No Doubt In Us
Romance / Comedy / Completed

No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
No Doubt In Us
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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No Doubt In Us Comics Online. An emperor, who originally hated and doubted his empress, wakes up one day finding their bodies exchanged.
What this emperor-turned empress faces now is "a game of thrones" involving hostility from his consorts and his own mother.
Well...this time, his majesty really puts himself in her majesty's shoes, literally, "in her shoes."
Will he understand her feelings when they return to their own bodies? Will they become closer after sharing each other's bodies?

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At first I thought that this Manga is like every other manga with the same plot after reading this...I realized that i was wrong I quickly fell in love with this manga😍😍.. it has awesome fights I love the FL although she's abit stupid she is strong and inspiring FL.... there is enough comedy, romantic affairs Oh and i ship the emperor's brother with the whitey🤩.. It would be nice if there's season 2!!. THANK YOU AUTHOR 😘 for this wonderful manga my GOD BLESS you...
🖤Taetae plz marry me🖤
I know our queen will be save because she is the FL but I'm worried about the Baby inside her😢 the way the small box is chicken pox I guess bcoz it shows the symptoms of fever n small box coming out n moreover after he touched her body he even wash his hands....n also it's infective.... maybe during those days small box was dangerous because there was no medicine or vaccine to prevent it🤔 but now we have medicine as well as vaccine I think we should buy the vaccine n medicine n enter the manga n give it to the FL n save her😁
춘희: hello~
sorry to disturb you. please check out my chat story "THE EMPRESS: FROZEN PHOENIX" and tell me how is it..
I'm sure you'll like it if you're a fan of strong girl genre and ancient manga
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what the hell soulmate you have only one soulmate that is XU YU but you think that not all your concubines are bad, emperor watch it correctly since you have your wife all these concubines can never be a true person to you so you better be with your wife and if you think that the others are good then leave our FL
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