No Doubt In Us
Romance / Comedy / Completed

No Doubt In Us

Young Dream
No Doubt In Us
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antisocial_loser ( ̄▽ ̄) ❤️😗
*this is literally the cutest thing I saw in my entire life*
*deer gets shot*
*..sob, sob*
Just Be u: it is a capital crime
Just Be u: hahaha tht free deserves it for cursing his majesty-civil+military.
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Love the messengers words, "It is kind of urgent. "
Willow Fields
I still waiting for the second season ..........................
please update soon 🥺🥺🥺🥺
_piertotumlocomotor_: there's no Season 2. But there's animation coming out this year. Thanks Corona for ruining it
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Kian eloh
They exchange eye color after exchaging bodies
Kian eloh: yeah it's really an amazing story🥰🥰
FUJIWARA: just don't mind that.hehhehe
still the story is good. i've read it many times as now😊
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Oh gosh. Already finish reading this manga 😭
A Random Cat
Ohgod, I laugh so hard! HAHAHAHAHAHA damn it!
Akshita Rawat
I was like UWU her majesty is so cute but then I remembered the emperor is in the body
Reece Styles
If only the emperor gave her some respect then no one would dare disrespect xu yu
Nisha Nasran
Jinming is full of funny ideas. I like him
ugh!. myghad! what have you done to meee I just can't stop!! laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣HAHAHAHHA
Mrs. Gu Beichen
Ha ha ha hahhahhahahhh Ha ha ha hahhahhahahhh Ha ha ha hahhahhahahhh Ha ha ha hahhahhahahhh.......

.My stomach hurts
Fire Blaze: The kid in Empress's was probably laughing so hard too
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ignacia eda suryadi
one of the best chinese manhua i ever read !!!
Reece Styles
Her brother is way hotter than the emperor
Haruki Natsuyu
heard this will have a donghua adaptation and the emperor will be voicer by Ah Jie
Haruki Natsuyu: *voiced
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antisocial_loser ( ̄▽ ̄) ❤️😗
This Man looks like a-packed-present
Samina Patanwala: exavtly 😂😂
Misaki chan 💖 💖: right 😂😂🤣😂
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I've read this a few times before but it can still make me cry.
Fire Blaze: Same.

I'm still bawling Everytime I reread this.

and Everytime I read this, I get more of a feel of how much the Empress liked the Emperor and how the Empress knew he didn't like her.
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Mrs. Gu Beichen
I'm so sorry....don't get angry but when all the other characters are cute looking in this manga.....this girl is the only one who looks beautiful
ML Lover
Ahhhhh! Their son is so cute!
Those meme faces... Oh god, i crack up hard🤣🤣🤣
Akshita Rawat
When he said ... In my heart she is my soulmate..,,
It broke my heart
Bláçk Cãt😼: mine too
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