Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix
Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti)
*They are only LOYAL to the SUMMONER!*
You guys better hope and pray she doesn't get her memories back, BECAUSE you're all DEAD (especially you Ghost King) 😤😤😤
Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti): Yes the Ghost King is responsible for that
Taeyong 💋: She lost her memory
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Buññy 🐇 Brãt 👯 (Shanti)
*I will avenge you*
Ummm weren't YOU the one who send her to her DEATH, and now you're talking about AVENGE. If she didn't have such a loving and caring husband or if she wasn't the descendant of the Phoenix, she really would've died..... So shut the fudge up acting like you care 😤😤😤😤😤😤
Astha Bhardwaj: yaa shameless bastard
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I do wish that her memories will be back and this comic will have not a tragic ending.
Abigail Concillo: Is it a good earn if i became a translator?
Shadow : I already read it and currently am translating it
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please crazy update until both of them reunite!! Their love story is so beautiful. ML really cares so much about MC despite his cold and indifferent character. MC falls for him despite her revenge 😭😭.

This is one of the best and my favourite manhua. I have reread it many times because of the beauty of manhua ♥️
Him_Il: true. I always wait for monday and wednesday for this manhua to update. It wont be long as we nearing Ending.
lovehj: definitely one of the best. I only follow 4 manhua on Mangatoon. wish this get made go drama.
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Wait. Did YueYing do something? Why does she need to be punished? Did she maybe switch the fake poison wine? Or did she tell Qin the wrong thing. Cause Feng seemed like he had no intention of killing her for real.
Bleu Lily ❀☽
Feng Qianfan got to make Qin Jiliao remember. Love conquers all, ain’t it?
sese_ivy❤: omg I can't wait for 7 days
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Phoniex Nirvana
why everone hate FL..obviously her character was a spy from human tribe..she was doing her job..i like her being a tough women instead a typical FL who are weak and manipulated..isn't u guys like tough and brilliant FL instead of weak and stupid FL?
Phoniex Nirvana: yeah..i know..isn't this fl tough and pretty..i like her 😍
êyépåtçh: yep definitely! I don't liket hide typical weak n fragile fls who are a dam well in distress, the one who needs to be saved from the dragon by the prince Charming! I like the fls who ARE the dragon and they don't need no prince Charming! it's just that they want him.. .u know what I mean?!
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Dammit.. It getting my nerves... This ghost king need some spank on his butt.
this chapter is too short, we want moreeee huhuhu
Noooo. Got to wait for 7days for our Jiliao to remember Qianfan
Him_Il: Not sure which accurate chapter she will remember. But it wont be long
Anonymous: will she remmber him in the next chapter?
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Hina A Horani G
uuurrggghhh wait for 6 days it's such a long time but i hope her memory come back soon and i want a happy ending for this comic ...!!
Blu Belly
the kong will meet the queen soon ...
Blu Belly: sorry guys, typo 😭😭😭 the king
Mikan Natsume: who's kong? 🤣
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Berty Ngamlai
so many handsome princes 😍 i got confuse now ....i can't even differtiate the first prince i saw after seeing his brothers 😂
Miss Awesome
I also am alcohol intolerant, the rash is so horrible and I can't sleep because of it. It would usually last for 3 days
They reduce the frequent update since we are nearing the end..

But I need it to update faster until Qin Jiliao finally meets Feng Qianfan
upspree please i beg you
ClipArte Han
these 7 days feels like an eternity
ClipArte Han: feel*
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Regina Louise Ranola
Oh. Yes, it is possible ‘cause she’s the true queen. Now watch the power of your queen,
I’m just excited for the next episodes.
Abegail Sotillo: hahaha me too
Helen: Meee toooo 😊
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whyyyyyy its seven days.I waited for this for so long and now another seven days
Oh get ready mud to bring back you Queen man this is going to be good!!!
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