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Ever Night

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When a family was unjustly massacred by a great general, a young boy named Ning Que escaped. He managed to survive in the wilds through his wits and growing fighting skills. One day he dug out from a pile of corpses a baby girl, that he named Sang Sang. Since that day the two of them are inseparable. Ning Que joined the frontier military and eventually become part of the entourage of Princess Li Yu as she traveled back to the capital. He managed to discover the hidden school known as the Upper Storey, which leads him and Sang Sang to many wondrous adventures.

MangaToon got authorization from Comicfans Culture to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - jiangye,jy
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Shubham Singh
hey you mother trucker author ....wolf disguised in sheep cloth can you lock this chapter which is already free and is someone else hard work ...!
make it free if you really talented translators go and translate this manga from Chinese raw....!
you get that you son of a ß!tch..!
Shubham Singh: hey death wish do you have a death wish..!
shut the fk up will you...!
Donald Duck: then again, what is the name of the author and the original website? can you give me proof grandfather? lol only kids will reply as if they are an older person with hyperbole word.
how did you know that the website you are reading are the author, because author doesn't host his work on his website he host it in a marketplace comic like mangatoon but since it's manhua it should be from chineese. that's what i say, what is the bame of the real author and what the website that you said are the real website? don't talk business term if you not even work as a business man or enterprise scale company. please i just asking for valid proof not random babbling word. proof it with the author and the name of the website you are talking about. i'm a grown up man and i'll apologize to you if i'm wrong.
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Saratu Musa
hi manga toon how would like to say crazy update please but I know no matter how much I shouted it's not going to get it done ,so thanks for your hard work 👍👍
Boring Guy2455
Sooooooo this means it doesn't matter what others think of you, what matters is how you think and see yourself
Macdone: So smart
Jeremy Vasquez: well that was what the Chinese thinks
total 3 replies
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