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No Doubt In Us

Young Dream

OH MY GOD! THIS IS LIKE THE VERY FIRST MANHUA I HAVE READ WHERE THE EMPRESS AND ALL THE CONCUBINES WORKED TOGETHER! 😭❤️ I hope this kind of relationship between the Emperor's Harem continues.

This is such a master piece! THANK YOU AUTHOR! 😭❤️✨
Ahilya Thakur: yeah I totally agree's with this 👆👌
Nah Beltran: lpmoopp000p
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Pororo xiu
Xuyu: Don't get too close to the lotus pond.if you fall into it as you did,you will have to bear the baby for me.ptff...specifically as she stress 'as you did' I burst out laughing.And it struck my mind, oh! that's how their love life comes into existence.
King in his loving sweet smile say 'it's okay'😊😘
Sweet happy ending.💞
Hat off to the author for creating such a great story line stuffed with amiable characters.Also thanks to the scintillator for your hard work.😊
Many Many thanks✌✌
on this 20th August 2019 "No Doubt In Us" one of my favorite manhwa has came to an end.
Pororo xiu: Ya true😊
MQ & ML (LAN CHI) 😉: and special thanks for showing us the little prince letter.😁
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Get yourself a husband like the emperor who feels proud of his queen protecting her.
Get yourself a wife like the empress who is so strong and humble.
Chan Mulyda Huy: !¹¹1¹¹qed
Divine: True Love
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Aawww....I am going to miss this manga. I'm glad the political conflict has been resolved but I feel that the end of the story is a bit rushed. Certain things could have been laid to rest before the story was put to a close especially regarding the issues in the inner palace and with the dowager empress. Also, what about the empress' family that went out to fight? Didn't hear anything about them anymore. I guess it's supposed to be taken as "all's well, that ends well"?
In any case, I am still a big fan of the manga. The author did well with the story. I very much appreciate the use of wit and humor in the story line and illustrations. Kudos and congratulations!

Iana Edrianne
My I got to the part when it said "The End" I went "WHAAAAAAT?!" 😭😱

Still, I'm glad we had a happy ending for the Emperor and Empress. This was an amazing story with such well-rounded characters. My favorite character would probably the Empress because she kicks so much ass and she didn't conform to the norms for women. Ahhh what an ICON! I really hope we get a second season for this or at least some side stories. PLEASE AUTHOR!!! 😭💕
Noora Muhammad: Love this comic and the ending hope the other does a story on the like of the crown prince 👑
Joseh Cler: SAAAME
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I’m glad the artist show the main lead male going through all these accusations and misunderstandings. In a lot of mangas the main female lead always goes through misunderstandings and hardship that doesn’t get resolved until later on. And even though they get resolved the main male lead never truly know what the main female lead has to go through and what it feels like when no body is sticking up for you or even trying to listen to your explanation. So I’m glad that this is happening to the emperor. But I know he can always overcome any misunderstandings. So good luck 👍
Moongoddess D. Selena
Thank you! This comic brought me here as I was looking for a platform that provides faster updates and MT never disappoints. This is by far my most favorite historical manhua. The characters are fun, the story line never boring. There are a few others I'd love to find here one day. I hope MT will release them as well. Round of applause to the author, translator and everyone who made the publishing of this comic possible. Cheers to more success!
Haru Raijin: Same! Such a good mix of action, romance, mystery, fantasy, and humor. Love love love this!
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Ria Xiedan
in china, when a person complains or says "you youngsters are feeding us with
dog food" usually describes a scene when lovers show their "intimate" affection in public and people who are commonly single or not in a relationship say this.
Ru Fo
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E

C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E

C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E

C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
C R A Z Y . U P D A T E . P L E A S E
Rovielyn Cruz: yeah. i am worrying. i dont know what happen next chapter. i hope the baby is fine.
Martinez: I’m scare something can happen to the baby 😭😭
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Too soon to gloat, you greedy, self-serving, unprincipled, disloyal, scheming old fungus. Events are still in motion and I have the feeling that, as far as destiny is concerned, you're going to be worse off than the last kid picked for dodgeball, the slightly lopsided loaf at the bakery, the Christmas tree that leans to one side no matter how you place it. You're done like dinner, Simba's uncle. Finished, washed up, kaput, over, wrecked, toast, deader than a carp after a five mile hike. DONE.
Akira's Gacha News: turtles are wise
slugs nah
fungus nah
more like god’s mistake
lemurloki: Unfair to turtles. Let's call him a slug.
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The state perceptors gender was never mentioned explicitly. However, during the character introduction and then forth, the pronoun used has always been 'he'
; except for the one time where it was 'she'. That also happened to be the time when this story had very poor grammar and few proof readers.

Moreover, the original work clearly states that the state perceptor is a man. Can people please stop straight-washing the one good, progressive story that we have? Really, this is a rare jewel and your internalised homophobia is making it uncomfortable for every one else who just want to read a good damn story
Jugyeong: Where can I find the original work? 🤔

I'm actually one of those who thought she looks like a woman but that doesn't mean I'm a homophobic. It's just that she looks like one based on how she is drawn and how she was introduced. Having a viewpoint like mine doesn't necessarily make others uncomfortable. Why would they feel that way? And how we perceived his/her gender doesn't really ruin the story.

I didn't even notice anyone forcing their opinions on others or attacking people who have different views as to his gender. The readers have all the freedom to share their own views and opinions. And not everyone has the time to look for the raw chapters and translate it on their own.

Just because some people think the state preceptor is woman doesn't mean they are homophobic or Hate BL. Plus, it's not the readers fault for perceiving it that way. As you said, it had a very poor grammar and few proof readers which means the translation is not accurate enough leading to confusion.
Miku: Of course, my comment was I'm response to those who have been forcing their opinions onto other readers. the context here people who believe that they are an intended pair but want the character to be a woman for it. Personally, the implication of their relationship, or atleast the prince's feelings is as clear to me as the state perceptor's gender.- since the prince HAS mentioned marriage and there are romantic undertones in each and every one of their conversation after a certain point.

I'm not saying that everyone should agree with me to read between the lines but rather, if they have different opinions, I'm asking them to stop attacking the people who do.
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okay... it's complete. Completed... I WANT MORE! 😭😭😭 I mean I love that they have a happy ending, THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT but I want to see their child grows. 😂😭

Lucy Dragneel
i gotta say this is the best historical.manhua i have ever read

as the chapters pass the main couple had developed their relationship from being enemies due to a huge misunderstanding and now they are considerate for eachother wwwwww unlike the others where one mc either they are very dominant or likes to create more problems than fix it for the plot

aaaaa cant wait for more
Kashmir : yeah!
Skyliah: I like your name😍😊
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Bahing :)
Is it really the end?? :( But We all want to see whether the baby is a boy or a girl :D
Gwendolyn Iris: yeah lol and the boy has a lost teeth
Let_me...: the baby is a's him in their arms on the last panel. lol
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!!!! I know that at first the concubine only cared for the queen because she thought she was the emperor but her and all the concubines learned how to decently protect themselves thanks to the queen and are even happy to see her. They used to resent her but now they love her, now THIS is what you call CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!!!!!
Tipsy spirit_007
anyone notice the cloth empress gave to emperor has bunny on it but the cloth wore by the prince has tiger on it
Black heart
wow sweet moment luv it she wish where only emperor n empress were truly in luv n no concubine to disturb them one true women truly want her husband's love only n support. .. Others thing doesn't matter what a true love. ...... ohh so cute I luv this story comedy n politics but also beautifully showing love of two people for each other hahaha
Uncle does need a stronger wifi so he could hear the latest news of the empress and emperor
Haruna-cchi☺️: hahahahahha!
MaggieThePigeon: forgive him for using internet explorer...
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Anna (the Gemini)
OH MY GHAAAD!!!!!? I was planning to comment about how the little brother's emperor and Xu Yu is so cuteeee, because I kept going back to scroll up and slowly reading each panel and how the emperor and xu yu is so lovely.... but is this really done for sure??? I cannot noooooo, cliffhanger 😖😔😯😭😭😢😢😢😢 I hope this just season 1 done and there will be continuation or a season 2 for this... 😲😭😭😭😢
Iris chan
I wonder y the girls have such attitude when they're on their periods I mean when I'm on mine I'm just as normal as it can get like dude it's not the end of the world
Elsie Lily: huh???
Iris chan: Well not really I'm on my period rn so tell me can u find any difference between the moods of the comments
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