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I Love You, My Dear Brother

Qianhui Comic
A bit writing from the future..

Both brother and sister will stop by a place, build a tent to sleep in so that they see upon the stars. Then they both hugging each other to sleep as the sister is afraid of dark. However, both of their hearts are racing rapidly. The brother tells the sister that her heart is beating wildly and the sister replied, same as yours. Then suddenly, they started to kiss each other and nearly do it. The brother is able to stop in time as he still can’t get over himself as she is his sister (though no blood related). She said she will wait for him and he thanked her. Later, the brother is given a DNA report showing him that he is blood related with the sister and so, he started to treat the sister coldly again to bury his true feelings as he knows it’s not right and they can’t have any other relationship other than being siblings.

Note: however, I think the DNA report could be falsified by the evil woman, who likes the brother (not the sister’s housemate but the other woman) and she falsified the report so that the brother will stay away from the sister. This is just my guess afterall. Hehe!
SpoilerBean: This comic has not been updated since April. So, we will be hanging soon. Sigh
Fairyqueen 🧚‍♀️👸(Angel sect eldest elder🌈): Thanks for the spoiler ☺️
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Code: 404
"how is it their fault exactly?"

your father is just human so it is possible for him to fall in love and based on everything I read here some of you rich people do arranged marriages and sometimes those kinds of marriage have no love in them.
Chrislo k. Assumi
why is there still no updates??
cmon this manga is going sooo well
I just love this I don't know how to express
my love for this manga but yes you/youall are doing this manga litaf
please read my comment I really want to have a chat with you 😥
and please don't let the manga end here
"you have not come this far to come this far "
and lastly ty for reading my comment
Code: 404
does this woman think by ruining a Man's career he would instantly have a change of heart and love her?

she's biggest idiot I have seen so far I mean honestly her brain works like a broken PC
Alicia Freire
Who cares about the story? The art is awesome!!!!! 💕💕💕💕 and actually, the story is all right. At first it seemed the ML was another bipolar crazy brute guy but he is actually nice and seems like there is a hidden reason for his behaviour. And the FL yes, she is totally in love but I don’t think it is blind love . It seems she does understand the ML and she does want to be better. She is not a stupid victim. She is a capable girl who wants to atone her mother’s sins.
Amirul Hakim
Why Author make FL weak and shameless...He doesn't like you and always treat you bad..just leave ..find your own happiness...Yes.. Love will make you blind and dumb.
Chris Słońce: a relationship is made of two people ... not just the his father but her mother as well.. since he can not take revenge on the mother the logical choice is the daughter
Code: 404: that is wrong

The sins of the father are not to be laid upon the children.
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John marco Dela cruz
make more update this story is very late update
John marco Dela cruz
the story os nice but the update is late
Code: 404
four eyes is about to be destroyed
Estella Araneta
hate it it was very slow to update more episodes..why it's been a long week....
I really don’t understand him—one minute he’s throwing her out of the house then he’s coming to her rescue by paying for all of her groceries. These male leads have mood swings worse than pregnant women. Sheesh!
John marco Dela cruz
very slow update
Tako Tediashvili
update plzzz
Edelyn Bajo
what an i***t
Onnapha Phengsavanh
please update I really wanted to read 😭😭
Jhie B Masdo
🐱Wilde Cat🐱
author are you okay? 😯
Anne Guettap
i hate this kind of story..the FL always got bullied..
Ekramul Hossain Malik
are u sick authur???how more time u need for update???
who's fake the result
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