Mortals of the Doom
Horror / Action / TimeTravel / Adventure / Unscheduled

Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom
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TheBlueCreeper 666
I've been reading this for five times but this scene always gets me. shit so painful
ChippyJR: wow, big tough kid on the internet talking shit. learn some respect you brat
AlexHD6: Thanks for telling the truth
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Lean Allen Oriño
I think she is......xuanxuan??
imgay gayass: he would fuc her cause he love her so much
Demonise: I think so..🤔🤔🤔 but I wish they will see each other...
total 8 replies
Ohohohohoho I assume that she's the girl and they'll meet soon~
SleepyReader😌👓📚: eehhhh???? well if he'll get a herem its not a surprise though, we already have
blacksmith girl
the purple haired girl
now her soon to meet girlfriend of his
TheBlueCreeper 666: harem
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fucking monk
wastin time to find his past gf when there the the teacher who truly love him what a waste
Raven Smith: True one shouldn’t be stuck up to the past but, at least he should have some taste!😑😑I AM ABSOLUTELY GLAD THAT OLD LADY WILL FINALLY KEEP HER DISTANCE!!!!🤩
Jericho Ganzon: lol then let me tell you if you have a lover that you love so much that you can't take it if he/she dissapears what will you do if both of you died in a tragic accident but you we're given a second life.. are you saying if it was you you'll just forget about her/him and spend some time with another girl/boy?? of course your heart won't be able to take it you love her/him previously in your life how could you do such a your saying the memories the two of you made doesn't hold any importancy im so sad that you think like this don't you have a heart to be faithful to the one you love?
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tf xuanxuan is a ninja now?? she was a bit feeble looking in the 3rd chapter in the MCs image
imgay gayass: future changes my boi
total 1 replies
shang biao he transformed into wolverine 💀
skullman : yes that was hilarious 😂
Shaun Cubie: I loved the dog's reaction to Shang Biao transforming.
total 2 replies
hell Prince
that guy is the third type of person ml hates (idiot and traitor)
Sherlyn Espinosa Padul Cabriadas
is there any other website that can read more chaps? arrgg! my points are all used up..
Täxâ: There is but you already up ahead them... 🐸
Oddmoon Light: From what I know we've caught up with the raws.
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Joseph Cck
lel its going to be interesting!!
MaidSchnee: Very very interesting
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Yeppo 💙
I kind sorry of the dog hahaha I think it got traumatize of zhang cheng
imgay gayass
I'm here for the story. But stayed for the hotties actually both (^o^)
睡美人😴: Haha lol same
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The Invincible Overlord
Have anyone noticed the Donald Duck... Sorry mean Donald Trump
kingcat: I can’t avoid him I see in my mangas manhuas am getting annoyed now 😾
Axiels ZS: Where? I cannot find it
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fucking monk
the last panel is awesome it looks like a bf backing up his girl
cleve alcea: yes.. but I still ship the 2 boys
ŁIŤŤŁ€ Đ€MØN: it looks like there going to be in a relationship
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If u want sm1 to follow you without any other thoughts...just scare the shit out of them...or virus?
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
hes gone mad crazy at the end with that expression😂
The Invincible Overlord
Trust me I really thought that she is her grand mother
lamfun: Same here too
kingcat: Same here
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Shira Chan
I'm kind in love with the animals in this story ... they are too funny 😂❤
psych xfz
i was thinking gao fei absord the meteorite using this method😂
Hi Las: we have the same thought, my dear bro
Na Vi Eywin: little brother.. in danger
total 2 replies
The Invincible Overlord
Please someone give them oscar for their acting.
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