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The Tale of Deer in the Woods

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In the deep forests lived a humanoid family with deer antlers on their heads. One day several humans followed a mysterious figure, someone wearing a rabbit head box, into the woods, and killed their mother, thenceforth the three children in the family, Rayne, reka and ray have to learn to live on their own, and that mysterious figure, Mr. Carton also enters their life...

MangaToon got authorization from DaJiaoChong to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - luyusensuo; lyss
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Lady💖Snow Xia Yan vampire 🖤🧛: Cuz everyone have exam now🤣✨
Lady💖Snow Xia Yan vampire 🖤🧛: Um maybe it's ok
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I've learnt that u shouldn't wish the life of people even if they aren't real.
But fuc# that shit, they deserve it even if it would be more fun to give them a slow painful death instead of a quick one
Anonymous: me to
Vaishnavi Bhan: I feel like crying
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White haired rabbit 🐰 must be really handsome and hides it because he's traumatized or shy

White haired rabbit 🐰 must be really cute if he hides it under a carton because of his cute face like in demn slyer o and a

Or he has a scar
✨Lyza✨: True 😂😂
ileana hung: or maybe his face is sticked with the bag😂
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