Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
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Summer Never Ends Comics Online. On the first day of high school, Wei made up her mind to confess to her childhood sweetheart who she had a crush on. Due to being overly nervous, she actually confessed to the wrong person… What kind of campus life would await her in the future?

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lor rain
i felt her sadness.we shouldnt judge her because what he because of what happened to her ,because his own parents cheated on her,so she cant easily hava trust on other.because she is scared to cheated again.she just want to feel love by her family,and shes confused that why is she still here in this world,when she will be abandond on her own parents,and we cant blame her parents not every person is perfect so no family is perfect also we can get sin against each other and misunderstanding it so it can make that person tear apart and all that surrounds it lose a piece of its should have respect others and think before u do it
Brielle Zangari
This is one of the most wholesome and beautiful stories I’ve read on this app. Not only is it fun because it’s different than all the CEO stories on here, but all the conflicts are minor and don’t make you overly upset. The Che x Wei ship is so strong. I felt so happy reading this, and even sometimes getting emotional and laughing/crying. It’s really great. I hope the author makes a sequel. I’d love to see them reunite after two years, and how they rekindle their love after so long. Please author!!!
Why the hell r people hatin on Ling Ting? She was only testing Wei if Wei likes Mo. Ling called Mo without letting Wei know to make the "another girl" realize that Mo and Ling are already in a relationship, and move on and such, but it turns out that Wei actually likes the waiter (I'm saying waiter coz we're talking about Ling and she doesn't know his name). Also, Ling might've noticed that Wei had feelings for Mo before, but she isn't sure. Her point is to try to figure and be sure if that girl could also have feelings for her boyfriend other than having feelings towards the waiter, and her boyfriend who doesn't pay attention to her when he sees that girl with another man (or without after she started to avoid her), actually has or still have feelings for 'that girl.'
Leomen Arga: no shes not shes selfish
Missin: she was being very selfish
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