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Twelve Beauties of Jinling

Young Dream
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Update on Mon, Thu
He is supposed to fall into love at the age of sixteen, but he has to accept the fate of being single due to the curse on his body! To get rid of this curse, he needed to find a dozen selected girls and make them feel loved. the youth embarked on the journey of finding the destined girl and spreading love, but he didn't expect that all these girls have reincarnated into boys?!

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School life
Boys’ Love
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Windy Jung
Tbh when I read the synopsis, I was kinda interested, so I wanna find out more. But right after I'd read till this episode, I think the story is too rushing. It makes me kinda dumbfounded, how I oftenly found one scene jumps to another scene out of blue. I can't tell when, why and how a lot about what had happened in the story. Hopefully the story would be getting better and better because really, the plot is so interesting.
6xxZxxTxxPxxIxx4 #no x
I still ship ying and xiren but never I shipped bochai and that princess. I bet her attitude is bad . and you know what I hate that person with our mc at the last panel ughh so what if our mc is with bochai he won't even take him cause our mc is already taken.
BTS JiN Biased ♥
i waited for two weeks for an update i was hoping to get upspree but what do i get ? just one chapter ?
Want some?: updates on Monday and Thursdays now so you get two a week
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