Metempsychosis Record
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Metempsychosis Record

ShenJu Comics
Metempsychosis Record
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Metempsychosis Record Comics Online. 10,000 years ago in the world of Luofu, the banished immortal was born and the evil emperor was resurrected. Their grievances of tens of thousands years erupted overnight. The head master of Sword Exploration School went deep into the Dark Abyss and never be heard of since then… 10000 years later, he got reborn again…

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Hottest Comments
Phiphi Rii
finally there any MC that can easily kill the enemy, not who "kindhearted" to always let people who harm her/him hanging around
Taku Fuji: there are a few stories like that but the problem is that their family/clans will come avenge them and it turns into a never ending cycle. ie I kill person A, friend of person A attacks mc, person B dies, person A and person B families' come for revenge, mc escapes rince and repeat.
kim hour: can you tall me this comic 😊😊😊😊
total 2 replies
24×7 Hours reading manga
well I didn't like it in the beginning part of it but as I Continue I am likeing it the character is also stable not so op which makes me want to watch more, crazy update please.
Kieth Gunter Ligalig Delima
I think the original onwer of his body is still crying inside his body begging to hand over his body back.. hahaha
you old foggy lin taking over other body by time traveling hahahah
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