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Young Dream
Mo what I want to say is yep there will be absolutely no love between you two no matter what you do is in vain. Can't you see those two love birds keeping cosy themselves? If you do like her then be like ZuoYe he's better than you he protects her and comforts her when she's sad and never intends to spoil their relationship. Unlike you, forcing her to be with you, to leave Nangong. Even if Nangong is shorter than you, ugly or poor as hell or whatever it is. The special thing about him is he loves Wei and cherishes her.
Rube smith : Stupid bitch
spill the tea: Well said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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i enjoy the story so far but im getting tired of why author didnt tell us what happened with nangong eyes. why he always cover it with his hair. why he always close it. im pretty sure he always close his eyes and drawn his eyes like that bcs the lashes are just like when we close our eyes. So just tell us why does nangong always cover his eyes with his hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Feli: i guess i'll just wait, too
but anyway, thanks :)
katze: @aditi: ah! i'd like to wait for that chapter!
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🥭 • Mango • 🥭
Ok can I just say: STOP SAYING “AH!” The entire time the two girls kept starting their sentences with “AH!” DHSHGHJSBDBD STOP SCREAMING 😂

Jkjkjk. Anyways- Ling Ting 😂 Thats and interesting name 😂. Personally I think she was trying to scheme against my poor wei! Luckily she found out wei likes nangong otherwise who knows what would happen 😱

Obviously she was lying about intimate Mo and her are. Mo is super nice and I think he’s starting to like wei... 🤔🤔🤔

But anyways NANGONG X WEI is my ship don’t ruin it! Wei please just know that the one nangong likes is u! They like each other! CONFESS MY CHILDREN CONFESS!!
Maddery: Ling Ting won't stop scheming against Wei just because she found out that Wei loves Nangong.
🥭 • Mango • 🥭: Yes I know 😂 I was joking I’m chinese too
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I love this red head guy(Forgot his name). Learn from him boys even tho he got rejected by wei still he didn't stop wei to propose to nangong. Also after knowing that wei doesn't likes him back he didn't force or be like no I won't let wei become someone else. Bless u dude I wish u find true love soon.
Lisa Ali: Ikr bless him
lynn latt: I hope he can get the best girl in the world Cuz he deserves it
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BTS4Ever:I purple you💜
it's you idiot just tell him how you feel! don't be like me wait 6 freaking years than get rejected before he even said sorry blah blah blah. lmao oof
Aish but no regrets that's when I officially became an ARMY! But I bump into him from time to time lmao and I felt happy but sad you know what I mean? During the time I cried for that guy I heard fake love so yah
don't be like me unless you also like BTS 💜😂
be a full time army but don't be a SAESANG they're DISGUSTING AND HABE NO SENSE OF PERSONAL SPACE!
🖤Hello🖤ARMY🖤NICE🖤TO🖤MEET🖤YOU🖤: so many ARMY yeyy!!!😍❤❤💜💜💜
airiesha.: IKONIC ❤️
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Remember Nangong said he will never let anyone touch wei neither will he propose wei so this is what he was gonna do. Nice timing bro. Also I don't think this girl has any bad motives. I think she just want wei to get together with mo bcuz she saw that mo already like wei and can't have the same feelings to anyone else like he has towards wei and all this time she was testing mo so, that he can share his feelings to wei and finally it happens but it's too late now.
Maddery: No! Ling Ting HATES Wei! She's not doing this to make Wei & Mo together but to drive them apart & have Mo all for herself. She's a toxic person who will not stop hurting Wei until Mo finds out about it later!
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Ink Rose
Hoping Mo could get to know a better girl that Ling don't deserve him, I don't care if she had fallen in love with him since she was a little girl and I know Mo was so jelly, but at the end he accepted that he fact that he lose her and just wanna help her friend in his own possibilities...
N&V: yeah he really desrves a better girl poor thing i feel bad for him 😟😟
mrs hirahara wig: i know right, mo deserve more than her.. yea he try to ruin our ship at first but he actually have a kind heart
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toxic kitty cat 🐺
I'm sorry that happened to you but that doesn't give you permission to do that to wei
my inside thoughts: oh my God I'm starting to sound like a teacher brain please work don't take in with the mind control resist resist do not become a teacher
( I know I have a weird imagination but don't blame me I was born this way)
Of course she will come she likkkkkkeeeessss you. Alright in all seriousness what mo is doing is just selfish, yeah you might of just realize your feelings for her but she moved on so let her be happy if you truly care and her and take care of your relationship. Also stay away from my ship!!!! 🚢
Star: Glad I’m not the only one that likes him. We need more ppl like him
wolf pug: Ya exactly, like the red haired guy
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Tae with Suga and Kookies
Wow...that last picture tho. ,,eh?’’ I MEAN YOU KNEW IT. It’s like : ,,eh? You know each other? Oh how wonderful!’’Wonderful my ass. I really hope that 1. Nangongs ,,real’’ eyes (I don’t know if they are real or if it’s just Make-up) 2. The story of wei. Because..I don’t know why but it looks like she liked nangong in elementary school. So I want to know what happened before high school. 3. I want that ,ling ting’ and mo to break up. I mean he has to know that she’s testing him and she knew about wei.
Lm: Army
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AHH I get it now Yiyi and Ling ting are probably planning this together but at the same the same time Yiyi is tricking Ling ting to fall for her plan and once the principal notices the post online he's going to get Ling ting to come over but then she just finds out that accually Yiyi tricked her? I think?
Aashika Tamang
i am soo happy today😁😁 crush said that he loves me😍😍and thats soo amazing❤❤i love him sooo much..but the only thing wrong in my relationship would be my family..they say i should marry a boy of my same even though i love him...i am not allowed to be his forever😥😥
Ye Kelly: Its you’re life not you’re family but i give you luck👍
Incurable Fujoshi🐼: hang on there and best of luck😤😤
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Ayesha Noor
Ahhhh Nangong Ahhhhhh why did you do this to me why did you did it Ahhhhhh who told you to say this rude and hot AF line just who??? how I am gonna settle for human man after this you little piece of manga boy...
I am so done with you why did you do this to me just Ahhhhhhhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
BJ: That was also me. Manga boys are SO MUCH BETTER than guys in real life. They set my standards up too high XD
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'i like you too' *kiss in the head* and i was like dead.. awww that was sooooo sweet🤭
shobe003: 🤭😂 sweet though
Snorita Asrafee: and i am like give meh a kiss like that my sis was also watching and i sayed that loud so my sis kissed me lol
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Lyla Parker
has anyone else realized that nangongs eyes are drawn on. his long eye lashes are on the bottom of his eyes and you can see a little slit between his long eyelashes and bottom eye lashes......... I mean I could just be imagining but that's what i thought
Lyla Parker: okay good other people knew also 👌😂😂
Salad: Yup I’ve always known 😂
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Swin Wang
Sorry girl, but it’s not fate if you need to go through so much trouble by bullying wei because you’re this jealous. You need to talk to him girl, u didn’t even know he doesn’t like sweets🤦🏻‍♀️
This chapter got me soft. Don’t know why. Especially the ending. And for the guy that is going to “save” Wei hehehe well I have one thing to say. I have chopsticks and I know how to use them😈😈😈😈
Harleyquinn506: I can come and get my 🍴ready
Habiba Hossam: Girl I can lend you my stilettos 👠 they’re pretty sharp
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•ImaChickenNugget• 101
I need ling ting's cousin to start going to their school and be in love with Wei as well...🤤🤤that would make the story wayyy better🤤🤤
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elle hadid
for the first time, i really want to say thank you to that mean girl😍😍😍 finally you did a gret job😂
Adilene Ruiz Valdovinos: Shizzzz
Maddery: Actually this is a bad idea since Che is claustrophobic 😑
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BTS4Ever:I purple you💜
yup it is so move along out of my ship I'll send you a free ship with your GF to anywhere u like come with free service and everything you desire...
I love this ship with Nangong *fangirling*

Captain: Sir you can also get free stuff from people who pity you...likes pls!
me: you'll also get spamming from people who'll say "I told you you made the wrong choice!"
Captain: All aboard! The pity cruise ship! Where you and your gf get free service out of pity...
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