No Doubt In Us
Romance / Comedy / Completed

No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
No Doubt In Us
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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No Doubt In Us Comics Online. The Emperor who originally hated empress and did not trust her discovered that he and the empress had swapped bodies after waking up from the drowning accident. The Emperor who became the Empress started a tired journey fighting against the miasma of the harem, dealing with her mother-in-law and exposing the deception targeting at her… His Majesty said... There was no way to live this life anymore!

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anu jai
This story is literally the best one I've read here. Even though it's a comedy, it made my heart clench from time to time..... Moreover, it did not need sexual content for the reader to be hooked and just the story..... unique and well managed.... I finished in just a day I LOVE IT I JUST LOVE IT. The male lead isn't an egocentric and realises his mistakes time to time. The female isn't weak and isn't afraid to put up with him. I JUST LOVE IT. THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOURN
this story, by far, is the only story where the jerk of leading Man undergoes remorse and gradually develops his relationship with the FL with much care and understanding that also humbles himself for his past shortcomings and admits them to correct his wrongs. I don't know if this makes sense, I just love them. I regret not reading this soon.
Malyari: yeah me too. also, the amount of key characters added to trigger such development is just enough and not so extra.
Malyari: yaaaas, I saw the trailer... my heart skipped a thousand miles! I don't know the exact date but it's soon.
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Jian Mo ( Ian❤Lyra❤Shon❤my heart)
Though we don't feel sad because of this cute comic but its real and absolutely heartbreaking that King never gets what he wants.....he has to always sacrifice everything in front of his duties.....where everyone thinks that his life is luxurious..... in real his life is miserable.......
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