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One night in an luxurious villa, Fang Yi was humiliated by a man called Lin Han, who had countless ties with her. Their lives have been destined to entangle with each other since the first time when they met as children....After these years, did Fang Yi manage to turn her life into a new page? What kind of romance and tension will be happening between them? What is the secret behind their hatred to each other?

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Don't say "Don't forget ur status" to her. It only seems like you r the one who forgot her status. U know her status since childhood, then y the heck did u have sex with her??? or let me ask it this way, even tho u had sex with her y did u let her get pregnant???? U r the one who caused this but u r defending as if u r not even in the scene. Besides, there has to b no status to b a mom, all that needs to b a mother is that person should be a girl. So, don't compare the role and love of the mom to the girl with silly shots like status. Even ur luv may not be true to her but the child's love to her will always b true and vice versa. I once thought that u r a person down to worth but u r so cheap with no worth. I now c u as if u r just a piece of SHITTTTTT. If u luv her just say, don't play or boss around her.
Nakshyukii: I couldn't get u, Mr or Ms. Judel Mae Lambino
Judel Mae Lambino: when is the update?
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This is ridiculously disgusting. I hate the authors that normalize this kind of abuse, like no I’m not gonna root for these two to end up together cause the male lead is absolute scum. Why can’t the second male lead get with her!?? The one who actually stands up for her and is kind?? Why is this so prevalent in these goddamn comics, where the female is so often physically/sexually/emotionally ABUSED by the male lead and THIS is supposed to pass off as romance???

*More in comments**
Leena Joshi: Even I want second lead to be with her.... he is so caring...
Anonymous: [part 3]

Ladies, word of advice for those who actually like these set ups. Try to imagine this was you in real life. Where a man hits you, punishes you, forced himself upon you when you DO NOT CONSENT, controls what you do and becomes violent when you act like a normal human talk to other people. I know it might not seem that bad in a comic, because on some level you know it won’t hurt you. But in real life this is a whole different story. I mean imagine if the male lead wasn’t considered attractive. Imagine if he was by all means an extremely repulsive man physically. How would you feel if this happened? Disgusted, because those actions are disgusting and not healthy for a relationship.

I’m sorry for the rant but I’ve just become so disappointed with so many comics, hoping they don’t play out in this typical fashion, but that’s hard to find. I’m at the point of deleting these apps I’m so frustrated.

P. S. It’s alright I guess if you like this setup despite all the problems it presents, I just truly hope none of you apply this to what you think a real relationship is. You should be with someone who treats you with respect and never acts like these male leads.
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
Girl I don't understand your logics, u fall in love with the guy that tortures u but u didn't fall in love with the guy that treats u like his princess. What is wrong with your brain.
Silver hair dude I don't understand your logics either u r in love with her but tortures her, y, do u find it appealing, I don't know want to call u?
One time u treat her like dirt n the next time treat her kind, I really don't what to call u.
Arliza Flores: Pls updates more I like the end
Milisa Chan: i think that she is Masochism and he is sadistic
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