Goddess Making System

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The otaku Xia Xi entered a mysterious system that can provide girls with high-quality goddess making service. As long as one can complete tasks as indicated by the system, she can be a real goddess and conquer whomever she want…

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Sad part a and spoiler I'll guve you guys time to back away..................................................................................................................:::::::::::::She never came back with our darker hair dude or anyone, she just went to the Egyptians time and met a a lighter red hair dude who is a mix of inuyasha and the black greyish guy here BRUH IT FEELS LIEK THIS IS NEVER GONNA END
UNA LI: I know, but It depends on ships (Not really XD) This is more like harem. Not Romance
Chelsea Noroña: she never loved the guys its part of her mission..
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Unknown 7364
hes cute and funny but i still dont know who to ship and besides i dont think she can be with any of them because shes doing all the missions to get out of there and not die ? sorry ive been reading storys like these one and moslty some of the comics that i read have kinda the same looking characters like chasing star moon etc.... im to lazy type some other comics and i dont want these to be long as it already is anyways alot of them is like time traveling and they have to do stuff to get out and be in there previous life...
I think the best solution to her problem is that Xi'Er tells the brothers that Xia xi is her twin sister whom she lost when she was younger and use the goddess system to make a pic of her collaged togather so that they will think it is Xi'Er and Xia xi togather.
Simple solution😎
nxmdin: I was thinking what if : she tells the huangfu brothers that she was thrown away by the religious family in the mountain and was hired to be a maid but she changed her Identity because she doesn't want to remember her past and served the huangfu family all her life but when she got drifted off the water she dreamed of her father waiting for her outside the heavens entrance and to protect her previous masters (huangfu brothers) she used her real Identity to forget the sweet memories of her serving the brothers by turning into an imortal person and the crown prince saved her and BOOM the story is now connected
Ash: Thank you everyone. I was thinking she would say that when she saw her father at the gates of heaven sje also saw Xia xi there...that is why she wanted to join them..her family. So there will be no reasons for the Huangfu brothers to keep looking for her .. as for her family background she can say that her father taught them not to tell everyone the truth about who they are.
These are just my solutions! I really love this book. Can't wait to find out how she solves it!!!!
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