Hick is the King
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Hick is the King

Qianhui Comic
Hick is the King
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Hick is the King Comics Online. Li Qing, a small maintenance worker, was trying to live a honest life and doing a honest job. but he was inexplicably involved in a big family’s struggle. Whatsmore he had a terrifying secret of his own…

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Zayn David
This is bullshit, there we go again explaining how he countered his move so the enemy can use it to improve Jesus Christ if u keep explaining what’s inside the book imagine what’ll happen if u fail to kill him. Well that’s the only way to prevent more headache ,🤕 even if u get him arrested do you think that he’ll stay there forever 😤
Zayn David : Lol 😆 Lmao 😂
Wing Slayer: he a honorable men
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Edaurdo Vanez
Woahhhh hold up. Mrs author r u good my dude? There are so many things in this chapter that happened that was wayy to unrealistic even for a fictional manga. 1st off idk but does the term “LAWYERS” not exist in this manga? Like even if our Mc killed 100 people he should STILL have a lawyer, but no, he just gets a 10 minute interrogation with a police officer who has like ZERO patience and brain cells and puts personal feelings before REAL WORK. And is thrown into a jail witch is for I guess SEVERE PUNISHMENT. and Also did the police NOT SEE THE KIDS WHEN THEY FOUND THE MC BEATING UP THE DUDE? Did they just TOTALY leave out the olfactory that there were kids there in torn cloths with bruises and blood? IDK maybe I’m just overreacting but I do feel kinda pissed when the authors do something that would have like .00009 percent chance of happening Even if it’s just a fictional manga. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Justine Benitez: that's why it's called fiction, idiot
:>: its "which" typo or he doesnt know how to spell it
this is fictional btw stop exaggerating
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does the author wanted to show an idiot mc. because in the beginning he was like a total mystery person. its just that i didn't expect him to be this shallow minded
Saheel: ah u too didn't get what i said. im not talking about this family incident. overall from the start of this manhua all his actions actually did feel rookie like, that's all. im just saying that of all the manga i read this one felt like this would definitely hv a badass mc which didn't become the case and im not mad at it.
Gobind Singh: well it's you who thought that MC is experienced and professional ex agent type of something. According to what I think is that he just found a secret book of martial arts and he started practicing it... remember from the very beginning he is just good at fighting and has a mysterious past. plus people often get very tensed and act rashly when things like this comes to the family...
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