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Kazamatsuri Byaku Shō
I feel like the dragons gonna be like a spirit in his body 🙊 and talk to him
Kazamatsuri Byaku Shō: True :)
Sanin: I feel like adding dragonblood to his already existing blood is gonna make him special in some way
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potato tomato
Those cats are so fcking cute bruh wtf
Lonely_piece_0f.sh1st: That's not really a cat
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I read this manga till chapters 147
XiaoYan: Definitive
XiaoYan: Or rock
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Cody Bender
come on... need more
Adrian Thomas:
Adrian Thomas: manga
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op loot time 😂
anime lover: soooo u watch a lot of hentai to ok
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Waffy the Panda
seize the opportunity, loot everything you can then leave!
Waffy the Panda
Run away little girl, run away
Waffy the Panda: you must be fun at parties
lazy_koala_0w0: he... is a boy.... 😐🤨😕
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jack black
is that a cat see?Anyone with a cat shouldn't be bad. I guess he will turn out to be liney's servant. i guess....
CrossThread9657: that's the freaking ultimate boss
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Micheal B
fight fight fight fight
Micheal B
dragon blood I feel like my ideal fantasy when the mc is op and shocks everyone is here
Sry if my English is horrible
🔮          🔮
Gang Star
Sachin Tamang
He's the one who put the sword there
Thomas Thomas
Waffy the Panda
oh another girl for the harem.
Eeewww guangyangdignityintegrity
He thinks he is so high but when they fight he will get TRASHED
blue deer blue
he is just a scumbag he's not even worthy of looking at linley
its all in the gamer
Kick his rich spoiled ASS!!!!
Aronio Babo
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