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Yumika Azzrhea Alexa
oh, also! his blood already merged with that of the pure worm's (?) if I'm not mistaken, and all that attacking him is the underlings of the worm's sect(?) thus his blood is more powerful than theirs and it could make such damage.. that's only my conclusion
hahaha finnaly this comic come to mangatoon
this comic has so many reference such as dragonball(look at the device at the bodyguard eye) and star wars (lightsaber and the robe behind the jacket)
Stressed by Mountain of Books: where did you read it .....tell me ...
_DeEpLeYDePrEsSeD_: have you read it somewhere?
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Yumika Azzrhea Alexa
hey ppl, I have an opinion, that blood might be merged with tentacle thingy and thus doubled itself, or his blood might doubled by itself, this is magic afterall
Hi people!! 😆

I got no comment so I’m just gonna say :-

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ι αм gяσσт!
interesting!!!! He sprayed his blood like tomato sauce and he is still alive. 😜
5 years boy in the past is more handsome than that man in the present
Shū Òūmæ: yes baby you are right
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I’m still confused on how his ability works also why did blood do that much damage? How the hell does he have so much blood?
Sensei: How long do the created objects last?
Sensei: So he has minor reality warping powers that allow him to create none lethal objects?
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Husseen Mastura
This is why i hate girls... FEEDERRRSSS!! CANCERS!
why so much blood from this little tiny injury?
RedRose: who knows
Pinky Lab: maybe, hemofilia?
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Cresther Joy Nerveza Soriano
She looks like Violet Evergarden❤😍
Priscilla Okyere
Oooo I'm not taking a liking of the father koraaa😒😒
Ruby Ayaz
Raelly what just happen?
Rimuru Tempest
王者荣耀 king of glory(✧ω✧)
hahahaha the heck I can't stop laughing😂😂😂
ι αм gяσσт!
After using this much blood.... isn't he blood deprived?????
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wtf did just happened
Saksham Syal
Miahwie Cruza
as in....
Thur Noga
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