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Goddess Making System

Goddess Making System
leena sras
And this FL is so clever that she is correctly kicking on the person interests like a goal to gain the charms and to complete the missions to go to modern present world but its some what like a selfish thing to play with human feeling for our need but I can see and understand that its not on her own will but well the mission system progress is forcing to do it so even if she doesn't like to do it she was forced to do these things for the sake of her living but if I am at her place I would choose to kill my self instead of playing with others feeling in 1st place and it's ok bcoz its just a comic and plot right no need to take this so seriously but story was so good accept that thing but it's ok never mind bcoz its just a plot and comic only...... but this comic so funny and interesting I like it♡♥♡
leena sras: ok sure and have a good day every day Seraphina :)
Seraphina Buenavista: from the your tone 'it's ok because it's just a comic and plot right no need to take this seriously' do you have any idea how that sound. You're treating her survival like it's not important at all just like a game. of course you can try to be self righteous because you don't the know the stake of her mission
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Leena roy
Oh my gosh !!!! she broken 3 hearts each time till now but my heart is broken 3 times bcoz of it was so complicated to read this manga but I love the way they 3 boys love her.....! and I can't even bears it anymore bcoz she also left and leaven crown prince Jin. my ship I am so heart broken like him only after she left our poor prince. but what about my ship now bcoz crown prince is best for is so funny and joyfully come lovely and warm too who the hell she can just leave him in this way for sake of her leaving in modern present world .... wahhhhhhhh my heart is broken down for prince jin right now and my heart is always with him no matter what also too I like and love crown prince jin so lot then anyone........
Every time in every world is just the same make the main lead of this world fell on love with her... We just want to see her fall for someone too, and be with him! Not leave all the male leaders brokenhearted
最好的猫: I agree a little, but it’s also the point of the whole plot of the story tho
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Aishwariya Dave
it's getting bored now...
there is no end to it.... everything I read up till last episode... it's not like there is end to it....
she is continuing her missions...
and charming all... the men's... and what....
breaking their hearts....
Fragrance Anderson
According to me, the king is the best for Xia.... she should stay here with him. They have done together... They will build their kingdom and then should live together happily ever after...Ruling there kingdom together 😍
I don't feel bad for them he has already many womens he'll never be one women man and they will only make her concubine she'll never be first priority her status as a maid is always in their mind they don't see her equal I wouldn't want a like them either
Nish07: and mingyi wants her to fall in love with his because of his twisted reason like competition with his brother or jealousy or to control his brother not because he loves her he also doesn't not have good intentions it's just because he falls in love and she doesn't he became pity full but they both are doing same thing but her reason is reason is justified because she wants to go home he is not worth it to give up on her future and became his concubine I would do the same in a heartbeat
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He is professor snape from the movie Harry potter 😂😂😂😂 he does look like him 😂😂
Tata 💜: anime version of professor snape
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I still want to know who is the ML in this comic...so confused 😕
Magical Hand: All of them are the ml but only for awhile.. Not all ml have to be together with mc you know?
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🇵🇭 comics lover
I think he's already falling inlove with her.
🇵🇭 comics lover: Duh!pakekosau
Surinder Singh: Duh!Didn’t you see him blush!?
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this comic is soo boring with the. last couple of days
God jesus
so,if my brain is correct..she is going to become a vampire and kill him in the end andd.....maybe..the system have some kind of magicly system thing and turned her into human again?? HAH IM A GENIUS ALRIGHT
Just average
If their's no final destination for my ship, then I SHIP THEM ALL!!!
Rosethorn(Angel sect inner disciple🌈): yay someone who Finley gets me (✧ω✧)
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jungkook bts💜
why does this keep happening i want her to stay with the white haired emperor but she just left i cant ship her with no one anymore or what
nezra: then wat die ,it won't be an H.E.A..
Fragrance Anderson: I think that too.... finally she going to realize the true meaning of love
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Crystal E
wait that's the girl who the mayor fell in love with, right?
Mrittika Murmu: Yes. It is her.
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i kinda of like him the most he seems so real and its so sad hes gonna have to die
Kenji Lauv
My ghaaad!This Male leads are sins to the eyes!!!every man has their own charismatic appeal!from Mingluan,the sporty type, Mingyi,The playboy type,to the king of desert the bad boy type!MY GHAAAAAAAADDDD CAAAASSSSIIIEEEEE!Wala akong masabi kundi SANA ALL GIRL!
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣: The childish boy... Ghad I like him that much
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣: What about prince jin? 🥺
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Cendana Kartika Sari
that's too short! I want more!!
Avi Rytes
her character has changed drastically from how she was with the desert king...more cute and naive...ah well...maybe it's all part of the plot to woo the mayor
Aaliyah Takishima
i like him for xia he's simply handsome,kind,consoderate and honest
Just average
Noooo.... I don't see our main character's thoughts no more
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