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Curious about Miss Frown

Curious about Miss Frown
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Curious about Miss Frown Comics Online. Sometimes some of us passed judgement based solely on what we saw, giving beliefs and impressions, without actually knowing the person very well.

Zanne is a senior high student some find her cool and pretty yet some are not. Merely because of having a serious face and being an antisocial at some times they misjudged her, of being a weirdo, scary and unfriendly person. On the day of their enrollment Alonn Kade a popular and handsome guy, also was being misjudged by other people of being a rude and playboy person, overheard the conversation of other students about Zanne, upon hearing those words he grew curious about Zanne and wanting to know more about her.

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Hello everyone thank you and I'm actually grateful to you guys for liking my first work, for subscribing and also for the ones who had been giving my work all those nice comments that gave me motivation.😊🤗Uhm I'm sorry if the updates are really slow😬...This is really new and hard for me I just started trying digital arts this year and because of that I'm really slow in making my comic. I just updated episode 7 hope you will all like it.
elizabeth rosado
MORE!!! Please i need it, this is such a great comic
BanGtan 💗💗
Crazy updatessss plssssssss
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