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Secret Marriage: Priceless Baby of the President

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When she just grows up to be an adult, she messes up the wedding of her adoptive father, "Lu sheng ting, I am your daughter and will be your woman as well!" The truth of the murder six years ago begins to emerge, “Lu sheng ting, you are both my love and my enemy ..."

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i love this comic. it's ok if any people say rude about their relationship. for me they love each other. they aren't related by blood. ML is never marrying her mother. so what's wrong? for me an ran at the past only little girl without relative after her parents passed away so what should he does at that moment as the only person who has relative with her father? may be you all rather hope if he sent her to place like orphanage. or let her being hobo on the street? he only try to take care of her. she's grown up and his feeling for her more like as a lover but he knows the status her at this time. so he decide to tried get another woman in his life and willing to get married. but at the end he can't lie his feeling, he loves An Ran so much as a woman. and i know the FL still immature and annoying but people can changed as time by passed. for you all that too much complain. you can stop reading this comic anytime if you think the story not good, at least give a respect for author with not complain too much or better you make your own comic with the story that you want.😊
Y.y: only pb I don't understand,they're like large companies CEO smart business ppl right?plot?male MC alway fail to realise scheme (bitch girl or whatever)not see? in hotel or hospital MC push her there should be CCTV?or it already deleted or tempered(if he seriously care her as daughter or woman he should check) he should know there insider near him..-_-
🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥: for ur comment only this ❣️
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Cry When I Go
Stop making immoral things like this look great ...
Even though they aren't related by blood he is still HER DAMN FATHER so NO this should be illegal.
And for peoole who like this kind of things you are free, I just don't like it when authors make family members like fathers and brothers become lovers.
i guess most of you are girls, just imagine the comic was about a guy falling madly in love with his adoptive mom, I'm dead sure your opinion will change...
I' not insulting you, this is just my point of view and I'm sorry if someone gets offended ...
Gen: though it's wrong in the real world, fantasy is still just fantasy. even if she was a blood relative or the genders were revered, as long as the writer is good enough, we as an audience should eventually be able to accept it. at least that's my view.
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Mariel Lye
Honestly u don’t go into a random car and demand to be driven the place that u need to and money is not gonna solve it . It just shows how pampered she is cause she think money can solve anything. Plus even when the purple hair dude told her to get off ,she made the situation worse by clinging on to him. He may have OCD or a trauma relating to women and the girl is not giving him space . She needs to know that it is not her car the purple hair dude ( the true owner of the car ) has every right to say no.
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