Summer Never Ends

Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
Summer Never Ends
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Summer Never Ends Comics Online. On the first day of high school, Wei made up her mind to confess to her childhood sweetheart who she had a crush on. Due to being overly nervous, she actually confessed to the wrong person… What kind of campus life would await her in the future?

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Everyone! As a person who red this authors manhwas mwehehhe and that one before this one, I shall tell you information!! (why do i feel so proud)

Anyway, thats a manhwa that the same author of this manhwa has created BEFORE this manhwa, its called "First Crush" its a very good manhwa, i think the auhor created both at the same time but Summer Never Ends appeared when First Crush was almost ending or in the middle.

Anyway, its a very good manhwa, its so good and you could just feel happy reading it, even this one, but First Crush is a bit sad, still the happh ending is great!

The author really makes the best manhwas, so i suggest you read it too! Its one of my favorites and this one! (my top one is love like cherry blossoms and the girl and the geek)

anyway, hope you guys feel the same way i do reading the mangas i love!! happy holidays!!

also, its the same artstyle
Jana Rashwan: "I was xxx by my idol"(Idk really if it's the same author but it's very nice, I love it soooooooooo much 😍 and I suggest you to read it it's really great)👍 "love like cherry blossoms" "first crush" "summer never ends" are the most beautiful and great Mangas I have ever read and I love the author sooo much for making those Mangas....i really feel like the characters in them are real and I love them too, so much and I really wish they were real😢😊...... Anyways thank u author so much.....keep up the good work 👏👍👌😊
🌹 Blood🌹RO🥀SE🌹demon🌹: The "Love like cherry blossoms" "First Crush" "Summer Never Ends" is the Most Inspiring Manga I ever read and I love the Author for making those Manhwa.😭🤧💕❤️❤️
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Lukresya 🙅
I was seductive in highschool, No matter what I wear, what I say I am mark as elfin even without any evidence. Just my body before was, like a curse, Someone will always try to harass me. My Girlfriends can't do anything besides avoiding and running with them. Fortunately I met someone, A Funny Ugly Chubby guy. Whenever he is around I felt safe. He appreciated my kindness and protected from behind. Later I find myself relying on his protection and I can't loose him. We become couple and I got more bashers but We also got more supporters. 😎

What a highschool puppy love 😆
Fantastic romantic story. I think I read it twice or thrice and every second of my eternity life I find and imagine myself into it. But my life is just a sad ending. but this story is just a mind blowing story with happy ending. It's like traveling through darkness to brightness just by riding upon pulsar neutron star from fading into rising stars of light.
Apjbharat: well, thank you
🌹 Blood🌹RO🥀SE🌹demon🌹: That's right
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