! they haven't explained the god rights and linley haven't reached god rank
Anjelina Rai Tkd
this is the best comic ever
Damn I'm so in love with this 😍😍😍
will read it again❤❤
Heidy Meza
I like this Roy he doesn't want to fight and wish them good luck to the others 😁
Heidy Meza
wait she looks like Linelys Mother wait can she be 😮 oh no now I have a bad feeling about this 😅
where is Alice and that blond hair girl and did he forgot about his brother?
Portugus D. Ace: he is going to o O'Brien right now. that's where his brother is
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Anthony Fernandez Rojas
Why they didn’t take the magic core from the level 9 dragon and saint beast bear. ? What a waste.
Heidy Meza
but still aren't they dragons 😆 umm dragons are stronger than snakes right 😕
read panlong online it still has a continuation
Kyzler: welcome
Nani!!!: thanks
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Ays Krem
where's Linley's other men? 4 brothers? wheres the power and strength they got after 10 years of training?
I don't hate alice, she choose kalan and trying her best to help kalan even if it mean shamelessly asking for help from linley.
but the important things, the maid has seen the dragon form which we suspect she MAYBE a spy. what would you do if you are linley?
a. ignore the maid, focus on alice problem and help her instead
b. Kill the maid and help alice.
c. kill both alice and the maid.
d. counting the number of letters of this comment.
DaoistNeutralizer: don't kill alice she's linley wife
Anonymous: e leave Alice alone
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