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No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
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The Emperor who originally hated empress and did not trust her discovered that he and the empress had swapped bodies after waking up from the drowning accident. The Emperor who became the Empress started a tired journey fighting against the miasma of the harem, dealing with her mother-in-law and exposing the deception targeting at her… His Majesty said... There was no way to live this life anymore!

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OH MY GOD! THIS IS LIKE THE VERY FIRST MANHUA I HAVE READ WHERE THE EMPRESS AND ALL THE CONCUBINES WORKED TOGETHER! 😭❤️ I hope this kind of relationship between the Emperor's Harem continues.

This is such a master piece! THANK YOU AUTHOR! 😭❤️✨
Perfection is a MYTH: jugyeong from "true beauty" ?????
Here: X.
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Pororo xiu
Xuyu: Don't get too close to the lotus pond.if you fall into it as you did,you will have to bear the baby for me.ptff...specifically as she stress 'as you did' I burst out laughing.And it struck my mind, oh! that's how their love life comes into existence.
King in his loving sweet smile say 'it's okay'😊😘
Sweet happy ending.💞
Hat off to the author for creating such a great story line stuffed with amiable characters.Also thanks to the scintillator for your hard work.😊
Many Many thanks✌✌
on this 20th August 2019 "No Doubt In Us" one of my favorite manhwa has came to an end.
Pororo xiu: Ya true😊
MQ & ML (LAN CHI) 😉: and special thanks for showing us the little prince letter.😁
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For everyone who is still confused whether the Preceptor is a male or female, the State Preceptor is female. It was mentioned at the beginning of the story. The reason why in some speech bubbles, they mention the Preceptor as a "he" is because of pronouns in Chinese is different to english. The most common forms in English are "he, she, and it." In the Chinese language, those three become the following: 他, 她, and 他 (“he/him,” “she/her,” and “it/its.” They are ALL pronounced as "ta", only written differently.
Anonymous: i think he is a male. you can read in chapter 52. jinming ask the emperor why state perceptor can enter phoenix palace whereas state perceptor is a man. and xiao jin yun answer that jin ming a man too.

you're right. in Chinese language she, he, it pronounced same. maybe the translator confused and because state perceptor is beautiful and has long eyelashes, the translator take him as woman. for the first time, i thought he is a woman too 😂
Naylla Cristina: xdrfrff
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