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Twelve Beauties of Jinling

Young Dream
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He is supposed to fall into love at the age of sixteen, but he has to accept the fate of being single due to the curse on his body! To get rid of this curse, he needed to find a dozen selected girls and make them feel loved. the youth embarked on the journey of finding the destined girl and spreading love, but he didn't expect that all these girls have reincarnated into boys?!

MangaToon got authorization from Young Dream to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - jinlingshierjiao,jlsej
School life
Boys’ Love
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Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I want the white haired manager to become one of the 12 fates! He's hot and we'll have 1 more person nearby AND a strict (probably tsun) character

M.Y good job! I need our boi in that skirt! I don't know if this is a part of Xiren's plan but both him and Master Baochai are gonna have the fanservice of their lives! (If Xiren doesn't end up getting angry with his hubby being cute in front of the general public)

Plus with Ying crossdressing, little Mr. Coincidence (forgot his chinese name) is finally gonna have a picture of his "mom"!
Elthon Dumapit Francisco: Uhh... who's the "she" that you are referring to? M.Y? Well ofc he's not a girl! Isn't he Xiren's cousin and was a chubby kid back at grade school?
Ella Nicole Legaspi: i think she is not a girl
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I wonder where else U can read this.... I've been waiting for so long and I'm still waiting for a bunch more manga to come out....this is one of my if the author would hurry a little bit I would be delighted....I know it must be hard for them because they have their lives to attend to but I would appreciate it they could hurry just a little.... anyways I hope the author is well and can't wait for the next episode!!
I wish Daiyu can be together with Baoyu. It’s obvious that they love each other so much.
And for the love triangle Ying, Baochai and Xiren, I feel bad for the one who will be heartbroken and it’s most likely to be Baochai... I like him the most of all characters, so pure and so cute... sigh but I like Ying and Xiren too, so whoever will end up with who I will be happy for them.
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