God Gives Me Some Special Eyes
Action / Romance / Sci-Fi / Completed

God Gives Me Some Special Eyes

ShenJu Comics
God Gives Me Some Special Eyes
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loveeyou lol
I think alex will find about his answer when he gets trough the family ren's
and I have a feeling that the chief doctor or whatever they call him and the family of olivia right I really have the feeling that they become rich because of the formula that alex made.
but when he is about to be successful in life his car has a bomb on it that make him forget about the formula , so the propose of this story is to find the formula , who put the bomb on his car, but this story is not only the story behind alex but also the story of the fl

RIGHT???!?!?! hehehe

# 100 panels in a single ep hehehe

congrats AutHor
SusieC: Who is the fl?
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LOL its the same as the other comic but female. the story is about her being ugly at present and have a mission to finish

i forgot the title of that story thoo
ᴛᴀᴇ_ᴋɪᴍ: oh yeah hahahaha
Life is like a dynamite 💖💖💗: I think your talking about goddess making system
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Honestly the author doesn’t know what to do with this story. Like with some many plots holes and unsolved arcs, random characters that just shows up outta nowhere. I don’t even wanna talk about the pace and development of the MC it doesn’t make any sense to give him abilities that is beneficial and he doesn’t use meaning the author forgot. For example last chapter he could’ve use X-ray vision to see through the door and invisibility to get in and out easy and don’t for get that 8 second time stopped ability. Honestly if they had continued how the story started and not side track with random bs character I think this would’ve been an ok read.
Roberto Delatorre
I wondering if author go add more chapter I checked in anime planet Say this manga chapter 109+ or more that all I am thinking about.
So much GIRLS!!! To the point I don’t even know if there side characters anymore now I feel
Like the fl lead is a side character.
Okenmang Tatak
is there anyone notice... she said 2012... it means.. I'm late.. in this manga
Ben Killam
Does anyone else realize that Lan's last name is the same as Olivia's from the bar. I think Lan is Olivia's Mom
aishiteimas Japan💜💜💜
in this situation we don't we will live tomorrow or not.. she is saying work for 30years
Gacha_ kawaiii_ queen: HAHA true
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Gustine Scott
I really hate you guys in the comments. I see women have to be pure. Single moms are disgusting to you guys huh?
Ãshkam: Hey, if u enjoy romantic chat stories...give these stories a try too -
It won't disappoint you.. Please🥺❤❤
Karyne14: most of the boys here hates her bcuz she hooks up with the hospital boss the suddenly jumps on mc.
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Saswati Patra
he is getting girls in every moment of his life and I don't have even a single girl
Where is the freaking Female Lead?!
MwM: Lol same
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Silver Fang
I don't trust that women she she give me weird feeling. 😑🤔
Silver Fang
the hospital is nothing bit a piece a sh*t! 😼
Mr Bear
idk why bit im getting feelings from solo Leveling anyone else?
Now I’m getting mixed up who is the female lead ????😐
Easy Apps
I think the other girl Lydia is the FL.
Alicia SantanaMartinez
Wowowow SO Mysterious🧐🧐🧐🤩🤩🤩🤩
Samuel Jonathan
I really think Alex should reduce the women around him cause they are his Weakness
Gustine Scott
These comments are pathetic, you guys would blame a victim instead of the person that did wrong. You’re blinded by stupidity and can’t see how good she is.
what happen to patients girl
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