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Riviera Viora Quincy
it's been more than 6 month and still no update 😡😫
toonlove: Yesss it’s like almost a 20000 thousand though
kim taehyung 🍓🍓: Wait really ?
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you love her but you chose to torture her in the past. what kind of man are you?
ICHIGO KUROSAKI: she is too ugly and harshly man😖😖😖😰😰😰😱😱🤬🤬
Maria Rebecca: he is a bit clingy
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Nael Maniri
they developed love so fast. hmmm , not satisfied coz in first panel to 30 , i m obssesd to read this but now looks like i m getting bored coz so fast . i expect that girl wll take revenge . but since i continue to read it... i will support u and keep ut up! i love how u really mke me cry hahahha.
Apun Datta: Agreed haha 😅😂😇😇🤣😄😗😐😘😁😍😍😁💖❤️😂😀😃😁😊🤣.,?!:();at least it works out in the end yeah yeajh.,?!:();
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She’s stupid why would she believe in everything others say without confirming it??
Galaxy: Just keep reading
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Yahaira Kuiperi
Whyyyyy do I have this feeling that Fang Li is going through the exact same thing her mom went through but Fang Li dad was too weak to give Old Woman opposition? Why do I feel that old woman is Fang Li grandma and Lin Han half sister??? 🙄 Whyyyyy
But what just leave it's very simple
farhana tihani
the hell that woman should die....I can't believe lin han did not know the truth😒😒it driving me crazyyyyy
oh my gulay! they are so sweet😂😍
joylin: I'm not sure to my answer but I think he is
Lizza Nongz: Btw who's that handsome on your profile pic? I think I've seen him.......
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reyhane heydari
they should marry together
Hani 🌈
well.. everyone.. I think this author continue their story at the other comic.. I mean, umm well if have read CUNNING WOLFS MEETS LITTLE RABBIT.. u can see they have mention the name of Lisec and Han Lin in there.
Hani 🌈: its in other comic apps
Daniya Zahra: I searched it alot but it said there was no manga with this name
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Yoshioka Futaba
too much home even at school terrible !! her life is so horrible😔😔😔
Helly Isaac: yeah...I do that ...but they are rich and they want to prison me
Jincy Jincy: it's very simple. don't let them bully you.. show something like defense and you will be the hero. no one dared to bully me. not even my seniors. they were afraid of me and thought that I will attack. but actually I was really scared inside but stood as a girl with attitude. do that...
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what a vulger person
I'm a potato lover ♥
stop serving them you Idiot!!!!!😠
Nice very smart of you. I’m proud of you 💪🏾
dude your asking why she hates you so much! dont u remember how u treated her??🙉🙉
if I am her I will leave immediately and leave him nasty message like "Sayonara, S*ckers"!!! Go die in hell Lin han
please author ano na next ,gusto Kong malaman
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