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Secret Marriage: Priceless Baby of the President

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When she just grows up to be an adult, she messes up the wedding of her adoptive father, "Lu sheng ting, I am your daughter and will be your woman as well!" The truth of the murder six years ago begins to emerge, “Lu sheng ting, you are both my love and my enemy ..."

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Spoiler is here to crash your party~~! 😂

Once An Ran is not here, Sheng Ting firmly asked his fiancée not to touch him. His fiancée was upset thinking that he turned cold once An Ran is not here. So, An Ran went to run errand for the fiancée. Helping her to get Americano and Cappucino but then she realized she can’t use her credit card that was supplement by sheng ting as the card was being cut off. Hence she is unable to pay her coffee but her coffee was paid by a man whom annoyed her earlier on. Haha!

Upon getting all the stuffs and reached the wedding shop, she was notified that both sheng ting and the fiancée have left the shop. She was being fooled by the fiancée. Heavy rain and she got back to the company and complained to sheng ting angrily. Upon looking on how drench she is, he asked her to change her clothes first. After that, she noticed he has her photo at the side of his bed. He quickly took the frame away as he doesn’t want her to see that. As persistent as she is, she jumped onto him and clung onto him, refused to get down. Finally, she took the frame off him and then she teased him about it.

Continue part 2
SpoilerBean: Ok! Will write more at next update
Prince light: Tysm for it .I hope you will give more!!☺😊😂
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idk why but I want her to run away from home😅
Sina Kong: Same here
ΔTHΣΠΔ ;) GΩDDΣSS: Too bad she comes back
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heres the interesting plot:(by me) an ran decided to move on and realize her one sided love,she goes overseas without saying goodbye.....chen ting married to his fiancee and he realize that something wrong with his wife and finally he knows the truth that his fiancee is not innocent and he regret for letting an ran go. in the meantime,an ran (our heroine) dont have any emotion towards love anymore. she had an accident while she was overseas,she dont remember anything from the past except a man named chen ting that she hated most. an ran became more gorgeous and fierce. she hates all man in the world,she is not the girl in the past anymore stubborn,childish,fool. she is well known as a most beautifull woman and high ranked in the world(city)but cannot be touched.few years later,she had a bussines trip at city x that feels familiar to her.....and she met with a man named chen ting at the x company for signing contract. chen ting shocked to see the new an ran and he began to feel more attracted/regret to an ran.
Benchie Montecer Carandang: i like ur plot
Sweetiam Putan Sebonga: i like it... the heroin not always be step on. good!
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