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Goddess Making System

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Goddess Making System Comics Online. The otaku Xia Xi entered a mysterious system that can provide girls with high-quality goddess making service. As long as one can complete tasks as indicated by the system, she can be a real goddess and conquer whomever she want…

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The Duke of Basilan
The sad truth about our society is that Human life is not precious because of the number of humans in this planet. the so called virtuos attitude. human rights. right of suffrage. womens rights and most other rights are just tools for the upper class to control the lower class . when people and the population are happy there are no revolts and no protests. true equality is only achieved when all of us has the same oppotunity. same material prosperity and same rank. no one is under and no one is a master. but unfortunately this system called Democracy is not conducive for us because no matter where you go there will always be inequality. there is always hierarchy and there will alwaus be the Ruler and the Ruled this is Human society. The only thing that we can do is ease the burden of the lower classes who represent a vast majority of mankind. take out jealousy take out greed take out poverty and everything bad so we can advance more as a species and broaden our horizon to a better future!
roo77: well
that nice to hear
The Duke of Basilan : For me Democracy is a good thing for culture and diversity but not conducive for industrialising nations and developing countries. Developing nations must have a strong hand guiding them from the start in order to kickstart the economy take for example Singapore. Lee kwan yew ruled it for more than 50 years(correct me if you can) and see now its prosperity. But after achieving that is slowly moved toward a balanced democracy where not only party dominates. They achieved thar because their dictator is benevolent and moderate. Strong and flexible. As the country reaches material prosperity and a population that has a high rate of college degree holders it must slowly change to more democratic lines for people are not more intelligent and independent thinking. A government that is both strong and Flexible is a constitutional monarchy is the best for all countries in my opinion it really mixes the good of an authoritarian Monarch and Democratic Parliament to govern the people wisely. examples are Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada,Sweden,Norway etc. all of these are a mix between monarchy and democracy and see how they fare. so please guys spread Constitional Monarchism in your countries to make the needed changes to corruption and ineffective governments.
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Neringa Mecelyte
I love her making the guys fall for her but it hurts to see her leave! It's wonderful that she also helps everyone around her with every new mission but I'm such a romance junkie, I can't stand the thought of now 4 guys who will be broken hearted over her! I mean they weren't the nicest to her at first but both of them got to know eachother and were very lovely towards eachother. Ahh, I'm guessing the purple haired guy is next, he got a lot of exposition. Or maybe she will get to Venice and a whole new guy will be introduced. Eitherway, can't wait for the next chapter!
NirellaV14: I know right! It hurts my heart each time 😪🤧 JUST FIND SOMEONE ALREADY!!! YOUR KILLING ME 😭
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This story is becoming so interesting I love vampires I know it's hard for you author to give an updaily or upspree but can you please change it to 3ups week from 2ups week it's a request from all of us readers who loves your work.
If you see this please consider it.
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