Summer Never Ends

Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
Summer Never Ends
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Sativa La Galaxy
This is the weirdest, cutest, strangest cliche comic I've ever seen and somehow it's really cute and amazing. I love it.
Li wan
I'm feeling so glad,the years of happiness filled my eyes
Christian Trovela
the best manga romance in the world!
I can't stop reading...
nice story
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go
Laura List: wow... that fits perfectly
mishi: let her go by passenger
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Stephany Chris
alam ko na yan, ung si FL kasi nag kanali ng confession kay nangong siya nakapag confess tapos narinig ni Mo nasaktan si MO nawalan ng pag asa kaya naman humanapnsiya ng rebound si lingting yun tapos late na nila malalaman ang lahat END
I know the feeling of someone that is important you will leave for the moment you want to cherish him more but it's OK as long as you always stick together no matter what happened and trust each other is the best thing you both can do
Khadija Khatun Urmi: You got that right
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Everyone! As a person who red this authors manhwas mwehehhe and that one before this one, I shall tell you information!! (why do i feel so proud)

Anyway, thats a manhwa that the same author of this manhwa has created BEFORE this manhwa, its called "First Crush" its a very good manhwa, i think the auhor created both at the same time but Summer Never Ends appeared when First Crush was almost ending or in the middle.

Anyway, its a very good manhwa, its so good and you could just feel happy reading it, even this one, but First Crush is a bit sad, still the happh ending is great!

The author really makes the best manhwas, so i suggest you read it too! Its one of my favorites and this one! (my top one is love like cherry blossoms and the girl and the geek)

anyway, hope you guys feel the same way i do reading the mangas i love!! happy holidays!!

also, its the same artstyle
✨: really!!!😅😅 thank you souch
Löuis McAllistër: your novel is amazing 😊😊😊😊 keep up with your good work
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🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
eye contact🤔🤔🤔 IDK !! Whether this eye contact can help her to score marks in maths.Bt I'm damn has the possibility of both fall in love.
Finally I found something
Tata's Mom 💜💕
ling ting is a selfish b*tch. It was the guys fault, and hers for holding on to someone whos not fully into her. No need to involve and ruin someone who chose to let go of her own feeling just so the guy she likes can be happy. You have to be selfless and brave to do that. Those who sympatized with ling ting are nuts. i wanna punch her real hard
Sana yen
how can his mom get mental problems when her eldest son is recovering and how can she forget Che. Mental problem is such a scary thing.I fellvery bad for che.😢😢😢
Recently he act like that because of jealousy. He become curious about his true feelings for Wei because of Nangong.
🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
first time ..I feel pity for ling ting..She just longing for mo..besides she didn't harm wei...I hope she get along with mo
Ziara Aguilar: Ikr.. I just realized i dont hate ling ting, but mo.. i hate mo
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🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
woahh I'm admiring xiaosan as my hero..she is more suitable for our class monitor.more than anyone else
wassup people: Yeeeeeeee!!!!
Anonymous Nerd._.: me too
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🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
You're childhood you still couldn't identify her feelings. You bastard.Gonna beat your ass
🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
Why happens only for FL..the person who she loves..they din't love her back!! is unfair to her .
🌼Disha👑 Dhruv🌸💎
love these kinds of school love stories.they are beautiful and gives pleasantful feeling
if a girl can eat a lot, that means she's a good girl XD I love that uncle, hope there are more people who think just as he does
Shreya Shree
wait...I saw his eyelashes and eyebrows!
his eyelashes are really pretty long!
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