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Mortals of the Doom

koko toe
comming for points but, sh!t look good !!!
Himu: actually i am also coming for points....bt now i think the story was good😊
total 1 replies
Allan Code
I'm am rereading for points. Who else?
Alicanthe: Me six :)
Scarlet : Same it’s meh to me tho
total 5 replies
BTS 💜ARMYs{VKook is life}
I only can do 20 push up but he is 3000wth😰
Selena Pham: I can't even do 0.00001 push ups
Pleb Artist: I can only do 12
total 6 replies
Anonymous Woop
am i the only one who saw donald trump? who else saw it
bruhh: me too
total 1 replies
its like the guy from bleach
he has the arm thats means death
toxic: its chad i think
ZombiiKitty: His arms look like Chad's tbh
total 4 replies
Starlet 96
1000...!? i cant even do 0.5
polite potat: I'm very confused by these comments based off the first text
Starlet 96: pfft im a girl
total 3 replies
He is merciless when it comes to training 😂😂
Light Yagami : School is also mErCiLeSs when it comes to eDuCaTiOn 😥😢😭
total 1 replies
sid chandni
can't wait for that whore to die what an eye sore
AkaiPaperMoon: Sadly we don't get to see her death...
total 1 replies
Oops, the egg cracked~~~~~
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: Not only cracked, even the insides came out and mixed and the shell became a million pieces!😂😂😂
total 1 replies
I'm here for the points and I am just rolling this episode
I HATE this kind of stories
ゾーイ: mee too I need points so I can read collide
ŇiSsřinə Łtf: Me too , i am reading the story named pure girl , it's a perfect story trust me .
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02 💖
he saved his best friend, I'm crying
Captain: A true bro indeed! (TwT)/♡
total 1 replies
To fall
That hair 😂😂
polite potat: his head said wheeeee freedom
Zayn: yea ... dats a badass Zombie hairstyle
total 2 replies
who is cutting onion here 😭😭😭😭😭
the word evolution constantly reminds of kim seokjin oppa
My heart is red
R: Revolution
E: Evolution
D: Drop in the ocean
Kookie Nyy: purple hearts r special for us armies...thats why
Kookie Nyy: from emoji's i guess
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i dont trust that old guy
little rookie
I thought uncle was one of the strong people put there. I guess poeple make mistake.hahahha
little rookie: in his original futere. even the red jacket geng scary him.
£: i totally agree i thought so too but then again, our MC has a cheat, and that was come from 10 yrs ago lol
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02 💖
that zombie was a lesbian
how come,I see Trump's forehead😂🤣🤣🤣
*am I the only see that comin,or....🤔😆
Aws Salah Jihad
2 eps in 1 day!!!
Zero-Two: ur not dreaming because if this was a dream i dont want to wake up in reality
total 1 replies
pandeskimoe tyrone
give us more episodes man this 1 episode a couple days is bull
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