Hick is the King
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Hick is the King

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Hick is the King
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Zayn David
I just can’t understand the law , the police can’t do shit coz the culprit has influence of higher levels politicians, when someone do something to the culprits instead of them, they says “☝️u can’t murder someone like that even if they are criminals” and punishes them ... they can’t do shit and won’t let others do anything either 🖕,,,, zzzzz haizz laws these days ..... justice my assss🖕
Ä√∅¢äDö 🥑🥑: loll.
ikazu yada: Ahhhhh
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Wahahaha This big chested cop really can annoy me!!!! Just so dumb!!! 😝
Silly!!! you know Li Qing very well so why are you still doubting??? 😏 This policeman told you even his name and under his left eye’s birthmark!!! lol 😂😂😂

She said: “Li Qing, birthmark under his left eye..... He is very similar to someone I know!!! Are all Li Qings very strong????” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m shocked lol 😝😝😝 So tell me dear big chested cop!!! Then all Li Qing named men have a birthmark under their left eye????? 😅😅😅 This big chested cop is just so hilarious and dumb 😂😂😂

justanunusualfella: yes yes .. big chested indeed ..
anx.bae: Exactly
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I don’t even remember how he got in contact with this chick. I’m gonna have to start waiting a few weeks in between reading so I can get some sort of satisfaction out of it.
Ronisha Ronisha: same here cuz l'm so close but can never finish it stops halfway 😭😭 nv
never finish cuz it stops halfway
Ronisha Ronisha: same here cuz l'm so close but can never finish it stops halfway 😭😭 nv
never finish cuz it stops halfway
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Mufasa was h3r3
lately everyone's been giving me short chapters 😑😑
did I do something wrong that I'm not aware of or is slapping tf out of me just fun
Fulen 1: it's fun
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
See!!! ms police he didn’t started!!! Don’t threaten him ms police!!! 😏😏😏

Wahaha I’m still seeing her chest lol 😝😝😝 they’re amazingly huge!!! I got jealous lol 😂😍😂
Wahahaha Bcuz her boobs police girl suffering lol 😂😂😂 This girl sew her buttons every time was hard for her!!! Sorry for her lol 😝😂😝
Meme: hahahahahha damn weebs, anyways don't you think its a bit too rude to ask someone's size? you don't even know whether she/he is a girl or not hahahahahaha
unknown : Hey no comment
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Kasuraga Yuu
'The mc then beat up that woman black and white for the video'
dilo atsuka: no he never hurt woman if it's for him, it's different if she hurt someone he loved
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Hentai with Senpai😍😍
alabama gurl? (the one who wants her brother)
YaBoiOdyssey: she probably trying to kill his ass
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Sonam Tshering
You cannot forget things if you force yourself instead you will be making their presence stronger
this is definitely not a romance manga ,
everybody except mc has a relationship ,
and mc don't even have a little skinship or just women don't allow him to do anything ,just say in their heart they love mc and then nothing , the side character seems more of a mc then the real mc ,
Sonam Tshering
Extraordinary skills, but still a man with desires watching lingerie
They censored the boobs with extra hair locks? What for? Her nipples are covered...what's the big deal about the size of her boobs? Haven't these people seen anime ever in their lives? Is almost a standard breast size for kinky animes. Is pointless to draw over the art of the author for such an insignificant thing
GHOST RIDER DEMON ANGEL: ohhhhh now i see wait wait what did i see
me in my minde:(dosen't matter we are here for mc's fight)
AnToX!: Go and check the panels where she is bending forward on the bed...they drew locks of hair over her boobs
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manager liu has attitude same like
Hoby Hoby
lol I thought he will safe her but he was somewherelse
Lee Vorg
whatever you want 😊? really? no take backs🤔😆
Badass😈😈: isn't your profile photo of NIE LI .....

how did you like that comic
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*underthe sheet*shoves the balls
Rogrinus !
Midnight Queen Where are You I miss you
Rogrinus !
Well My Baby Queens gone ahhh
Jason Christian: sheeeeeeeeit
total 1 replies
Rogrinus !
well My Queen I gone Wahahahwawawww
Rogrinus !
Midnight Queen where are youuu
Rogrinus !
Queen where Are You I miss you
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