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Twelve Beauties of Jinling

Young Dream
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He is supposed to fall into love at the age of sixteen, but he has to accept the fate of being single due to the curse on his body! To get rid of this curse, he needed to find a dozen selected girls and make them feel loved. the youth embarked on the journey of finding the destined girl and spreading love, but he didn't expect that all these girls have reincarnated into boys?!

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Boys’ Love
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Maybe xiren and the boy lied cause they didn’t want to use their pee? Since they know Baochai will believe and there’s no way Baochai will leave Ying like this.
And if Baochai wasn’t pure they might use their pee later?
Stacey Kaesheimer: I DIED when I read this LOL
auri ptry: what a perfect strategy.. 🤣🤣
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Maisha Tasnim
boys urine!😶 atleast make it cum instead...at this rate even if he wake up...he is just gonna faint again or pass on for good😌
Ya Ti
i guess tht zhou shenying from the ancient time.. with long hair n maybe those who bought his jingchais his server or his relative... i don't know it's juz my tought tht's all n i'm sorry i don't know the word "underlings" in ancient language......😊😊😊
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