You are My Woman!
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You are My Woman!

You are My Woman!
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Jessie Morine
See this is what I don't get with people sometimes... they make this kind of lying issue such a big deal when she could've just allowed him to explain.

I understand she may be ipset with Zhao hiding hisnidentity, but would she even feel comfortable around him had she known Zhao Yun is actually the CEO? Let alone allow him to take care of her?

sometimes I cant help but think FL is so shallow. Is she really the position to be acting this way around him after Mo Zhao Yun helped her in so many way?

The least she could do is listen... and if she still feels all self righteous why won't she try thanking him for once before she goes over reacting about him lying.

It's irritating! Men lie and cheat with their significant other with another woman and she acuses him of cheating and lying because of hidding his identity, when it was actually FL who mistook ML for a male prostitute and driver from the start... 😒😒😒
Jessie Morine: lol! it's nice o find someone whi shares the same view as mine. These are just emotional surges. Based on exp. too. apparently not everyone agrees which is okay, i love reading comments! 😘😘😘
jennnnn: i understand what you feel . you totally elaborated what i'm thinking right now .
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Angel Grace
Wait, WHAT? Is this the end of season one? Is there a part two or not? I mean, you just sudden pointed out a big fact in the story that her father was jailed wrongly.

2. Is the present visiting the sea?

3. I mean, the ending is great and all but why suddenly cut there... Yes, she explained she married but wasn't it a bit too fast and like a big leap or maybe it's just me.

4. She was just called a gold digger bla bla bla in school and the misunderstanding hasn't even been clear. Her name has been tarnished. Shouldn't you at least clear out her name and like announce that they are married.

The ending is great honestly, I love it... But why leave gaps for us readers to ponder on.

Anyways, just me pointing..

Author and Art team, thanks for your hard work! Love the story and hoping for more! ❤❤❤
Jules Kimberley Kohl: The ending is really a cliff hanger...
No proper closing, maybe part 2 coming up?
DorothyWastesTime: have you read it?
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Risa Iseri
everyone's looking down on the female lead but I think that that's ludicrous the girl was tormented buy horrible family environment and she was left penniless buy a gold-digging stepmother she was betrayed by the one man she loved her entire life has been nothing but trauma after trauma now she's receiving pictures of her husband with another woman and he was actually evasive about it the first time so what is she supposed to think no big deal you have low self-esteem and you have those kind of dramas on in your past I can be really hard to trust. But people who haven't lived through something like that probably can never understand
lemurloki: Exactly.
andrea cullen: U are right..
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Drianna Lianna
Haaystt, that kind of mom is supporting her son, non like my mom is when she see me smiling while texting, she says that did I have a bf? how ridiculous!! and when I got late to come back home, she will tell me that am I going in the Disco or dating?! and when I just taking for a first pic of a boy, she will say that I'm not allowed to have a bf even if it's no🤦, my family will talk about me, one small mistake, my family will have a big issues 🤦
Drianna Lianna: hahahaha
Anime@translatorPD: when ur smiling just say I'm looking at todoroki's pictures
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I’ve never heard someone moan ‘Woo-Woo’ before....if i hear my neighbors moan like that while having their sexy time In the middle of the night ill think the whole place is haunted 🥶😂
Miseane Randle: Omg.....!!! 😂😂😂😂
Mrs. Kim : yeah ...I also read at night
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Preeti Mohanty
Divorce that bastard, marry sweet blue haired guy, divorce sweet guy when u find out that u misunderstood the bastard, and marry the misunderstood bastard again!
nikkii elizabeth: why cant it be lik this is my bofriend luke and this is his bofriend named something i forgot why not
ruth Rivera: 😂😂😂yessss!!! do that
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For some reason, I read Chen Fa Qiu as Chen F*ck U 🤣
Tsukino Usagi: His name was made in Chinese so the spelling changed 😂😂😂
Hazel Rimado: me too 😂😂😂
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that's it?? awww i want more like a child of them and the livestory of her bestie with the assistant and also if her father get out on jail
Sampada Sharma
curse alert! don't read any further

somebody told me to repost this in five ither manhuas or parents will die in five yrs, so sorry
Lala1424: Is it true?
Why would our parents die?
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Suga 😘
hope her mom support her in the end.
wish she don't be like other comics mom.
I like her plz plz don't make her hate FL plz plz
Hannah Lynne Jumao-as: the mother always likes the fl here
Lee sing 😘😘BTS : yes you are right
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she still doesn't know hes rich though. surelly it'll shock her if she knows his real identity. so exciting.
Swathy Rukmani
why in second from last panel, the female antagonist looks like a guy disguised like a women 😅😂😂
Donout: she doesn't change her dress tho 😅😂
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What ?? End?? How is that possible?? Has the original author discarded the manga?? The ending isn't done right?? I mean no wedding?? No brimging her to the public eye?? Won't An Zhi be with her bestie?? Won't her father be released?? Won't that Su Rao get punished?? Won't her name even have a good reputation?? Will she forever be a sugar baby in the other people's eye?? Won't Zhao Yun hold a proper wedding ceremony for her????
Man I have so many questions....
Medhu: Yeah the same thing happened with the last app I was using.They said the author removed it.Seems like the author only discared the manga's completion.
Medhu: So you mean it is a perfect timing by not showing her real face to the world?? But it is completely a good time to not disregard the fact that she was called a mistress??
You say she would attract jealousy feelings from other women and stuff but isn't she already facing that being deemed a mistress on other people's eyes?? Why should the legal wife be treated a mistress and someone who created trouble face it all as if its nothing??
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dear author
pls make another chapter or season 2
we love this comic

Monie Kromah
this girl is getting annoying why don't you just tell the man then to be beating your heart out of guilt. try and see if he won't talk to u
Lux Eternal
How would she know if his skills were bad if she was a virgin?! lol!
◇Leonora 🦋 Miyuki◇: yes it is: approved on spot
Starlight: oh is it that good?
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did he even loved her even a bit. atleast he must respect her.
xiao shen
finally got me a manhwa that has an ML that's an actual hero and gentleman from the get-go, with wonderful parents as a bonus, but has (unfortunately!) an extremely ungrateful FL who's stupid as f ck and a flirt to boot! At this point im half hoping some girl actually snatches the husband so this idiot would get the ultimate face slap! i think it'll serve her right if her husband separates from her. He doesnt deserve this kind of disloyalty from this stupid woman! I am sooo mad!

The next couple of chapters will determine if im quitting this comic for good. This sorry excuse for an FL better do something to make up for this stupidity or i swear to god--!!!
From_World ¶ CANGLAN ¶: I don't like weak or stupid fl so,

after reading your comment i don't want to read this comic, thanks
TheRazeluXE: Have you tried reading “My Adorable Girlfriend”? The fl start like any other manhwa with weak standing and getting abused. But it gets better and better and I think the female lead is one of the most powerful female lead with flirtatious attitude and wicked remarks, sometimes she act like a villainess in many manhwas lol. The male lead can do nothing to tame her lol 😂
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Suga 😘
her bestie and his assistant 🥺 why it's end without them 😭
Girl you need to speak with him to make you feel better
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