Love like Cherry Blossoms

Love like Cherry Blossoms

Love like Cherry Blossoms
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Love like Cherry Blossoms Comics Online. The outstanding but timid Layla, who is secretly in love with her senior, happened to meet a boy named Shawn and heard each other's secrets. In order to protect the secrets, the two reached an agreement, and Shawn begins to help Layla pursue her senior. A sweet campus romance began.

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Hottest Comments
Jasmine Castro
this is a manga that...I will never forget, i like how he had the chance to kiss her he doesn't untill she feels comfortable I loved it!
I feel like other authors should take note so they'll actually have the reader fall so in love with the manga such as I did😄

from the art to the characters personality's I loved it each had there own life and thing to do.

this maga author should receive so much credit 🤗 btw do y'all know we're I could find more mangas written from this author? if not I want to suggest it to him or her I'm pretty sure everyone will love it😌🖤
this is such a nice book. Unlike other mangas, it's neither too intense nor does it feel like the author's stretching the plot too much. I've started to love this manga very much and this is the first time I'm giving a feedback on a manga. Other stories are just too complicated and repetitive, too violent and kind of unreal. This wasn't like those stories at all. I really loved reading this sweet story of Layla and Shawn🤗
Forever Vomics
Is it just me but the couples in the story have the same hair color (except Samuel and Daisy, The Mother and Father of Layla) Layla and Shawn have Pastel Brown, Yancy and Li Yang have Black, Mia and the Father of Shawn also have Pastel Brown, Steven and Oliver have Dark Brown (im not sure if they are counted as a couple) What hair color will the next couple be???
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