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Pregnant At Seventeen Of Triplets

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Pregnant At Seventeen Of Triplets Novel Online. Amelia was the kind of daughter who is innocent and practiced abstinence until one day she found out that she's pregnant. For seventeen years old who always stays away from mingling found herself preg. This event changes her life and the lives of those around her. Unsure of the father to her unborn child she wonders whether she is cut out for parenthood... but the real test maybe when the father is revealed.

Warning: There are a lot of cuss words.

MangaToon got authorization from Fatoum to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
School life
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Nefertari Sese :I
Don't like what is going on now. The beginning is good and catchy, i heart it very much but coming further to episodes 25 It became lame updates. Amelia look like betrayed once more. Her friend Olivia must try to apologize AT LEAST even her friend has an amnesia. She (Olivia) doesn't have conscience! SHE LIED FOR ABOUT 2YEARS! THE PREGNANCY STAGE AND A YEAR AFTER THE BIRTH! AMELIA MUST HAVE THE PRESENCE OF PARTNER WHEN THE PREGNANCY GOES ON., laughing, acted like nothing happened and it makes Amelia looks STUPID. The story became so sudden. Time heals you know. Amelia should have some time for her. Being lonely make you feel yourself more. And it will help her mind having AN AMNESIA as she is. Tsk tsk. Doesn't anyone put some research into this?🐼.🐨.🐻
Hey so Ik this might sound kinda bad but well I would really love to get opinions on my brand new novel it's the first novel that I have send out to the world but not the first I've written I'm a starter and need some advice on how it's going ahhhhh and support too I'm a high school student soooooo maybe you'll know how tough it is 😩😩 well anyways mind checking out my novel it's about romance and a little love that went on during their high school years but here's hmmmmm... the summary ....i fell in love i got a lie now that i see him again do i tell him that i.....
Lee C: Are you the author of this story? If so, cool. If not it's really, REALLY rude and super disrespectful to this author to use her/his manga comments to promote your own material. You prob do it in every manga you can. You're lucky you're banned for spamming 😡😡
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Lee C
I think it's so disrespectful to the author when other people use the comments section of a manga to promote their own stories! I refuse to even consider looming up their story. Don't use others manga to promote your own. It's the height of disrespect and super rude. The comments should be for this story.
FIRELORN: Thanks, just read your two chapters and I was really impressed by your story 'Regrets'. Keep it up, I know you've got more to tell in your story and I'm really interested to read it. FIRELORN OUT. Peace✌.🐼.🐨.🐻: Thank you and btw love your signature goodbye as well as your novel
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