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You are My Woman!

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She got bankrupted and cheated on by her boyfriend overnight. She did not expect that she would get an extra husband a few days later! That man’s just an assistant, why would someone say that he gave her a hundred million? With his face full of disdain, "Nonsense! How can it be 100 million? One billion!”

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Aurora Borealis
This guy... is one of the most normal characters I watched
No abuse
No disorders
No sickness
Not aggressive
Real gentlemen
Respectful (for his mom and girl)
P o t a t o: Thanks for suggesting
🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥: what r u saying??
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I didn’t know nowadays clothes are made of paper. Easy to rip off. Lol!!

SPOILER bean appears again.

Of course, her knight came to her rescue. The students around were like “hey! Did you feel like there was a gust of cool wind just now? Then another student replied “yeah! When that man appeared, the gust of cool wind appeared.” Her hubby was utterly FURIOUS, staring at the 2 (father and daughter) with deathly stare. He told Li Tong that he doesn’t hit woman and he told them that wan er is his woman and whoever bullied her is against him. He said how can she (Li Tong) become a student in that university. As her hubby hugging her, that old pervert was trying to touch her by saying “wan er, are you alright?” Omg! That old pervert really doesn’t wanna live through his old age. Dares to touch his wife in front of him.

When he tried to touch her, he grabbed his hand and said “how dare you touch my woman”... or it can be translated as “my woman is not for you to touch”. After that, wan er begged zhao yun to leave, then he gave her a peck and princess carried her to the car. All girls are envious. Haha! End of spoiler~~
Random guy who loves manga: I read until 110, unfortunately it got removed so I'm here waiting for chapter 110 xD
Jenilyn Silva: how many episodes all in all?
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I hope the author keeps the same atmosphere thru out the story. Loving, funny and most of all a ml that is a true champion of the fl. I am enjoying how regardless of the evidence that is stacked against the fl, the ml still trusts and backs up the fl. I say when you're in love in real life, this is how you would normally react. Loyal to your loved one. Please author don't ruin the story by suddenly throwing in silly misunderstandings between the leads. If you do incorporate misunderstandings, i hope you do not use it to prolong the drama. That will be annoying because we all know in real life couples duke out problems right away. Scream, yell then make up. story so far has been satisfactory. I can't wait to read more of this couples love. Maybe Bei Bei and Mo Zhi too😀
Shifa Multani: she will stay no doubt
Anonymous: I am sure Wan Er is in love with her hubby and will stay with him.
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