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Metempsychosis Record

ShenJu Comics
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10,000 years ago in the world of Luofu, the banished immortal was born and the evil emperor was resurrected. Their grievances of tens of thousands years erupted overnight. The head master of Sword Exploration School went deep into the Dark Abyss and never be heard of since then… 10000 years later, he got reborn again…

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Noob Knight
for everyone who want to start reading this, i Will remind you, this is BL manhwa,
even there no BL tag, there almost no woman on this manhwa, the author seem not used draw female character. and interaction between MC and the male char inside the story is like lovely situation in romance manhwa, its look like the author really like read romance manhwa and bring that mood in he/her work,
Yugi: There were female characters, btw.
Melvin Chau: You're completely ignoring the female lead, do you see any explicit f**king signs of romance? No! You're basing this off of implications. The female lead is obvious romance, and there may be more to come.
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I hope everyone knows that these updates are from the raw manga and these people are just translating it in English for you so say thanks and don’t ask why it’s so short lol. People who always nag about these manga about updates and why it’s always so short thanks.
Mrs Tomin
tsk. mugbua kaau uy.sayang kaau atong points nga nagamit, wa ka tunga ang ma na uy...😪
Rayser John Mejico: kaparehas sa inyong relasyon
Rayser John Mejico: pastilan man gud ning mga yawa oy mugbu kaayo
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