Goddess Making System
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Goddess Making System

Goddess Making System
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Goddess Making System Comics Online. The otaku Xia Xi entered a mysterious system that can provide girls with high-quality goddess making service. As long as one can complete tasks as indicated by the system, she can be a real goddess and conquer whomever she want…

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leena sras
And this FL is so clever that she is correctly kicking on the person interests like a goal to gain the charms and to complete the missions to go to modern present world but its some what like a selfish thing to play with human feeling for our need but I can see and understand that its not on her own will but well the mission system progress is forcing to do it so even if she doesn't like to do it she was forced to do these things for the sake of her living but if I am at her place I would choose to kill my self instead of playing with others feeling in 1st place and it's ok bcoz its just a comic and plot right no need to take this so seriously but story was so good accept that thing but it's ok never mind bcoz its just a plot and comic only...... but this comic so funny and interesting I like it♡♥♡
leena sras: ok sure and have a good day every day Seraphina :)
Seraphina Buenavista: from the your tone 'it's ok because it's just a comic and plot right no need to take this seriously' do you have any idea how that sound. You're treating her survival like it's not important at all just like a game. of course you can try to be self righteous because you don't the know the stake of her mission
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Leena roy
Oh my gosh !!!! she broken 3 hearts each time till now but my heart is broken 3 times bcoz of it was so complicated to read this manga but I love the way they 3 boys love her.....! and I can't even bears it anymore bcoz she also left and leaven crown prince Jin. my ship I am so heart broken like him only after she left our poor prince. but what about my ship now bcoz crown prince is best for is so funny and joyfully come lovely and warm too who the hell she can just leave him in this way for sake of her leaving in modern present world .... wahhhhhhhh my heart is broken down for prince jin right now and my heart is always with him no matter what also too I like and love crown prince jin so lot then anyone........
Every time in every world is just the same make the main lead of this world fell on love with her... We just want to see her fall for someone too, and be with him! Not leave all the male leaders brokenhearted
最好的猫: I agree a little, but it’s also the point of the whole plot of the story tho
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