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Goddess Making System

I've been reading this one straight without distractions, from my point of view it is really nice and amazing how the plot of the story has been arranged properly. Xia Xi is indeed a head strong character and she is able to get what she wants. It confused me if she is been truly in love with them, or putting an act just to escape from the Goddess making system. All the characters are good though.

I have a question when the time comes she is able to successfully exit the game, who will she choose? I'm kinda excited. Jin Er is so already obssessed with Xia Xi, he is willing to give her a Goddess temple I presume but the two young masters have no fight over the emperor. However, the heart of Xia Xi is the one who ruled and to be followed. Just trust yourself Xia Xi. Fighting!!!

This story makes you have mixed emotions, you thought it's the climax but there are so many climax in this story hahaha😂😂 Also so many rivals... But the main protoganist will always win the game.

If I would rate this story I will give it a full remarks, bot just the plot but also the graphics, all the panels have been beautifully made and some panels are good to be a wallpaper. Good job everyone behind this! You really deserve my praise and respect. I love the story but author please make it more intense and some xx scenes hahaha😂😂 just joking.

No matter your view to the story; we have different opinions. Lets just respect others op
🇵🇭MING-SAMA17🇵🇭: This is my first account, this is my second one👍💖
red strauss: This is unending story jeeeez! My eyes were like zombie already. i have been reading this for like 6hrs
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Yep, she really is perfect even though she is a little heartless for doing that but she has no choice so I understand that but she also helped them a lot she helped the 1st target to understand reality and that everything that he owned wasn't actually his but his brother's and father's so he had to try his hardest. The 2nd target he didn't have any goals and also nobody in his heart but Xia xi also helped him find that. The 3rd target, the crown prince he was spoiled rotten so he didn't need anything and he also didn't understand hardship, losing anything or fighting against anyone for something since he was an only child. So he didn't even have any good skills in becoming a king he also felt inferior to his uncle because his uncle was more powerful than him but Xia xi also helped him in this.
Xia xi is, well, what do I say she isn't doing all this heartbreak out of selfishness but because she needs to. So she's helping them in any way she can. 😁🤗😊
Prism💕: I also thought this way after seeing ahead chapters
Fab's: Sorry spelt which wrong lol
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China is claiming the West Philippine Sea theirs. Now, people from other country/continents call West Philippine Sea: South China Sea which is a big LIE. Philippines already won in court but China is claiming that West Philippine Sea is theirs. They even claimed Philippines' lands. They even put a banner in a public footbridge that says,
"Welcome to the Philippines,Province of China." If i saw that banner personally, I would've took it away and ripped it into pieces. I am a proud Filipino and I love my country. I love Chinese Manga but only the Manga. I don't like those people who claims what are not theirs in my country. Philippines is very different from other countries and must not be looked down on. You guys should even be thankful to the Filipinos because if not for the Filipinos, there wouldn't be Karaoke in the world.
💖💞Lovely💕Diamond💞💖: @Rishabh S
I believe in my country. Bacause our country fought for the last centuries. 3 countries already invaded the Philippines for the last 800 years. Philippines has already suffered much more than what China is doing. I believe in my fellow Filipinos that we will fight together if someone were ever to do that. Even if it takes hundreds of years, I am sure that Filipinos won't let it continue. We are strong. If someone were ever to do that, even if we die, our decendants will still continue our legacy. I am sure if that happens, History will repeat itself. So please don't be so negative, please help Philippines to get what is right.

Oh my god. Naiiyak ata ako. Tigil na ako dito at baka mahuli pa akong umiiyak tapos bigla aki tanungin. Happy Independence Day mga Pilipino! Sana naging masaya ang araw ninyo.
Rishabh S: China finished Tibet and Taiwan...they can take over Phillipines too by force.
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Title : Knight Fantastic Night 🤴👸

This is all about a girl who was sent into another alternate world. She enters a medieval fantasy world populated by Knights and also the legendary king Arthur. When she enters the game her main mission: is help Arthur to acsend the throne as the king of England and her last mission: is gather all the knights in round table to find the holy grail.
( They fall in love with each other but she knows it is only a game and it will all last after the game ends but unexpectedly she met Arthur in real word.)

🥚Egg - is the thing which serves the way to go back to her world and return to the game. ( when she it's it )

Available: its ( ROCK ) everybody

anime_ des: yah it was really a splendid one I loved it soooo much
arya pawanarkar: pls recommend more amazing comics!! thank u :)
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The devil
I think this system actually making her better. and it tries to make her feel good for being like her self. She have to become good with her own talents not only from her appearances anything can be decided. i think this is the best story i ever read because it really helps me to overcome myself being unnoticed. it's not anyone else's fault but mine. so I will try my hard to become good by myself. thank u author . you are the best creater i ever seen. don't think iam flattering you but it is the truth. thanks for your creation. please continue your good work............😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎
I Am Ur Bro
im guys im thinking who is the possible Prince Charming for Xia Xi... if i was here i cant choose because all of them make xia xi happy with tears in the end... But for me i Need a man for her... its Impossible to woman cant love a Man so i was thinking in my mind who will be her partner to be her forever of her life... Whos agree with me think now The possible for me is Xia xi and the king of desert
I know the king will fall for her, I mean every (handsome) guy did but of course I'm sad about how she make them fall in love with her and then leave them afterwards. My heartaches actually. I just feel so bad about making the person love you, but your not planning to stay. Oh gosh I feel so hurt. I know this is just a story it's great, I love this story but yeah I am just wondering what will I feel if I we're one of those guys. (am a girl though)
Chihaya Yukino: but still Xia Xi didn't say that she loves any of them.
bubbleneth: it hurts yahh know😭
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What a kind girl. You deserve freedom and love, you don't have to suffer yourself so much. However, when the king of the desert knows what love is. Then, maybe in the future you will be set free and he will only have a space for the love he had on Xia Xi. Don't worry that time is near just wait for it, Xia Xi is a very good person and can turn the situation upside down without any problems.😍😍 I believe in the capability of Xia Xi that she may turn the things on her way. What's the use of her hardworks and the intelligence she have acquired.😍😍❤
So they just give up on her? Is that really love, though? They should fight for her and really try to make things work if they really loved her.
Unless on a different stand point, they know that she was playing them in a way to make them learn, so they just accept that they’ll never really earn her love because they know it’s impossible that she can love which they do love her but they don’t want to force it.
I just find it kinda funny that they all love her and seem cool about that fact but I guess that’s because they’re all victims and resigned to their fates in the same way.
I know most people may be getting quite mad because it seems like she is playing with their hearts but I wouldn't say so, she actually teached the all a lesson that they will remember in life even though they may have been hurt but still they did learn something that they wouldn't have learned if not for her and that's just a game after the game is over she won't see them again at least that is what is supposed to happen in the game and that's what she thinks as well so in one way another she was still gonna leace all of them after the game is over
Noone Km: me too 😊
:)♡I~love~comics~♡💗: Glad to hear (more like read) that there are people who think like me
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Xia Xi is a kind hearted person she help every single person to recognize their something important that they forgot....some to love,some to live, etc....she will live in every persons heart who ever meet her......I'm sure they will treasure their time with her.... 💖good work🤗Gambaree
Whaaaat!? Dude i kinda love him :( Anyway i've thinking about system and guys who fall in love with Xia and if Xia love anyone (Mingluan, Mingyu or Prince) she can stay there(like if she loves Prince she can stay xia kingdom and be with him and rule the entire kingdom) but she doesnt want to stay and leave from kingdom and when she leaves, system give her to another task(i think system do this because system wants to Xia fall in love with anyone too) . So i think system or Xia is not bad like we think. When tasks completed everyone learn something.
Hiromi Tachibana
i think 🤔xia xi is much and more happy here! than in any place
in xia kingdom she had to be a maid and suffer a lot for both huangfu brothers..😗😗
in palace she have to keep up with mystery and magic...😮😮😮
but here she does Everything heartfully!!!❤❤❤💞😊😊😊☺☺
😇Angel Rain 🌧
im going crazy about this comic 😘😘 it's becomr more and more interesting 😘😘 i wish my after life will be like this to 😊😊 but .. is it after life really exist ??😔
Cellia CJ Smith
does anyone else get charged twice? I'll pay for the episode once and leave and when the new update comes out I'll come back in and it'll charge me for the last episode and the new one...
Karen Rebecca
he says he eliminated ritual sacrifice but when he wants another concubine he must first burn one at the stake? that's, uh, ritual sacrifice last time I checked
Joel Molina: Ritual sacrifice is when you offer lifes to a God, while the situation of the concubine was like they say "rules of the desert" to keep a certain amount of people to not waste many resources. The huge party was actually a wedding because the king was expecting to marry Xia after burning the concubine, wasn't a ritual ceremony
Karen Rebecca: whether she "turned out to be" manipulative isn't in question. this is his standing policy, and it makes no sense and benefits no one. they even waste resources by throwing a huge party--a ritual. sacrifice. and as for distribution of food/wealth, while the emperor's concubines are obviously chosen for their looks, they're also skilled in various other things and provide services. you don't murder a musician, dancer or expert in tea ceremony just because your beggars can't eat, while also wasting a huge amount of money on other nonsense. or else you should just be regularly culling the population.
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I’m betting she will never fall in love but will eventually return to her world and change herself :) (cause previously she was a shut in who isolated herself)
🌹Lovely G 🌹
Obviously you can’t go through everything she went through and not feel anything about it maybe at first but that’s because it was so real and she actually did die and come back so sheknew it wasn’t no joke, she obviously loves empire because she thought about it for a second what he said do you love somebody. I just want her to help the Desert king & I’m waiting on The emperor the come and find her, try to take her back see a bit of jealousy & drama with the men.
Syeda Begum
how can she be so foolish to let sleep a.strange man with matter how.much you chat with a man or show your affection through chat in games or FB just can't be that foolish .... that's what we get for silly mistakes on serious matter...."death"....but she could learn from her mistakes than comic that girl is fortunate enough...but real world works.differently...we can be opposite of "fortunate enough"...the only thing which can save us from misery our potential.....or you will be dead....
HANABI APRIL: ѕнe ιѕ dυмp
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