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Secret Marriage: Priceless Baby of the President

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Secret Marriage: Priceless Baby of the President Comics Online. When she just grows up to be an adult, she messes up the wedding of her adoptive father, "Lu sheng ting, I am your daughter and will be your woman as well!" The truth of the murder six years ago begins to emerge, “Lu sheng ting, you are both my love and my enemy ..."

MangaToon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Secret Marriage: Priceless Baby of the President:
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Maira Khan: sameeeeee
RIRI SHAN: me too😁
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Okay girl why don’t you just TELL HIM what his mother said to you to just confirm the truth? Communication is key, but at the same time even if she doesn’t confront him, I hope she doesn’t believe that evil mom and puts more trust into shengting especially after all the times he saved her ass over and over again. I don’t like how she believes what everyone else says and never trusts shengting like make it make sense!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

And she believes he killed her father but slept with him anyway!? Is she actually stupid? like I get it she’s 18, but no 18 year old is that thoughtless, careless, and stubborn like she is. She acts more like an 8 year old child than anything else, I hate how he constantly warns her about danger but she never listens to him, gets herself in trouble over and over again while the ML has to keep cleaning up her mess constantly. Not even her own parents would be that patient with her, shengting is amazing for even being that patient and caring towards her :/
Tissa_chan: I know you try to figure out, but her stupid acts often times make sheng ting in trouble, So I just hope The author make her being mature soon
Bloom Uchiha: well, I can see why he didn't tell her anything. look at her childish and stubborn. if nothing goes her way, she tries to run away from home. she can't survive even a day without sheng ting in outside world. she needs to be matured for serious revelations.
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from the beginning people always blame an ran and bad comment about her, Didn't you ever blame sheng ting? I think an ran being childish cause he always spoil her. she just have Sheng ting she's fall in love with him so deep, she have try to believe him complete but he always hide something about her parents,

i know he try to protect her but come on, An Ran has right for to know everything, But unlucky when she has try to find about The truth unfortunately she's trapped by her enemies and people so easy blame her and bad comment about her like "stupid girl, no brain, childish and many more.
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