Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
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On the first day of high school, Wei made up her mind to confess to her childhood sweetheart who she had a crush on. Due to being overly nervous, she actually confessed to the wrong person… What kind of campus life would await her in the future?

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lonely queen💗

After two years, Nangong became a world class doctor and Wei completed her high school. Nangong got a promotion to Paris. Wei and Nangong planned to meet together at Paris. Wei arrived to Paris and went to Casino royale, a grand hotel for exclusives. She went to the room and opened the door. The lights went off. She called Nangong with a shimmering voice. The lights turned on. The room was filled with red and pink balloon hearts. A cozy bed on which it carved Wei and Nangong together forever. Wei was wearing a formal coat and he was shining like a star. Then, he kneel down to her and took a diamond ring from his pocket and proposed her, " Wei, will you marry me and be with me forever?" Wei replied without hesitation, " I do". They hugged and kissed. Wei was so happy. Nangong gently rubbed her ear and said, " Wei, happy Valentine's day". He Sai sorry to her for not accompanying her last time but he promised her that from now on he would celebrate every Valentine's day with her. Wei was so happy and said thank you. Nangong slowly removed her clothes and they jumped on to bed and then they lead the happy life from then on...

Dear viewers, remember this summer never ends😊😊😍😘
cloudy and rainy day: thank you😊😊
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Kim Taehyung is my love
#ENDING# After he started school to became a doctor.She had a car accident😮😲...and forget all hapemed to her in the past...She meet a kind and beautiful boy in hospital and started to daiting...A few years later he came back after he graduated the school (medical)...just to see her with another man...😢😢🤧He was heartbroken and sad,but the most important thing now is to know what happen to her and why she didn't wait for him...He go to her just to found out that his love doesn't remember him...He took her away from the boy and he said all their story,how they meet and fall in love...She remember and hug him after some week they get married😊😊😊...Later,that year she became pregnant with a girl...After she gave birth they went in a the summer where SUMMER NEVER ENDS...The End...That was my ending i wish you will like it...Have a good day everyone!😍😊😊
ΔTHΣΠΔ ;) GΩDDΣSS: I’m so glad that even though I’m a quarter Korean, I do not live there and am a girl😅😅😅
ΔTHΣΠΔ ;) GΩDDΣSS: Oh that’s sad that they have to serve in the Korean military
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Then two years later
Che heard knocks from the door
As soon as he opened it he suddenly hugged the person standing in front of the door the person hugged back
Then Che whispered softly "I missed you so much Wei" and hugged her tightly
"I missed you too and I have another surprise " Wei replied "remember my promise I'll be studying college here" then out of nowhere che kissed Wei then his brother came out of nowhere asking if who was at the door his eyes turned big seeing che and Wei kissing at the door when Wei noticed him and tried to explain but because of being to shy she ended up saying a bunch of words che held her in his arms Wei buried her red face in che's chest =======>>>>>>>>>>> fast forward =====four months later === a bunch of plot twist and drama ====>>>>

After arriving at home che suddenly felt something weird after entering the house he saw a red liquid blood looking tracks at the floor which made him worry after following the blood looking tracks It led che to the kitchen when he saw the dark kitchen he suddenly got frightened but when he gathered his strength to turn on the light he was surprised "SURPRISE! !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHE!!!" che was surprised he saw he's friends from chine Wei's parents each holding a cake saying happy birthday che then after blowing his candle Wei asked him "what did you wish for che??"

"do you really wanna know?" he replied to Wei with a question "yes" Wei replied without hesitation then he said "OK my wish is to" che suddenly knelt on the floor pulling out a ring case from his pocket
while saying "my wish is for you Wei to marry me so Wei will you marry me" Wei suddenly burst into tears and answered "YES" che suddenly put the ring on Wei's hand and kissed her after graduating they got married and led a happy life even though there are still obstacles they swore to go through it together without anyone being left behind and together while lying on the grass they both said that "i gues this Summer never ends"

payphone : yup!!!!!!!
Kim Taehyung: it's trending now.. I just love this comic
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