Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel

Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft

ShenJu Comics
Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft
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Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft Comics Online. Under the chaos brought by future changes on the boundless land, both dragons and snakes appear. Who’s the dragon? Who’s the snake? Or everyone in the world can become a dragon? The royal court, clans and factions, gods beyond the noisy world, families with thousands of history, savage nationalities, demons, evil spirits, ancient witchcraft as well as other hundreds of powers entangle with each other and create stories by chance.

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Thousand Sunny
Just because you can’t see your arm doesn’t mean that it’s no longer there. It’s just temporarily been moved to another dimension along with the part of his body that you hit. Use your missing arm’s fist to hit that same spot on his body again and you’ll probably make contact. Well, this is just a hunch. Also, his technique, although powerful, is only being used as subterfuge to cause confusion at the moment, I think.
denis viher: lol not gonna happen there is something else lol
total 1 replies
Wait wait he just went straight to d point
Oh well this d 3 manga with a ghost teacher at least this one is not a ring
Sonam Tshering
That is most likely an elemental puppet he used the same trick against a barbaric warrior in the earlier chapters.
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