Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
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On the first day of high school, Wei made up her mind to confess to her childhood sweetheart who she had a crush on. Due to being overly nervous, she actually confessed to the wrong person… What kind of campus life would await her in the future?

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💗 me like u do...
#ENDING# Wei and Nangong should marry and must have twins😍😍😍
Barbaraaaa🍁: i agree with this so much!
The Queen 👑 : Girl, Boy
Girl,Girl or
Boy, Boy?
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Stauraz_ Shin
#ENDING# (sorry for the wrong grammars ~^.^~)

Its been two years since I last saw Che.
The last time I touch him
The last time I embrace him
And the last time......

The last time I feel his love.

It's been two years, yes two years that I've waited so long to see him, touch him, embrace him, and feel his love.

In the past two years, I've become a successful and a professional artist. How about him? I know that he became a successful and a professional doctor. And now, this summer is the time to see him and feel his warm and true love, and also to hear his sweet and lovely voice.

"Lana have some juice first, I know that you're thirsty. What's taking him so long?" That's Mo, he wants to accompanied me here in the airport. Yup! We're here in the airport waiting for someone but then



'From: Che
My flight was canceled but can you do me a favor? Can you go to the new cafe near the park? Please? Ask some crew that you're Wy and let them lead the way'

What? How about Mo?


*ding! Idea!*

"Hey Mo, I'm very sorry, the flight got cancelled. I promise that I wipl treat you next time as an apology" I said with sincere apology

"Oh its okay. Well I hqve to go bye" he said while waving

So I waved too and smiled

*at the cafe*
"Good morning madam table for how many people?" a waiter asked me as I opened the door

"Uhmm.... actually I'm Wy" I said that makes the waiter shook

"Wait a minute ma'am please have a seat here" he said while pointing to the couch in waiting area

"Thanks" I said as I smiled sweetly

(Few minutes later)
"Here you go, a cup of frappe, and please go to the park"

"Thank you"

*In the park*
'Wow it's already six o'clock in the evening' as I looked in my phone

'Well Lana what's that?' My thought asked me as she was pointing in the place that made me shocked

A place full of lanterns, yellow christmas lights, with fireflies where there are one table and two chairs and....

And there behind the tree was the man of my life

"Che" I only said while looking at him

"Lana have a seat" he said as he was moving the chair so I can seat

"Thank you" I don't know that I am already blushing while saying those words

"I thought your flight delayed?" I asked him with full of curiosity

"Actually I have to tell you this" he said with a serious tone

"What do you mean?" I asked with the nervous tone

"I'm breaking up with you" he said that makes me freeze and I feel some hot liquid in my face

"No you're joking right"and....

And he shook his head giving an answer no

I stand up and I should run when he hug me

"Yes I'm breaking up with you and we're done. We're done as a boyfriend and girlfriend" he said that makes me freeze again

"W-what do you mean?" I asked

"Lana, we're done as teen couples and let's become husband and wife. I want you officially mine and make me officially yours" after he said that he kneel down in front of me that makes me cry harder

He take out a small box in his pocket and opened it, and I saw a beautiful ring with diamond in the center that shines beautifully just like his eyes

"Lana will you marry me? Will you be the mother of my children oin the near future? Will you be the pencil and can I be the paper? and together we will write our story. Again, 'Will you marry me?'" Wait is he proposing to me?

"Silly boy, YES! Of course I will marry you!" I said happily while crying

"Then from now on you will be my fiancee, the future mother of my future children, and my soon-to-be-wife. I love you Lana"he said happily while sobbing? Is he crying

"I love you too Che" and together we sealed our love with a kiss under the beautiful moonlight
The Cactus That Jimin Touched in Serendipity: aww, i really love this ending :)
Nicki: It's great
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Dear author,

I love this manga to the bottom of my heart! You did the best job in the world to create this, i’ve been reading this from the beginning start, and never stopped ‘cause it’s the most loved story in the whole world!!! This story shows a good exemple of how love and friendship could make it’s own way. But the best thing about this manga, is not the beautiful art, not the original story, not the funny characters, but the AUTHOR ITSELF! I would love a season 2, but no rush author! I loved and still love this manga so much, that now i have a loving and hurting feeling at the same time in my heart. Loving because it’s the best story ever, and hurting because it ended! Yet i still would love more episodes of this if it’s possible, even though it’s already at 208!! So please, for me, for a boy, for a grandma, for a pet, for EVERYONE, like this story. And read it like you can’t get enough. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS LOVELY MANGA ❤️
Kurenai Mamiya: The Author should make season 2 or he should've shown 10 or 9 years later where, all them are established and settled with their own life and they are attending the married of our dear couple and it should've be finished with a gentle kiss . How much I wanted to see that scene ( ; _ ; )
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