No Doubt In Us
Romance / Comedy / Completed

No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
No Doubt In Us
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No Doubt In Us Comics Online. An emperor, who originally hated and doubted his empress, wakes up one day finding their bodies exchanged.
What this emperor-turned empress faces now is "a game of thrones" involving hostility from his consorts and his own mother.
Well...this time, his majesty really puts himself in her majesty's shoes, literally, "in her shoes."
Will he understand her feelings when they return to their own bodies? Will they become closer after sharing each other's bodies?

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anu jai
This story is literally the best one I've read here. Even though it's a comedy, it made my heart clench from time to time..... Moreover, it did not need sexual content for the reader to be hooked and just the story..... unique and well managed.... I finished in just a day I LOVE IT I JUST LOVE IT. The male lead isn't an egocentric and realises his mistakes time to time. The female isn't weak and isn't afraid to put up with him. I JUST LOVE IT. THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOURN
WeiJie💚: Such a beautiful story😍 Even if this doesn't have a lot romantic scenes, the readers can still feel their love for each other👏😍

Though I'm still wondering if State Perceptor is a girl or a boy lol
Tanny77717: yup it was beautiful indeed
total 20 replies

OH MY GOD! THIS IS LIKE THE VERY FIRST MANHUA I HAVE READ WHERE THE EMPRESS AND ALL THE CONCUBINES WORKED TOGETHER! 😭❤️ I hope this kind of relationship between the Emperor's Harem continues.

This is such a master piece! THANK YOU AUTHOR! 😭❤️✨
Arinna_wolf: I agree thanku author 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Perfection is a MYTH: jugyeong from "true beauty" ?????
total 13 replies
Get yourself a husband like the emperor who feels proud of his queen protecting her.
Get yourself a wife like the empress who is so strong and humble.
kenzie: TRUE LOVE
Chan Mulyda Huy: !¹¹1¹¹qed
total 8 replies
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