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Dragon Amulet: World of Kingcraft

ShenJu Comics
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Under the chaos brought by future changes on the boundless land, both dragons and snakes appear. Who’s the dragon? Who’s the snake? Or everyone in the world can become a dragon? The royal court, clans and factions, gods beyond the noisy world, families with thousands of history, savage nationalities, demons, evil spirits, ancient witchcraft as well as other hundreds of powers entangle with each other and create stories by chance.

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Time Travel
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Well here's my theory the demons said that they have the spirit blood jade which was prepared by the son of the blood god but the teacher said that the spirit blood jade was left behind by him so he is the son of the blood god and maybe JUST maybe he will betray the mc or he may help him in the future then the sword that the demons put in the blood will be taken by the mc's teacher then give it to the mc then other princes will envy him and will try to eliminate the mc but they will fail then when the emperor finds out he will execute the princes that tried to eliminate him then the emperor will threaten those who try kill the mc

Here is my theory just a theory I'm not spoiling because I'm not sure if this theory is true thanks for your time i probably wasted your time by reading this comment
i am Jin's wifeu : I think the teacher will betray him.. He was not good.. What i think by reading the 1st 2 chap
Flash: Ha...Ha...Ha...
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who are here just for points ?
trollfacedgirl: i was here for points tbh, BUT the story was good and so is the art, so... chill ppl chill : )
sani😄: and by the way i didnt tell that i m here for point i just told who are here for points ok.
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i think the Emperor already know who will be the future king and thats why he asked uncle about the abnormality of stars and he also find him his future wife or maybe he want him died in the battle because everyone call him good for nothing or maybe he want to send him their so that they will know that he is not a coward and if i remember correctly he looks sad when he fight with the fate king maybe because of his beloved wife happened to be the mother of 19 prince but damn he have so many sons and looks young but have a poker face
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