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Mortals of the Doom

Night Color
dam I want more 😭😭😭 NO NO you bad we don't want the artist to over work and die NO need to wait at lest 3 day NO 😭😭😭 want more dam brain and hart stop this there no point but maybe we can find it same where els but no then what happens when they up data here NO 😭😭😭 need to stop hehehe we all know your going to look for it same where els just except it hehehehe ( very bored don't mind me ) and no there is nothing to do so don't you even say or think " then go look for same thing to do " that worked and I'm doing this lol ya now it over and I'm bored again dam 😖😫🙍😶
Night Color : lol don't mind the mistakes there don't care enough to fixe them lol and they are so stupid haha
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Smol depressed bean
look, I don't care and for that matter of fact no one does, stop posting- uhhh... 10 minutes are sooooo long..only here for the points. honestly go do something productive in the 10 minutes your given or 'forced'. and stop saying I'm forced to do this for the points. because your not being "forced" you chose to read this by choice. and some people enjoy this kinda stuff and that's why were here to read something that brings us pleasure, not to read about how boring this is and how you wish the 10 minutes would be over.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
lol this thot thought this luo girl is just seducing gao fei so she can survived cuz she didnt have her own abilities to begin with..well well well...what to say...literally a bunch of normies lol..what am ignorant bunch of people..if i were luo girl i would be happy to open a hole right through your stomach lol😂
All of the mangatoon that is in my subscribe list, this is my favorite, not only it has great story line and I'm so addicted to it but it also has a lot of panels so the every points is so worth it.
The Black Wolf
stupid woman, JUST WAIT TILL SHE PUNCH YOU IN JUST ONE MILISECOND AND YOU WILL RUN AWAY LIKE A BABY CRYING, I am waiting for that day and when it comes i will watch from here eating popcorn and drink some juice, beware......😈😈😈😈
Andres Sanfelici
I hope him and the older glasses girl get together. dont really care for the blondie girl in his past life. she seems intelligent but idk about her personality yet it can go either way. The glasses girl seems like a trusting ally immediately.
okaay wait if the man tian Cheng known as the best evolved in his past life is doomed who's gonna be the next challenge for him?!
besides I can't stop thinking that maybe not only tian Cheng who came from the future and relive his past maybe there is someone else with the same or even better knowledge
妮拉: I've the same thought. maybe someone has come from the past life before tian chen, maybe tian chen not the only one who come back.. n other thoughts like that
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Ameko Wolf
You have been visited by Ebola chan
Guardian deity of the Uganda Knuckles Tribe
Powerful Ebola could be yours if you post
"SHOW ME DA WAY EBOLA-CHAN" On this thread
if not, the ebola will consume you...
robert h
still dont understand why mc is going for some girl who dosnt know him yet when he already had that good looking teacher after him
Frank Einstein: it's called love😍😍😍
Queen Rapunzel: well that's love
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Princess Apple Ramos
crazy update please. so far this is the best action comic that ive read. Other comic obviously have cuts because the story doesnt add up but this? Nah! Worth reading. i just started reading this 2 noghts ago and ive caught up already. 😁
Pruthy: Omg SAME
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Cojocaru-Albu Valentin
They're cannibals dude....
Yanola : YES, that’s a good theory
Blue💙Berries: R U Sure Dude because

Rui Xue is normal
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I don't think she is the girl tian Cheng looking for she can't be that strong
Rohan Hazari: I have got the hunch she is the female main character
HendraTio: i think it might be churou because both of them has the same eyes
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Van Roswell
huhhuhu cant wait for the next crazy update 😍😍
VladCatsssss: same for me
Zaraki Kenpachi: Me either
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Prem Patel
but what happened from the car accident fight 🤔🤔🤔
妮拉: lol the clothes are fcking clean right, where's the mud, lol
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little rookie
I press the like butten before reading this. because I like it.
little rookie: I know right. that the point bro.
6packs of absolute drinking water💪🏾💪🏾: you’re spelling matches you’re name
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Seniel Ralte Colney
i think they are involved in cannibalism from the way they talk about self preservation and a half dead person
do you think this is what Pokemon say to each other? I evolved more than you! I have a better understanding of everything! then Pikachu comes in and whoops their a$$es.... >.>
sjwhsjsodidsvsudosnsd SO GOOOOOODDD!!!! 😤😤😤😤 it's slowly becoming something hectic. I LOVE IT 😤
Zora Woods
Cannot do crazy updates, it has caught up with the raw release and the raw version is being updated twice a week.
Zuo tian cheng in this episode reminds me of someone, Natsu Dragneel. Remember that time where he faced of with Sting in arena. Whereas Sting gave a holy nova but natsu just blocked it with one hand. Gosh I love them
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