Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

It’s understandable why she did that. After all he was the one who told her he married her for her Phoenix destiny. So she’s doing what she think best to assist him achieve his goal, to be the emperor. She draw the line in her heart to protect herself from being hurt when the time comes that they will part. For her he’s a man who can marry the enemy (wing tribe vs human tribe) to get what he wants, how can she trust her heart to such a person? Of course she didn’t expect such a man to actually fall in love with her even when he said he wants her by his side. When you know a person as a tactician, it’s hard to accept his words or actions as it is. There will always a doubt whether it’s actually sincere or not. I think that how she see him.
Shidict: I'm agreed with u as well.. he really has madly fallen in love with her... but with his 1st statement in their marriage... make her thinking and do this differently.. she just doesn't want to be hurt when the times come when he don't need her anymore..
Tharshena Reddy: Yea this is very true
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Sweet spice and everything nice
Back then their "relationship" started with a professional twist where both of them were only concerned about their goals. Not only that but Hui told her that "Even if you turned into ashes.... you HAVE to stay with me" . What do you expect from her then. Of course she won't be able to fall in love with him without the thought of getting hurt.
Besides let's put this situation - How would you feel when you get married in a family which was responsible for your family's death?
She is blinded by revenge.
But alas! prince Hui have already fallen for her ....HARD but he is still unaware of his "true feelings" because when he "confessed" he thought it would keep her near him ... it was just a way to woo her.
Besides the consumation of marriage was a moment of passion.
But he was enraged by the thought of marrying someone else because this time he has truly fallen for her.
Mollie Ivory: I like the way you put it 😂
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In my opinion it is understandable and sensible that he feels a sort of betrayal from his wife who proposed the idea of him marrying another woman. Although this may hurt him she cannot tell wether he is sincere or not being a tactician it is not easy to earn her trust especially after her parents death. But I do believe she has developed sincere feeling towards him or else why would she be willing to put her own feelings aside. She is only doing what he has requested for which is staying by his side and helping him exceed the throne. I feel that he really does have her in his heart and wants her now to stay with him because he loves her. But obviously knowing her character it isn’t easy for her to trust the enemy. She can’t trust her heart to a person who can kill so easily who manipulates everyone. How can she trust that he really loves her.
Sweet spice and everything nice
I had to read the previous chapter to understand what the fck happened in last panels.
ok ok ok.
So is he bothered by the fact that his wife doesn't feel attraction towards him at all?. I mean every man may get tensed if their wife or girlfriend doesn't get bothered at all with the idea of them being with someone else.
Was he angry that his wife was the one who "proposed" the idea to some other woman on her own and doesn't care about him at all?
tsk tsk tsk.
please good lord strike me with thunder
QQ88: I dont remember she admitted loving her husband tho, only her husband confessed his feelings and showing affection to her. She still think their marriage is beneficial relationship only so she always drew line in her heart to not fall in love to her husband. Meanwhile to her husband, he never drew line and let his heart open and his love grow naturally for her although in the beginning he stated that their marriage only to benefit each other.
j zzane: she probably wants to secure enough power for the prince especially since the crown prince died and fight for the throne is inevitable..
just assuming though..
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Mohammedi Quadri
i ship miss ling with prince hui...they will protect th wind tribe..and will be admired by for her,the princess need to let go..back then when she was in human tribe she was sold off as princess...she was abandoned by her own tribe.she is a thief it means no one would even give her food for charity...whats the difference between wind and human tribe...I think she shouldnot be greedy and revengeful she can use her position as empress in future to avoid damages for both tribes...she can teach the people how to live war was stppped by a peace treaty..hope it works here too
👑 Yuzuki Oda 👑
QQ88: I reread this chapter today, no wonder I cant remember a single conversation here. your comment reminded me that ytd there was no text at all in the balloons
Mollie Ivory: This comment made my day
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I always have a principle : "if the one who dead cant be recognized or disfigured.. Take dna test, if cant to, dnt beliefe the one who dead is the one u know, he/she can be somebody else"

Honestly, its such so sad crown prince dead since he is so nice... And, how I can put it.. It looks like prince Hui is the one started fore but he shocked that crown prince died inside.. Or.. Maybe its just my imagination..
Tijung: lol they didnt have the tool to have a dna test in thst era yet 😆😆😆 but yeah your right, didnt they said the crown Prince was disfigured beyond recognition it might be another person... I just hope that that ibody sn't the crown Prince and prince Hui isn't involved...
Tijung: lol they didnt have the tool to have a dna test in thst era yet 😆😆😆 but yeah your right, didnt they said the crown Prince was disfigured beyond recognition it might be another person... I just hope that that ibody sn't the crown Prince and prince Hui isn't involved...
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Granger,The Vagrant Poet
Hmmmm... I just deleted my Comment. Here's my new theory. I'm still not very sure with this chapter nor understand it clearly but somehow Her Majesty suddenly fell ill during her meal or after meal(maybe) that was caused by unknown reason. but I think someone have plotted something to kill her majesty by poisoning her food or it is possible that Fan Er do it himself because at the last panel, he was showed standing on top of the roof without any facial expression or he knew something like that would be happen sooner or later...
Granger,The Vagrant Poet: ohh great point 🤔🤔🤔
Helen: Or may be the king knew about it because that prince was invited to eat with the king
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I feel that these two ladies are superficial and shallow - like you're talking to air. Their conversation was just lacking so much..... like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and what really struck me funny was the absence of vowels OR consonants, I mean couldn't they have at least used common sense and offer up some punctuation? But nooooo - their so empty inside, like literally!
Maria Alyssa Ursais: @TofuChan lol sorry i misunderstand
TofuChan: It was just a bad attempt at a sarcastic joke regarding the obvious....
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Hey if girl if you really want someone else in your and your hubby's ship then why don't you let us, sailors who is so worrying day and night for our ship, be his wives and letting that woman, who did nothing, into our ship
tw: lol 😂😂😂
yi xiao xin: hahaha....., right👍
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Granger,The Vagrant Poet
oh my globe.... please find a way to save the children and don't follow the stupid human emperor plan... come on... Hui loves you and can you at least share your problem to him and maybe both of you can cooperate saving those little kids... arghhhhhh i don't like this!!!!!!
@kcgurah ig: dis guy- Imm sorry if I was rude but I hv seen ya many times in each episode also in several comics here also I can see ya a player of mlbb xD how did u manage the time to play,read,eat,sleep
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Ling Yue's eyes is black? She isnt a wings tribe?

Aww.. Hope Jiang Hanshui's face can be cured.. He quite tasty in my eyes.. Eh?
KT91: I feel u.. Wahahah.. 😂😂🤣🤣
ichigomiruku: if it's a romance then it's easier to remember bc you have mc and lover but if someone ask about servant's name or friend of the mc then it's getting harder XDD
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I kind of understand why she doesn’t get why he’s angry. If she has something to say, she says it. If he’s mad, just tell her why 🤷‍♀️
Tharshena Reddy: Honestly ikr
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I really don't think the female lead is in love with her husband. Remember what she said to Ming Chan that she's willing to sleep with her enemy In order to get revenge? So I conclude that there will be betrayal among that couple.

And I keep having the feeling of annoyance eversince I read about the Pheonix Destiny of the female lead and the obsession of those read head men about pheonixes. I think there will be an annoying event between the female lead and that clan.
Plinky25: Meh I don’t think so. Feelings can change, even though she said that before. I do believe she loves him, she’s just following what her mind tells her to do. She wants to protect her family. Just cause one doesn’t show much of their feelings, doesn’t mean that they aren’t in love with their partner. I’ve read many stories about female leads telling themselves that they’ll do whatever it takes or they’ll never fall for the enemy- but it happens anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️ Her mind and heart think differently and right now we’re only looking into what her mind says, I don’t know if I’m the only one who can see that she truly is in love with him. And if i’m wrong, I think she’ll fall for him eventually.
Raihan ARMY 💜💜💜: I'm agree
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why does the divination master looks like Prince Hui? is he pretending to be him or does he have a twin? and if that's the case maybe that's the reason why his face is disfigured... Ling Yue is she from human tribe as well?
Welp🤷‍♀️: Isn't the divination master's hair too dark to be Prince Hui. Prince Hui has dark blue hair and the divination master has clear black hair, so I don't think so🤔🤔
Granger,The Vagrant Poet: it might be possible too, bcuz the prince left early and i can smell something fishy
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Asina Farooq
i don't know why i feel like he is not divination master its her husband dressed up like that and did make up
Asina Farooq: hey his husband has magic remembered when she was finding some thing in library his husband hides the map
TheThunderBeast: yep thats right ... it just feels like 😅😊
but i think (u know cuz hes divination master so he knows everything) that he surely knows about the letters from the human tribe and that she tries to steal the sky city map😔
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ehmm...I don't really know is if she need to step on to their own affair and what her doing she even proposed to that girl to marry her husband 😕,,I don't know what will happend in the future but I feel a little fear for their relationship and for her
Otaku _5
what a bastard father he is letting his wife/concubine be poisoned by himself and the third prince living without a mother....his mother is very beautiful i pity for the both of them i wish they can cure her with some medication what a lovely mother and son relationship...... it's a sad, pain and burden past of the third prince :'( but if that's what makes him strong to prove he's a worthy ruler/emperor
he wishes her to be the sun that is far away but still shines brighter than the star that is dim near the moon. i think he wants her to stay happy and alive and live a peaceful life. even if he has to stay away from her that is they are not together he will be still contented as long as he can watch her from afar leading a nice life..
Invincible White: Trueeeee
This is actually a compliment:
Ur so wordyyy
daffodils: may be . Sometimes words may look as something but contain deeper meanings one can't assess in one go.
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Sweet spice and everything nice
you understand now? yes he loves YOU.
But why do I feel that divination master is lying. Or is it my illusion?
something so fantastic can't happen so smoothly in manga world. 😑
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