Holy Ancestor
Action / Fantasy / Historical Romance

Holy Ancestor

ShenJu Comics
Holy Ancestor
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Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
Faijas Jaz: That's loooooonggggg...
Thousand Sunny : Already knew. I’ve already read those chapters.
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That one Weeb/Otaku Obsessed with ANIME
Anyone else scrolling through comments and you just see a bunch of spams from Temidayo, a bunch of "I'm just here for points" (people be like, OMG!! REALLY?! NO WAAAYYYY!! I'M HERE FOR POINTS TOO!!!! *comment receives over 30 likes* me: 😑
Then u see Sexy P*rn Star saying (s)he got Almost 4000 points and I'm here like...um...well...I have...9
Aziale Ice: well i got 3500 points so... 👀
Burn To Ash: me too
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Jackson Byrd
crazy update soon if you are up to it don't feel pressured but we would love a multi update
Alex Faklangen
It's that what you got MC,, you need to power up more
Jackson Byrd
i love this story thank you so much author for making this it is so great.
the mc is kinda weak tho. but thanks for the update
Alex Faklangen
Can you make the MC cool and badasss
Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
rip hentai haven
he just pulled a kamahameha
Captain Faustino
what a genius man he actually trick the elder
Straw Hat😍😘
eyy does the girls here dont wear short?are any thing to cover their panty?look at her down i saw her panty color white lol dont think of me a pervert im a girl...way malesiaa
January Oplas Polosan: I think the dragon came from his underware
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bookworm otaku
out of all the mc character I dislike this the most don't know why
Liya: He doesn’t seem that strong and he’s not very handsome😔
Author I appreciate your work though 😁
total 1 replies
Captain Faustino
if I could feel the same well...
Jestoni Tenedo Beltran
she saw the mashroom🤣🤣🤣
Akhil Nair
kill the queen!!
I want ye menglong back😤
Yami : Haha omg don't kill the queen
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : lmao😆
total 7 replies
MC: witness my power
Girl: What power
MC: Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V
Girl: What the.....
the dark mystic bleh bleh bleh beast....
His hair looks like a cap😑🤦🏻‍♂️
Val Croune Julian
how long does the vol2 will be release may be a year will do
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