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Mortals of the Doom

IrσηッŞmįle RGM
The authors are caught up with the Chinese releases, the Raws come out usually once a week in China. So that's why the subbed version doesn't update that much now compared from the past updates.

Heres a little note from the Creators:

Greetings readers,
Due to some family issues, the artist doesn't have enough time to work, so for a period of time, "The Last Human" will go from every Wednesday and Friday to just Friday release.
During this time, we will be resolving the issues in the team, and we will further improve our efficiency.
Lastly, because of various reasons our uploads have been late recently.
The main reason would be that there's too much pressure. We have pretty much only been able to finish the drawings at midnight. And seeking approval and uploading takes time. Thus the uploads are always late.
For the past two years, We have been under huge workload, Our artist is under immense pressure training new members. Lowering the upload frequency is a chance for us to sort things out. I hope everyone will give us some time.
As long as we get through this, we will work extra hard to bring in more quality and content.
Cristian Dave T Reubal: thanks for the sacrifice author's,I-we really appreciate it.
just take your time,don't force it.
you author's have some other business except this thing.
I'l-we will pray for your success,Ganbatte kudasaii!!
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Oh, God, I just saw the dates for this chapter and previous chapters.... so to my earlier comment, this author will literally TAKE MONTHS just release the next chapter.... wow, I’m not even mad, just disappointed cuz this MangaToon is sooooo good and all, but with these super long wait times it destroys the attraction towards it. Author, I hope you can get yourself to release at a more faster pace. At least a few times a week, or even once a week, but for the love of everything, don’t take whole months to release
I'm so sad 😢😢 it only has 161 chapters on my mandrasoft is it the end but its still not finish right? or is it finish what will happen? will he kill the big monster?will he win? will he kill the octopus or will he die? or maybe there's a season 2? is it the last? why? did he ever killed that monster in his past life? did he came back to the past? what will happen to the other survivors? the people he met will they die? will those two die? will he ever see 👀 his friends? the father or Lou brat will they met again?I'm asking to many questions if you know what will happen will he ever lived or is there a season 2? pls answer me I think I'm gonna cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he hasn't even met the girl he loves or his lover what will ever happen do you know where I can read this that is finish? or at least updated, wahhhhhhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😦😦😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is sad 😢 I'm still waiting pls update faster.I do want to know what would the kids look like if they grow up if ever happen his lover and him having a kids.
Haruka: I'm not that who ever you refer.
Haruka: thanks for the information.
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hey everyone, that titan was the love child of the COLOSSAL and ARMORED titan. I'm sure of it!

I mean look at it. it's so big and it has a body armor.

and speaking of love child.... that tiancheng looks so much like Akira of Togainu no Chi. is the mc the love child of N and Akira? if so that would explain his speed and strength.

and he has Levi's speed. and I was like... Go Levis son, Go!.. if you become a titan by consuming that meteorite, then I'll say your the love child of Eren and Levi for sure.

. and for a moment, when he threw that rock I thought he had Luffy's hands.

so now I'm confused with his genealogy.

ah this comic has so many cross overs....
mm: maybe they have tiny d? XD or maybe hid in their skin or muscles(?)
Goku.D.Dragneel: Can titan even breed because i dont see no D on the colossal and armoured titans. Lol
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Kyla Heartfilla
hey guys its noy related to the manga but I want to make an question i forgot the title of this manga its about a guy who was fall inlove with a girl and the girl Promised that she will marry him but when their at high school she fall inlove with other guy on the mean time the guy was wandering at the rooftop when he sees a zombie
Saheel: Marrkkuuu....hey- hey there buddy calm down man ur gonna spoil some shit now u know. well u'v got just one thing wrong, the mc and the girl both were aware of their feelings since childhood.
Marrkkuuu: Hahahha I like that Anime..... Its an echhi genre anime... A boy has a crush on a girl but the girl has a biyfriend.. The boyfriend of the girl is the boy's bestfriendd.... When zombie apocalypse start... the girl's boyfriend got bitten and wanted to die because he doesn't want to hurt the girl.... Now this guy want his bestfriend to kill him.... But the boy dont want because he is his bestfriend... In the end the boy got the girl she want and killed his bestfriend for good
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Ren okumira
so let me get this straight... something, with the power of insta heal, extreme strength, and the power to command underlined zombies got hit by someone 100,000 times smaller than him and he got SO scared, he ran and yelled for his mommy?
i am PikaGroot and that's Cute[Shadow Sovereign]: he's just one big baby... wait he was totally naked so was his tools seen by all the ladies
oh no!...
Maximum power: he got scared because when mc cut his arm he felt the big difference in power so by instinct he ran to survive
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Padawan Jacob
That long ting 😹😹it sounds like that long thing but without the h, this is actually really good he still has the crowbar from the 3rd episode I think it's getting better and better, and plus there's also more scenes with thiccness you should put alot more but not to much. GL I really hope that you will be able to be able to make more and have alot of seasons, im looking forward to it (^ω^)
Catty Puchi
NO!!PLEASE UPDATE MOREEEE!!!!DONT STOP THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SERIES OF THEM ALLL....this series became important to me beacause this was the most interesting of them all....so PLEASE update more!!!!
Sigh, I have now reached the latest episode. Does anyone know if the author has scheduled dates? Or is the author one of those that only posts at random, in which may/may not result in long wait times for the next episode release?
Anonymous Girl
GAO Fei is such a sweet person! If MC doesn’t already have someone he loves then I would have shipped them together... oh well, I hope someone sweet can come along so Gao Fei can also have a sweetheartXD
crazy....... cçcccccccrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy.. cccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......... UPDATE... 😎😎😎😎
ghaaaad!! he is so cool 😭😭

but all these zombie hoards yet shangbiao still missing in action. 🙁

why batman is here?? (ok bye. too many side comments)
Esef†(Light_Sect😇Inner Disciple)
I wonder what that crystal was
maybe an Ultimate Powerup that will boost you to a lot of stages in a short amount of time
but has a high chance it will turn you into a GodlikeZOmbie
Kingly : It was literally just a high stage meteorite crystal
Middlingsnail: pure metiprite crystal
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Iris Araújo
Mon Tik Na: hahah
Reii SA Lisa: dont worry about it mdm, this plot is just the begining :3
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it took one shot to end the mf sombir of level 4.... how strong the mc really is...
DragonSin: yup bro/sis I get that butt still we don't know the real power of MC
Servant of El Shaddai13: well he always fought with +1 rank/realm/stage (forgot how the lack system works) and was mid to high lvl 2 at start of fight and the gem was powerful enough to PvP anyone who used it so I think he now peak lvl 3 with lvl 4 fight power
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Suraj Sain
if you guys want to see peerless battle sprit eng manga so you can go here there are 34 chapters of it here is link i gave spece in middle of dots so understand link correctly : iisingalongii .blogspot .com

or if you want to watch versatile mage next chapters eng 219, 220 221 so go here :- Versatilemage .blogspot .com
Suraj Sain: Yesss!
Movers54321 RobloxPlayer: dude is the versatile mage chapters in that website is advance? although the website im reading versatile mage is not that updated.....
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you know what,I bet that guy still alive 🙄 tian Cheng punch him but his body still look fine😳 while tian Cheng fight another Zombie the bodies explode or there a big hole
i am PikaGroot and that's Cute[Shadow Sovereign]
Bleach + attack on Titan + Tokyo ghoul = Mortals of the Doom
Jack and the Giant! Zombie apocalypse !
I mean... TianCheng and the Giant Zombie. the movie. Hahahaha!!!!!

thanks for showing us how brain dead the zombies are. jumping from that height :-) lol! can I sea the aerial view of. the crater next chap? how.come
he's dope, maaaaann.. he's becoming venom like, i like that transformation..but the zombie shouting mommy a bit childish
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