Trampled by President
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Trampled by President

Qianhui Comic
Trampled by President
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Trampled by President Comics Online. One night in an luxurious villa, Fang Yi was humiliated by a man called Lin Han, who had countless ties with her. Their lives have been destined to entangle with each other since the first time when they met as children....After these years, did Fang Yi manage to turn her life into a new page? What kind of romance and tension will be happening between them? What is the secret behind their hatred to each other?

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Riviera Viora Quincy
it's been more than 6 month and still no update 😡😫
🌻 Sunny 🍧💗🍨💗: yeah.. it's still few there😂😂😂. back then I told someone there to read here🤣🤣....

and they just announced that the author/ editor (??) got sick...
/ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\: okay downloaded the app (we comics) but it has only 124 and here pure girl has 400+ or - episodes and i dont think the artist abandoned the manga because it said that the manga is temporarily paused i dont remember the author said that the artist of the pure girl is abandoned..
total 13 replies
you love her but you chose to torture her in the past. what kind of man are you?
Mangalore: of course I want...because I know I make mistake
Devil's Dream: i håret that shithead. tell me Mangalore will u like that bullshit if u were fang yi.
total 3 replies
Nael Maniri
they developed love so fast. hmmm , not satisfied coz in first panel to 30 , i m obssesd to read this but now looks like i m getting bored coz so fast . i expect that girl wll take revenge . but since i continue to read it... i will support u and keep ut up! i love how u really mke me cry hahahha.
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