Love like Cherry Blossoms

Love like Cherry Blossoms

Love like Cherry Blossoms
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Love like Cherry Blossoms Comics Online. The outstanding but timid Layla, who is secretly in love with her senior, happened to meet a boy named Shawn and heard each other's secrets. In order to protect the secrets, the two reached an agreement, and Shawn begins to help Layla pursue her senior. A sweet campus romance began.

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Mr lover
Love is like a cherry blossoms is the best manga i very seen this is describing the two person who love each other, caring each other, and so on. People has a relationship can't not limit of this manga, this story want to say to the two person who are in relationship that love is a waiting of goal of a person who inspiring him or her in each day
Tiffany: theres extra chapters on the original (at w3bc0m!cs app) its exciting they got double wedding and daisy and samuel got twins
Chadani Poddar: This is the best manga and I really want u to make season 2 plz and this will be the comic which I will remember life time and I can watch this all lifetime ❤️❤️😊😍🌺
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The Man
My mom and dad is completely like the FL’s parents. My mom is strict as hell and dating is a no no for me even though I’ve turned 18+ and my dad is as calm and sweet like her dad. I can completely understand her situation. Most importantly my characteristics matches with the FL a lot. 😄
The Man: Hahhaha I hope so to. 😊
Some totally random idiot UwU: Aww let's hope you get a Shawn soon
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Karina Yeas
this is so amazinng ! i love the appearance of all character , so beautiful , handsome, cool and make my heart beat ! i love the plot too ! please make the sequel of this manga ! i'll wait for the sequel ! xoxo❤️❤️❤️
Alpha Wolf: It's shows their kids!!! Both the couples' kids!! I'm not lying
san-chan loves icebear: What happened to them during those extra chapters?
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