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Cute Ogre

Zuoan Comic
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It is agreed she will become moon goddess after rebirth. How come she became Taotie the gourmand? Dying of fatness in her previous life, what should she do since she has never eaten her fill this life? Gods she had met are less and less reliable. God of Food, the slim one, says he has never been fat all day long. Er-Lang, the god in red, is quite coquettish. Actually I do need a reliable god, okay?

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Caryn Mateo
I dont get why when she met that guy guy and he kissed her she didnt slap him and like know that guy has his hand on her shoulder and from personal experience i know that is a sign that a guy likes you (unless that guu is an airhead then it means nothing).Thought the view was nice if i guy had his hand in my shoulder and i didnt like him or i had another love intrest even with that view the first thing i would do is take his hand of my shoulder (like just reflexively) and then say the view is nice.
Paula Marie Warfle
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Sanju: dafuq is this shit?
im not yours, so back off....: is this real?
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I hate the fact they only want her because she resembles Ting Xue. She isn't her and they don't realize it, it makes me sad that she falls in love with a man who only loves her because of the resemblance to his old lover.
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