Summer Never Ends

Young Dream
Giovana B.
Hate it when people do stupid things to get others to do what they want INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING!!! Is it so f*cking hard to talk??? Will your tong fall off if you just try reasoning about what's happening?!?
Justine Mainga
Somethings wrong what the heck?! Where the extra chapter! I want to see them what looks like in 2 years how they graduated how they get married and their babies!!!!!
Raiven Alfonso
Shettt it hurts when you finally realize that, the true is he don't love you anymore. but always remember destiny will always remember you
Giovana B.
HOW COME THE BULLYS NEVER CEASE IN THIS STORY!!! Come on now, it's getting boring asf seeing them have to fight these assholes every time... I wish something different would happen for a change
Ice Luz
Imma just share my experience here...

so i had a crush before, my first one. since its my first time having someone i like i was scared of the thought of telling him bout it. so we became friends till we went to different schools. then i kinda learned that he already had a gf so yeah guys i never told him bout it :'(((
rain coat
you are in hospital... why couldn't give the dna test ? and are you all dont have about some happiness photo of his birth ? very sad.. the mother like her exist in this world.. it just she will regret his young son after a whole her life.. i think.
Giovana B.
I don't know much about chinese culture, but if most people there are like these random demons who casually push someone down the stair just to be able to see their face, then I don't ever wanna go visit China. Seriously tho, this manga's got more psychos than I've ever seen before
Martina Mendoza
Ka sad yan kasi dapat manga lalaki sinisiguro mo na ninyo ang felling nyo sa babae bago kayo manligaw para Hindi sa hulk ang pagsisisi
I think ling ting was the most hurt now . mo seems to like Wei , and never treated her as a girlfriend . every time he talks about Wei .
sorna lakshmi
boys remember!
chase d girl who eats well...she must b a good girl!😂😂😂
P.S: I eat well
Giovana B.
Zuo Ye's face as Tang asked him to accompany her was the best lolol. If he end up dating her I'm gonna be mad tho, her sad family background doesn't excuse her from everything she's done wrong... Of course I hope she'll evolve from now on tho, but... Let's see.
Raiven Alfonso
I think that girl is insicure by wei she's pretending that she's kind but inside she's insicure what wei's had even Nangong
Kazune and Karin
hahahahaha are you still sucking your mothers neeple hahahahaha seriously Che's brother was sooooooo funny I love him lol
omggggg........itz a pity that m single lets cry together 😶😶
manga__lover💖💖: even me
Tiyasa Sharma: right....
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Ken Ken Paraiso
Its alright though i want to see how they graduated the ending is still amazing love you CHE and WEI ❤️
I hate this game already..I want the monkey with nangong..urgh..y that 'SWEETHEART CHILDHOOD' always ruin everything?!!
oh my gosh my baby is sexy and I can't even watch the next one cause I don't have point and I can't read something else for point because I have 2%....omg when things are just about to get out these things gonna happen to me saddddddd
Tanisha Routh
this seemed to like Korean darama "revenge note 2" still i loved it ..... true lovers never gets separated 💞💋
Raiven Alfonso
I think she wants to hurt wei everytime with Mo, i think she is insicure in wei and pretending kind in others
Kazune and Karin
man it's sad being single I wish I had a boyfriend too
Anonymous: having a partner is nice. i also wish for one hihi
manga__lover💖💖: even I wish the same😭😭😭
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