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Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft

ShenJu Comics
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Under the chaos brought by future changes on the boundless land, both dragons and snakes appear. Who’s the dragon? Who’s the snake? Or everyone in the world can become a dragon? The royal court, clans and factions, gods beyond the noisy world, families with thousands of history, savage nationalities, demons, evil spirits, ancient witchcraft as well as other hundreds of powers entangle with each other and create stories by chance.

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Ayessa Olid
tangina naman pls author make it long . mahiya ka naman . be ashame all our points are in vain because your episodes are way to short than my height gosh . this is so annoying . make it long . make all our points worthy to your stupid manga .. I'm telling you this for advice because of your episodes are short that will be the reason loosing a reader of your story . might as well make it long
Project Angelo: sa mangahub o website ka na lang magbasa nito marami na ring translated
johannes parnaek: putangina mo yawak ka?
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ty martin
why is this story line getting weaker by the weeks geesh coin after coin lameass chapters mc needs real training he still don't hold a candle to his brothers n he need too make a play instead of this girly assist every chapter how many months now still n the same spot
Huan Tiep Ta
Mangatoons is just stealing the chapters from zeroscans. Zeroscans are the ones translating this series, you can go over onto their site to read the story for free
Daniel J: you sure it ain't the other way around..or maybe just maybe they are getting uploaded the same day...shocker
Huan Tiep Ta: btw just because mangatoons is authorized to host the series doesn't mean they should take the chapters and hide them behind a paywall
total 2 replies
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