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God Gives Me Some Special Eyes

ShenJu Comics
1. does author a jerk or he is surrounded by lot of jerks? because most of the character in this comic is a jerk. Based on psychology, what we have or surrounded with will be projected on our thoughts and behaviour.
2. Don't you have police in your comic's world?
3. Does MC 'still' have mental problems? because he can't even think a plan thoroughly. or maybe he is stupid? Author?
4. Does Author have a fickle mind? The heroin pop up everywhere, the bad guy pop up everywhere. I think you should change this comic name to Pop Up Everywhere.
Jemnex: Do you know why 01000100 does not comment on this anymore it’s because he’s had to go over this time time again I was one of the first to comment on this and he’s already said that he doesn’t even care what people say and I think this is just 01000100 stating there own opinion even though he could have said it nicer it’s better to say what you think and to some people they may not have liked what 01000100 said and I understand that And this might seem selfish of me to say but why not just ignore him it doesn’t hurt you
Miah Lillian: And Jemnex I am not stupid nor ignorant and think many times to get over with this with the same rude people like you..
Just returning the favor ....
Sorry just little angry about being stupid and ignorant (sorry for the grammar)
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Ciprian Alex
rly author? i gave my points/coins for 5 puny images that they hardly have any content?
the story is ok, the presentation of the toon lacks finesse ....... shame on you
I'm sorry for the question but why are the episodes so short? It's like you're making an anime, but you end every episode after five minutes witout much progression to the story. I hope the problem isn't time, but please, try to make the episodes longer
ryuutobi: More like three minutes including the opening and ending songs.
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Tabish Yasdani
in this episode we learn that how Mc broke his own Arm. And in next episode we will learn how his leg will broke. Thanx Auther.
U see a girl being sexually harassed and you ( it’s not useful to create a disturbance now ) that’s what we call trach and useless mc fk im out
Anonymous 'A'
According to the cover, the real heroin is Lydia { episode 7} ............I find her a hottie.....😻😍
IrσηッŞmįle RGM
Don't give this comic any likes, so the author will realize how uninteresting this comic has become due to its very short chapters.
Momoko Tonsyng Ffs
sometimes the word they use are like a child talking...and wtf wrong with the fighting action 😅
Romanxx Rains
i have read 43 chapers of his manga and recommend you please don't read it because it is a big disappointment. at start it look good but after some chapter it feel like that" this is a manga 100 chapers i have start reading from inbetween.
Joyce Chan: I only read up to chapter 4 and it wasn’t interesting enough to keep me hooked just feels like he is only a pervert with no substance
Romanxx Rains: see i thought that his manga is going to be like zero to hero or hero to even bigger hero and that what it is but new girl character keep coming and coming and author did not describe about them or where they came from or how mc know them its almost like i am reading it from inbetween. ( its just my personal opinion)
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Alicia Freire
That hospital couldn’t be run solely on pervs. From the nurse in the 1st episode stripping and kissing a patient in vegetative state, this blue hair guy raping patients and scholars in and out work and the old guy taking and imposing sexual favours in exchange of other sort of favours ... this poor woman must be exceptional being able to have a successful hospital with such colleagues
Anime Toons: Lookin at d hospital makes me remember night shift nurse
Morgan Bent: Lmao 💀💀 true but tbh he can just pay it off then leave the hospital...
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Damar Noonan
What the actual f*ck is this?! Can we get rid of the coin barrier if it keeps this up?
Reiizzer: ye and pls tha heck i need unlock smth like 3images
Shadowmaster: well i read like 25 different locked manga but i can manage with points only
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well, i mean, maybe this comic is being published earlier in other comics, and ahrdly have time to publish it here
Nico Gustav
He's supposed to be doctor assistant and yet he wears a suit all day?
King Ganon
im out, too much coins for no content
Revue Starlight: agreed
Revue Starlight: agreed
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yeah its complete ass how they make it like 5 pages a chapter
Nico Gustav
8 thought he wears a black suit when knocking the door?
Anesa Agujitas
damn next time can you gave her some hotter body like six packs abs and sexier shape huh...!
Marlon Orillo
he beat that sun for the first but how did this happen now, he became stronger than alex,
Richard McGee
kidnap blue hair dude and tattoo the word rapist all over his face...then whoop his ass
as in tie him face down on a table pull his pants down take a belt and go to town on his ass
Balázs Frank
okay.....i really enjoy it but this is going too far....a chapter only has around 6 pictures and 9 sentences.....isn't it a little few?! and not to mention i was waiting a whole week for those 9 lines!!! Even i could make a longer chapter in a whole week even though i can't draw and my grammar isn't the best either!!!
foufou 17: tell them bro it's not fair for ass
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