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Twelve Beauties of Jinling

Young Dream
Elthon Dumapit Francisco
Master Baochai scoring more cute points for me. A shame Siren is still my main ship (yeah, he in(?)directly caused the main plot, but eh. They have history)

Back off blonde b*tch! You just witnessed our boi's dazzling aura! Kneel your egoistic *ss
Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I want the white haired manager to become one of the 12 fates! He's hot and we'll have 1 more person nearby AND a strict (probably tsun) character

M.Y good job! I need our boi in that skirt! I don't know if this is a part of Xiren's plan but both him and Master Baochai are gonna have the fanservice of their lives! (If Xiren doesn't end up getting angry with his hubby being cute in front of the general public)

Plus with Ying crossdressing, little Mr. Coincidence (forgot his chinese name) is finally gonna have a picture of his "mom"!
Elthon Dumapit Francisco: Uhh... who's the "she" that you are referring to? M.Y? Well ofc he's not a girl! Isn't he Xiren's cousin and was a chubby kid back at grade school?
Ella Nicole Legaspi: i think she is not a girl
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Odd TV winter
you perv how could you do that even the author is the person and he's saying that what type of book are you even caring to school what the f*** well at least it's BL love each other
Baochai, if you're gonna confess, do it properly. BOYfriend, not GIRLfriend. Tho I'm gonna side with Xiren if you did something to Shenying 😏 I love you but I'll love you more if you back off my ship 😏😏
i dunno ... im kinda confused now. maybe because this is different from japanese manga 🤔 but i love the drawing on this one. but the story confused me lol . still i like this tho
serra renita
what should i doooo!!?? i ship shenying with xiren, but at the same time I want him to be with baochai!!! i'm the worst aren't i!?? (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง
dumy yaoi..: omg I feel ya
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Elthon Dumapit Francisco
Goodness! Zhou's been spotted by 2/3 of his ships! Thank you author for not making Xiren mad (and I got such good shipping material! Ahh~) and Master Baochai seeing crossdressed Zhou (that blush)

Best chapter for me already (but this is most likely, the calm before the storm)
Elthon Dumapit Francisco
Gosh darn it! M.Y didn't even bother preparing fake boobs to complete the look. My boy looks beautiful though!

A shame Xiren is gonna put a stop to this and Master Baochai most likely won't see crossdressed Zhou. I mean, I guess its enough consolation to have 1 of the top boy ships see it but now we're heading to a possibility of Zhou's obsession with M.Y could lead to a fight with our ship (I sure hope not)
Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I'm happy Zhou is worried of Xiren's opinion on a would be date (so far, no matter how cute Master Baochai is, Xiren is leading simply because of their history together + little coincidence is practically their child already)
FxL 001
argh, they're so cute together. I ship him with xiren, but i won't be bothered if he with monitor -~-
Ikena_Yan99: its a love triangle xD
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xiren IS ANGRY.. though what could he do.. anyway, it is cute that xiren's opinion is being asked here. just like bf and gf
Sara Keo
I don't know which one that I can ship yet . It is driving me crazy right now .
serra renita: rite riteeeee. i don't even know which I like the most, shenying with xiren or baochai or the other boiiiisss :(
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omg they adorable
the other girls on the other hand tho they be on cra k or something like.....bruhhhh
BTS JiN Biased ♥: That girl is up to no good
jealoused girl stay away from my ship bitc*
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My ship is still sailing and I’m glad I’m on this ship even after knowing that it will crash with the iceberg.
I forgot the guy in the glasses' name but I love how he holds back both XiRen and Baochai 😄 and being the only calm one, telling others to chill! I love that guy, I ship him with Baochai since his other love turned out to be evil 💙
Odd TV winter
I am indeed interested in this comic 😁 so damn good Bl for life I feel so happy that I found Bl
Raymond Yu
I wonder if ying had to have his pits shaved or waxed for this occasion? Hahaha
yhea bitch : weird🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣but I kinda wonder that too🤣🤣🤣🤣
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i love xiren but i love baochai but i love the most is shenying hahaha 🤣 right baochai if you did something to shenying i will not hesitate to punch your perfect face duh 🙄 kidding i love you 😘
well it seem he is more jealous than angry😂😂
Sorry girl but our Ying is pure and innocent.. And I miss Xiren 😢😂
Ikena_Yan99: indeed Ying-kun is pure, innocent and for a bonus...
Adorable and cute!~
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