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anime assassin
just to let you all know the light novel is a lot further than this those two creatures of the MC learn how to transform into humans our little chicken leg loving little buddy find love and gets married plus a whole lot more don't know where the light novel is but I found that all out if anyone finds th light novel let me know please
Giovanni Navarro: I read this back in 2018 I just dont remember where
Jeroen Vermeiren: the novel is finished and normally it's called coiling dragon
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This manga is one of the best action and lively story that i have read till now......
the author have awesome imagination....... i loved it totally
a Gamers life: how do I watch solo leveling
Kj Jumangit: you read solo leveling.

please read it.
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Little Fox
Aww the panther is a cute cat, wish I could own a panther in real life but people are to scared of their own shadow no less a panther
Chihara Studios✔: Hello, if you have time, please check out my two novels, (they are in works) one is called The Thread Of Happiness and the other one is called The 18 Tales Of Vesperia.
Mr. Unknown: you are just wanted to own an panter 🤔
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I wonder where did that drumstick came from? Does he always havw it in his pocket? Lolols
Little Fox
First little brother gets married now older brother is going to soon? Nooo don’t grow up so fast please my heart can’t handle
Little Fox
Ohh nooo my baby haze grown up and fell for a girl? Worst part of becoming a parent watching them grow older and not needing you:(
Little Fox
Uh hmm...not trying to make commands but maybe it’s a good time to run? That cut looks painful
Little Fox
I can relate how your younger sibling is taller than you...I’m taller than my sister lol
Little Fox
Did the panther say that dude I read it out loud and didn’t know till I looked back
Little Fox
I miss his friends already:( but he’s improved lol at Bebe with a little horn so cute
Little Fox
Now you can still protect your brother and uncle...but it’s okay you just need to get stronger
dual element dragonblood warrior magus
mayaski: fire element is also average
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Little Fox
Dude I seriously think that have a couple of screws lose in their head
Little Fox
Interesting can you make a sculpture for me:(? I’ll trade you some grilled chicken for it
Aastha Garg
i am from India and Rand means slut there. i die of laughing everytime his name comes up.
lord bako: Hahahahaha that’s amazing thank you so much for that I hate rand so that makes it even better
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Shaista Siddiqui
Linley’s appearance here is just badass. The sword also works really well for his image.
Nightmare : Censor it
Leonardo Sdarrell: I mean not A Big Sword but A quite Straight Sword with no over show ing handle Will fit him well
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Little Fox
Look I don’t mean to skim through I’m just tired and I can’t see the small words that well
Justabot27 27: Same
Grace: I’m getting a headache from just trying to read all of it
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MK District
lol babe in the corner *Chicken legs are the best*
Little Fox
Haha Bebe and heru are cute! I wish Bebe had a human form to but to bad
Rosales Aaron: He needs to be a saint level I think and he is level 9 maybe one more level
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