Summer Never Ends

Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
Summer Never Ends
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Bloom Uchiha
hey guys, I got a boyfriend. today someone proposed to me and I accepted. I'm really happy today 😊🥰🥰🥰
Princess May Aldover Dormido: omggggg congratulation to you I'm so jealous of you guys
Bloom Uchiha: thanks 😊
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Anime Otaku gacha
Mo: "impossible, you only know her for a few months...... How could you know her better than me"
Me: Duh, because its true love 😏😏😏😋
reader: hell yeah..
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Jiali Moussawer
Ok sure since ling ting and nangong are going both somewhere then mo and wei will go home and meet together! next episode is drama for sure
Queenesther Imegi: you got that right
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Xenaleen Allas
wait am i the only one who noticed that nangong is the person near the hair of wei in the funny picture? or maybe im wrong...
nadine ayman: SPOILER!! But I knew it was her but SPOILER
Olivia McNamara: it is him, she is the girl who saved him when he was little!!!!!!
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Jiali Moussawer
why do interruptions keep coming! we just want them to kiss and get married and have kids!
Kurapika Curta: 18 min gap huh so were reading almost at the same time lmao
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Jana Rashwan
And now someone will come in and misunderstand them...... Their camera shots this.... And.... ANOTHER EXCITING SCHOOL POST..... And here is some interesting things😊😊😊
Grace Bravo
The girl with two "horsetail" it should be ponytails, right?
I guess a horse will fit for her wildness
JM_ Ragel
Is it me or I saw the same mother and dad of Mo?
I mean the dad of Yiyi is the dad pf Mo too?
kukusa Lohe: Mo has no mother right now
Swapnadeep Dash: it's not possible because MO is older than yiyi and in the flash back the boy was a baby
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Kang Abenoja
I wore a guys hoodie before cuz he give it to me actually he was my crush but rejected me huhu😭🤧
🌼Avelicous🖤: sanaollll
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Jiali Moussawer
does he even know what he ment by "wei's feelings" this dude just slides from one girl to another when he wants
Kurapika Curta: super TRUE
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I blame this to his father. as husband and dad, he must take action when he know there's something wrong with his wife. you need help, not just said "hanging there" to your child. you must be grateful that your child not hate you for your neglected.
and for his bro, come on stop being childish.
lor rain
i felt her sadness.we shouldnt judge her because what he because of what happened to her ,because his own parents cheated on her,so she cant easily hava trust on other.because she is scared to cheated again.she just want to feel love by her family,and shes confused that why is she still here in this world,when she will be abandond on her own parents,and we cant blame her parents not every person is perfect so no family is perfect also we can get sin against each other and misunderstanding it so it can make that person tear apart and all that surrounds it lose a piece of its should have respect others and think before u do it
Ainne Yukki : ur right
Joyce Noëlla londole: sorry bitches get stitches
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Lindsay Vailes
am I the only 13 year old reading this?
Mitsuki x Baka: nah, I'm 11 :P
misakiwritter : me too
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Xtine G.
hayss...why is it when you like someone they don't like you back, but when you move on the situation turns around 🤔
Mika Grace Regala
after reading this, i finally conclude that i should take another step towards my crush.
Vana Demano: same...but after holidays I dont know if me and my crush is in the same school...I'm afraid he'll like someone else
Vana Demano: same...but after holidays I dont know if me and my crush is in the same school...I'm afraid he'll like someone else
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Xenaleen Allas
i thought it was a " square love " but i find out just now that its a " pentagonal love "
wei, mo, nangong, mo's gf, and the monitor...
Alice Helberg: lol pentagonal love 🤣🤣
Jiali Moussawer: haha but probably mo's gf wants to do something to wei that will help make mo forget her so mo's gf can have him
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No need to know mehh
He's eyes are jusg fake and you saw that scar abive his eye right? It was made by soneone
SABI KO NA BARBIE..: By his mother
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Võ Ngọc Quỳnh Vy
Mo, you are a jerk! What happened to that cute and adorable little Mo?
army kalyani(`|`)
ha haa monitor has a boxy smile just like taehyung 😙😙😗😗😗😗i can't help muself noticing it
Donuts and sprinkles✨
I wanna laugh but I can't. I'm wearing a face mask. it's giving me a hard time
Linglang Chu: Why were you wearing a face mask?
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