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Metempsychosis Record

ShenJu Comics
Kieth Gunter Ligalig Delima
I think the original onwer of his body is still crying inside his body begging to hand over his body back.. hahaha
you old foggy lin taking over other body by time traveling hahahah
Lovely ™
It's like a whole actual chapter of a action manga has been shortened. You have to continue from last chapter, the climax and then the cliffhanger. It's amazing how they took something nice and just made it upsetting. You don't have to release everyday, take your time and build the chapter.
Yessica Hernandez: +w11qqw2qtq2ef¹w41rr4qaa1u
eufreaks: ...👍...
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John Carlo Halog Landingin
is that "going all out then after the conversation he suddenly out of energy then fall"
John Guerin: He must've used a whole lot of power to lift some of the seal inside him and a lot more to put it in place again... and he's somewhat crippled? give him some cookies for the effort
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Roman Cabañas
good very good!! honor they words even a girl.
Sueja Howe
So in one chapter it takes 8 image only what a crazy
What an Open-minded guy.....
Noob Knight
for everyone who want to start reading this, i Will remind you, this is BL manhwa,
even there no BL tag, there almost no woman on this manhwa, the author seem not used draw female character. and interaction between MC and the male char inside the story is like lovely situation in romance manhwa, its look like the author really like read romance manhwa and bring that mood in he/her work,
♛KageHikari♕: omo really? ..k start reading now ... (haha btw idc about any female lead or any female characters .. as long as I can ship ikemens .. thats that)
SassyYuuki: Can you just please delete this comment so the new readers won't asking nicely by the way...
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is the soul stone their mentioning is what i think it is?!?!
Anime Videos lover
did you just casually drop Lou zheng name here
The Young Lad
bruhhh didn't see that comin
Random Guy
They are really good at planning
Main Hoon Firmino
soo ssllowww...😩😩 update ....

getting a little impatient...😬😬
Arushima Choudhary
another short chapter and i am kinda getting spirit blade mountain vibes cause of the drunk OP character
Mustafa Farid: it is better u couldn't be more right
I dont particularly care for spirit blade mountain
Maleevong Xiong: nah this is hella better tbh
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Mark Jeff Ignacio
what he can do it in other disciple but for him to taste his own medicine his master is angry haha what a joke
Marilou Isidro Balor
wow divko na intindihan
Chut up with the girls
padi rpg
lakik semua, ga enak bacanya
Sariman Shakya
changed my view of that teacher.
Random Guy
I know that look
Random Guy
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