Ever Night
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Ever Night

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Ever Night
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Ever Night Comics Online. The sole survivor of a great massacre, he has blood to shed and vengeance to seek.

Based on the best-selling cultivation novel of the year, a story of burning fire beneath the ever night.

MangaToon got authorization from Comicfans Culture to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Ever Night:
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happy new year for the all reader of mangatoon . i 'm here for the points , but i want to wish all of you will become more healthy , rich , achieve our dream , success in our live , i hope 2020 become better year more than 2019 . i hope i can success and get the high mark on my study for the last year , i want to get the best work and i can get my own money . i hope i can drive car so i can go anywhere i want . happy new year guys
Mike Mike: happy new year
kinley dema: Happy new year ✌🏻
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Licht Vauxstein
I believe that since we are living in a world with democracy, we can say what we wanted to say — the freedom of stating our opinions to be direct. But if we talk about opinions, I believe we aren't all the same, right? In other words, this comic may be uninteresting to you but may not be to others.
Actually, I appreciate authors who are fond of this kind of genre. Through their works, they can preserve or deliver to the neighborhood the beliefs, tradition, the history of their homeland. I also like the art style.
So if you see this… great job, author! 🎉💞✨
H A K D O G: Happy New year too
Nonya Business: happy New year's
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the flower exist just because you don't see it doesnt mean it doesn't that goes for everything else. after all the flower knows it exist it doesn't need us to prove its existence because it's not dependent on us to live or survive so what would it gain from it . so in that same qustion i ask you this if i leave earth travel the the stars and for a thousand years and comback does that make me an alien? it doesn't becuse i know who I'm but it does becuse the people see me as one
kingcat: i accept your acknowledge of perceived existence
kingcat: fair enough i accept your
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