No Doubt In Us
Romance / Comedy / Completed

No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
No Doubt In Us
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
anu jai
This story is literally the best one I've read here. Even though it's a comedy, it made my heart clench from time to time..... Moreover, it did not need sexual content for the reader to be hooked and just the story..... unique and well managed.... I finished in just a day I LOVE IT I JUST LOVE IT. The male lead isn't an egocentric and realises his mistakes time to time. The female isn't weak and isn't afraid to put up with him. I JUST LOVE IT. THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOURN
this story, by far, is the only story where the jerk of leading Man undergoes remorse and gradually develops his relationship with the FL with much care and understanding that also humbles himself for his past shortcomings and admits them to correct his wrongs. I don't know if this makes sense, I just love them. I regret not reading this soon.
Malyari: yeah me too. also, the amount of key characters added to trigger such development is just enough and not so extra.
Malyari: yaaaas, I saw the trailer... my heart skipped a thousand miles! I don't know the exact date but it's soon.
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Mrs. Gu Beichen
Though we don't feel sad because of this cute comic but its real and absolutely heartbreaking that King never gets what he wants.....he has to always sacrifice everything in front of his duties.....where everyone thinks that his life is luxurious..... in real his life is miserable.......
Yen Wu
like everyone else, rereading this again. this is the best historical royal romance for me. everytime i got tired reading about jerk prince and emperor, i visit this.

for other first time reader here, this is recommended if you're tired like me. ML experience the first hand how unfair FL is treated. no rushed ending and no too long story.
_piertotumlocomotor_: I have read this for over 20 times. Made fan arts and 100 WhatsApp stickers
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: And the ml is really gentle and this couple is funny
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Reece Styles
Why is the emperor so useless. He cant fight, cant shoot, wars tragedies ain’t good since earlier it said they are losing a lot. Is all he’s good at hoeing around and treating xu yu like an insect.
Sakura Yuki: He is a complete opposite of her highness... Her highness is too good at fighting but too useless at oghe things other than fighting, like books, memorials, and knowledge. If the two of them combine, it will be a perfect match
Sakura Yuki: It's because he is still a child when he became an emperor and is always busy... No time for training anymore because he needs to check memorials, listen to some court argunebts and something else...
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Reece Styles
God I hate the emperor. He’s whoring around treating his wife who cares for him like trash while anyone who had her position would have ruined the empire. He’s got a LONG way to go to earn her love
Reece Styles: yes definitely blame the victim who fell in love and not the man who also allowed others to make her life a living hell.... victim shaming at its finest
Chrysanthemum mochi: It’s her fault for loving him since she knew she’ll get caught up in this love and death warfare
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*Looks at himself from the view of another body* ay, I'm pretty cute! *cough*cough* *deepens voice* I mean, what a stupid woman!
✨Snowed Ashes❄
U seriously r the best, writer. At first 'summer never ends' and now this ,....seriously mind blowing. I think writer is a girl, maybe.
zhu wuxin
this the best strory ive ever read but i still hope to see the kid...but any way nice job author
naufa neshy
why my heart broke when I know the emperor make a fun with some concubine and not for his wife and never touch his wife...
Empress Ni
RIP to those who have no more points. Relying only to “play videos to read more episodes” 😭😭😭😭
Alenie Asis: here here...
Fan_girl💕_leo: I feel your pain
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Nisha Nasran
The fl is bisexual she likes going to the brothel and she likes the women slave
manga fan girl
so I guess no one's going to discuss that someone was eating dog food.

send help. I am dying of laughter
manga fan girl: oof. Wait a minute--
poor single people in china
The hope won’t die : If I remember correctly, i remember that eating dog food in Chinese means that they are single
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Akshita Rawat
You know what, I'm 17 and I'm exactly like the empress.... Jolly and ecstatic but I'm really good at football and beating people
Andhira Rodani: you go girl! i will support you! I'm 21 and I'm the most fearsome president of japan club… the one and only engineer japan club's president in my whole campus. i once slayed 15 mans of gang members coz they hurt my precious vice-president
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Sonali Meshram
I must say this is the best story i have read. awsm just luv it 💜❤
Ah, the prince knows which are the important questions to ask
antisocial_loser ( ̄▽ ̄) ❤️😗
Xiao Jinyun I FINALLY get to remembr his majesty’s name. Now her majesty
CEO's wifeu wannabe 😘: anytime dear
antisocial_loser ( ̄▽ ̄) ❤️😗: Thanks bro
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so here it goes reading again and again 🤣😅🤷
_piertotumlocomotor_: I have read over 20 times, 3 fanarts, and 100 WhatsApp stickers. and My Instagram bio is dedicated to NDIU since 2018
ToraPoppy❣️🎀: yes indeed 😍💕
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The emperors body is so tall, she must be like 6,"4" now.
Ea Vie: maybe it's relative and closer to 5'6" if Empress is 5'0"
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April Joy Fernandez
hahahahaha,its okay that's NOT your body hehehehehe
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