Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
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On the first day of high school, Wei made up her mind to confess to her childhood sweetheart who she had a crush on. Due to being overly nervous, she actually confessed to the wrong person… What kind of campus life would await her in the future?

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Tae with Suga and Kookies
It’s so cruel what she did in the past. I mean just because she don’t have true happiness it doesn’t mean that everyone don’t have true happiness. She lives in her past and can’t let go. I’m just like her I don’t have a father but I have a lovely mother and 3 older siblings. I’m happy even because I moved on long time ago. So I hope tang yiyi will find her happiness too someday. 😕😕

But I hate you for doing this stuff so if you don’t find happiness just piss off :)))
cArAzY¡!¡: I know!!! She never thought of getting out of the shadows of her past!!!
pretty: elder sis is just like her...for gain my parents and others sympathy she can do anything...and everyone can't see her wrongs..its painful to have people like her around us...

so I read manga,comics to release pain...I really pity nangong
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Mo what I want to say is yep there will be absolutely no love between you two no matter what you do is in vain. Can't you see those two love birds keeping cosy themselves? If you do like her then be like ZuoYe he's better than you he protects her and comforts her when she's sad and never intends to spoil their relationship. Unlike you, forcing her to be with you, to leave Nangong. Even if Nangong is shorter than you, ugly or poor as hell or whatever it is. The special thing about him is he loves Wei and cherishes her.
Rube smith : Stupid bitch
spill the tea: Well said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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🥭 • Mango • 🥭
Ok can I just say: STOP SAYING “AH!” The entire time the two girls kept starting their sentences with “AH!” DHSHGHJSBDBD STOP SCREAMING 😂

Jkjkjk. Anyways- Ling Ting 😂 Thats and interesting name 😂. Personally I think she was trying to scheme against my poor wei! Luckily she found out wei likes nangong otherwise who knows what would happen 😱

Obviously she was lying about intimate Mo and her are. Mo is super nice and I think he’s starting to like wei... 🤔🤔🤔

But anyways NANGONG X WEI is my ship don’t ruin it! Wei please just know that the one nangong likes is u! They like each other! CONFESS MY CHILDREN CONFESS!!
Maddery: Ling Ting won't stop scheming against Wei just because she found out that Wei loves Nangong.
🥭 • Mango • 🥭: Yes I know 😂 I was joking I’m chinese too
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