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No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
Dong Fang Jin
I'm here again reading and feeling a little lonely cause it ends already 😭😭.. I want more historical like this please 🙏🙇
Nurse Barbara
Hey guys this manhua will be animate next year 😍 yay
my playlist bts
one two three....holy shit is not holy water...hahahhaha
And thats how she got her own harem
When he says “in my heart she is my soulmate.”
Kemani Toppin
my face everyday
thirteenth panel
ahhh here we go again. this is like my 7th time reading this story and still gets me everytime 😍
my playlist bts
dignity majesty, dignity
..hmmmpp loL..😂😂😂😂
For everyone who is still confused whether the Preceptor is a male or female, the State Preceptor is female. It was mentioned at the beginning of the story. The reason why in some speech bubbles, they mention the Preceptor as a "he" is because of pronouns in Chinese is different to english. The most common forms in English are "he, she, and it." In the Chinese language, those three become the following: 他, 她, and 他 (“he/him,” “she/her,” and “it/its.” They are ALL pronounced as "ta", only written differently.
Yato Gami: . wow..all these theories...!!!!
Bican: the state preceptor is a MAN... switch this manga from english to chinese and u will know the preceptor is a man because in the chinese language 他 = MAN
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pretending to be a fool huh
kennis chang
where can I read the Chinese version of it?
Asmitha M
this will be my favorite
nice ending 😍😍😍😍😍 Love it ☺
Yato Gami
did prince "Happy- Go-Lucky' just show his middle finger...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
thedancing petal
jinming is adorable since day one. it's so refreshing to see brotherhood in royal family. im tired of brother killing brother.
thedancing petal
the empress cant resist beauty's temptatipn. remember why she pushed emperor to the pond? because he looked cool, lmao.
Another Daisy
haaaah i feel so relieved.. even tho actually im hoping tk see the little baby.
Another Daisy
aaaaah im having a blast for her comeback
Another Daisy
im really in tears
Another Daisy
oh my gid, please be happy ending pleaseee
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