The Tale of Deer in the Woods
Romance / Supernatural

The Tale of Deer in the Woods

The Tale of Deer in the Woods
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The Tale of Deer in the Woods Comics Online. In the deep forests lived a humanoid family with deer antlers on their heads. One day several humans followed a mysterious figure, someone wearing a rabbit head box, into the woods, and killed their mother, thenceforth the three children in the family, Rayne, reka and ray have to learn to live on their own, and that mysterious figure, Mr. Carton also enters their life...

MangaToon got authorization from DaJiaoChong to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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anime fan girl
*sees mr Carton blushing*
*sees him not knowing what a lolita is and reacting with yes*
*sees Ray asking for a job*
Reeeeeeeeeee *throws glass on the floor smashing it*

every one around me: Jesus you ok?
絵蜜: ikrrr
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it's nice to become normal for ray nd accept the fate as it was not changeable.......his elder brother and reka loves his so much for their purpose it's good to become normal .....but it should be mentioned also that he is too young for handling such situation.......he is also in pain for her died mother.......
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