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Love like Cherry Blossoms

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The outstanding but timid Layla, who is secretly in love with her senior, happened to meet a boy named Shawn and heard each other's secrets. In order to protect the secrets, the two reached an agreement, and Shawn begins to help Layla pursue her senior. A sweet campus romance began.

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School life
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This story makes me feel so excited, inlove yet sad mix emotions👍🔥👏💙💜❤👌 I love how the characters, like Shawn, Steven, Layla did their jobs to make the readers felt it like it was really real, what they are trying to reach out to us(readers) they can communicate so well❤💙💜🔥👌👍😙😢😭 So lit, so great, so wonderful to read, I wish more episodes but I guess it's enough hahaha love it so much!!!! ❤💙💜🔥👌👍👏 everytime i felt "kilig or anger" to all the episodes, scenes, "I punch our bead, i hit my head and my sister said "hey what are you doing?! you are just reading a mangatoon online and you are so overracting what if the story you are reading is real then everytime you feel happy, kilig, angry or what you gonna punch each corners of our bed and you hit your head hardly or our wall cemented so many times?! grow up sis, it's just a fairytale, fiction. It's rare nowadays to find a true guy or a prince just like you are reading right now haha badlucl for you too sad" I was like yeah, why am I so serious about this haha anyways I really love it, even the drawings, even Daisy, Layla's bestfriend so supportive, talkative, straightforward love her best friend!!!!
its me Nica: you are really right!!!
Khushi Begum: I know right!!
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I liked how the author brought this chapter up. I was always curious of Shawn's parents lovelife (though obviously his father was the only one who fely love) Shawn's parentd had it tought, especially his father. The message of this chapter really struck me. We should always tell what we feel, for us to not regret but at the same time, we should always learn to let go when things just doesn't work on... then set them free.

Shawn's father was a brave man, all I wish for him is that perhaps in his next life he'll get what he deserves... a true love.
Gaby Daoud
Does anyone know if there is a similar kind of manga story like this? Cz it is my favorite. I hate the other mangas about rich and poor and hatred... i just need another story like this maybe from the same auther
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