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You are My Woman!

Aurora Borealis
This guy... is one of the most normal characters I watched
No abuse
No disorders
No sickness
Not aggressive
Real gentlemen
Respectful (for his mom and girl)
Griffon Kryzen: he reminds me of haonan from arrange marriage with my beloved ~ my other fav couple. ❤️
another truly sensible man.
only cares about his wife and no one else matters. ❤️❤️❤️
P o t a t o: Thanks for suggesting
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I didn’t know nowadays clothes are made of paper. Easy to rip off. Lol!!

SPOILER bean appears again.

Of course, her knight came to her rescue. The students around were like “hey! Did you feel like there was a gust of cool wind just now? Then another student replied “yeah! When that man appeared, the gust of cool wind appeared.” Her hubby was utterly FURIOUS, staring at the 2 (father and daughter) with deathly stare. He told Li Tong that he doesn’t hit woman and he told them that wan er is his woman and whoever bullied her is against him. He said how can she (Li Tong) become a student in that university. As her hubby hugging her, that old pervert was trying to touch her by saying “wan er, are you alright?” Omg! That old pervert really doesn’t wanna live through his old age. Dares to touch his wife in front of him.

When he tried to touch her, he grabbed his hand and said “how dare you touch my woman”... or it can be translated as “my woman is not for you to touch”. After that, wan er begged zhao yun to leave, then he gave her a peck and princess carried her to the car. All girls are envious. Haha! End of spoiler~~
Random guy who loves manga: I read until 110, unfortunately it got removed so I'm here waiting for chapter 110 xD
Jenilyn Silva: how many episodes all in all?
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I hope the author keeps the same atmosphere thru out the story. Loving, funny and most of all a ml that is a true champion of the fl. I am enjoying how regardless of the evidence that is stacked against the fl, the ml still trusts and backs up the fl. I say when you're in love in real life, this is how you would normally react. Loyal to your loved one. Please author don't ruin the story by suddenly throwing in silly misunderstandings between the leads. If you do incorporate misunderstandings, i hope you do not use it to prolong the drama. That will be annoying because we all know in real life couples duke out problems right away. Scream, yell then make up. story so far has been satisfactory. I can't wait to read more of this couples love. Maybe Bei Bei and Mo Zhi too😀
Shifa Multani: she will stay no doubt
Anonymous: I am sure Wan Er is in love with her hubby and will stay with him.
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Irene Maria
Now she's gonna have a tantrum and silent treatment, what a little kid. she's his wife, she needs no invitation or permission to contact her husband. she could asked questions and perhaps have gone with, she could have called him. she could have shown some concern for him, I hate that she went a week, pinning like a little girl instead of womaning up and being an active participant in her life and marriage. I hate weak , stupid, clueless female leads.
also on a semi separate note, I have great concern for manga writers, who seem to have no life experiences in the real world.
Nou Lor: Thanks for getting it out. I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated with FL. She have no character development at all.
Wafa Bmr: You know it’s quite difficult to talk about your worries everytime and she hasn’t experienced this once
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Vera chan
"I've always been the one who does the movement "😂😂😂
Amber Marino: OMGAWD
mochi: looks like so 😆
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Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I finally found the raws! It can be found on m a n h u a n i u (as for the title 独占娇妻,豪门老公太凶猛)

Can someone be a dear and spoil us whatever is happening?

Sure, latest chapter is 110 and it did show us the ship is still strong (FL bday chapter from what I can understand), but for the new girl, she is indeed another iceberg and from what I've assumed was she used the reporters present to force ML to publicly treat herself as his public gf?
Elthon Dumapit Francisco: B*tch is also using her rep as a public figure/artist to make ML her public bf (the same with the reporters earlier. At some point, she even makes use of her fanbase to assault/slap FL in broad daylight)
Elthon Dumapit Francisco: Minor spoilers from skimming through random chapters. I don't understand Chinese and this is merely my interpretation.

We'll have a secondary ML (A transfer student/childhood friend chara), blue haired guy, popular enough but close with FL that he usually visits her dorm room (FL eventually moves out of their home during new semester but still communicates with ML) and usually treats her to dumplings and siomai

New b*tch after chapter 76 offers FL wine, FL gets drunk and stains both their clothes (b*tch wasn't dirty enough), FL leaves her phone to change to a bit revealing attire (prob didn't have much options) and b*tch uses the opportunity to save ML's # I assume. Basically she's using the sending FL misunderstanding plot (txting ML privately, taking advantage the security cameras to make herself look like she's hugging ML when in truth she just tripped, eventually sending said photo to cause even more misunderstandings later).
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Christine Madriaga
A lie is a lie.
If he lied to hurt you, then leave him.
If he lied with no intention of hurting you, but instead protects you from harm, then at least give him about 60% trust, the rest 40% go ahead and doubt.

Sometimes, white lies are good if it's to protect someone. Though not always.

But let's discuss how she misunderstood him in the first place 🤣 it's not him who told her that he's just an assistant, it was her who assumed he was one. He just went with the flow so not to scare her away.
Swifty & army forever: u are correct tho...
Faith Conn: Dude this is like advice from a god
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Seriously every manga I’ve read has this same exact beginning .
The girl is drunk or drugged then meets a cute guy then he takes interest then they do it
Nator-sama: Sigh..
White devil: same here.
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i don't really understand the male lead is a boss of big company why isn't that pervet old man recognise him? aren't they ever have a cooperation?
the ML never get expose on bussiness news or something why there isn't people who know him 'people only know He is rich as a sugar daddy'. maybe the ML is such a humble president and never show his face in news or magazine like some other manhwa where everyone know how powerfull the ML id
Joana Fernandes
Why is she behaving like that! 🙄😒 she's just creating problems out of thin air and being dificult instead of opening up to him and enjoying their time together! enough is enough... 🤷
speak your mind once and for all girl!!!!!!

it's geting sooooo frustrating... 😕😒
Honaisah Naho: she did kinda build that stuff up in her head but I'm also wondering why he never called at least once I agree though she should say what's on her mind
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Betty Boop
Dude.... Zhao Yun is like the perfect man. He cares a lot about her wife (though her wife is stupid), is a gentleman, he's handsome, he isn't a dick (like other ML in mangas), he's mature, romantic and is a boss from a huge company.
Damn...I kinda feel sad right now, because we know that this kind of man doesn't exist in real life.
Marissa Ponferrada: true.. if so there will be no heartbreaks
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Mhia Vence
i thought these mangga is different from what mangga Ive read
but im wrong looks like all the same😑
and thought from the very start untill the END, there life would be easier
LIKE no women around, no worries, no jelousy but
2ndly i thought toO much
cuz theres no such, in all mangga😅
puma: which Manga??
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Kira 🐹
100 Millionen!? That is a lot of cash! And the ml said that it doesn't matter since it is for revangeing his wife 🤯 . That really is some expensive revange 🤣.
I love BeiBei she is a geat friend and a nice girl. She helps a total stanger to realize what a total a## her new boyfriend is 😜. That she revanged her bff is another good thing 😈. I hole that BeiBei also finds a great guy like the ml 🤞. Let's root for BeiBei!
Kim Chanyeol Xingxi
Please Author don't break them apart and be back again in after some 4-5yrs with a Child i hate that type its too common just please don't divorce them let them stay married and be true no misunderstanding begging you with❤
Rose Camille: me too
I really hope The author won't do this. I love this comic so much because it's diferent from the others
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she should just tell him she was unhappy about him dancing with other girls. She would feel much better after getting that off her chest. I'm sure he will be happy to see her jealous too. But I guess that's how these stories always progress is misunderstanding after misunderstanding
Sakura Miyuki
Zhao Yun: Wan Er you still have me in your heart.
OMG he just confessed to her. I never thought it was a cute line. Zhao Yun your tricks is super good and I love the strategy. You made her come back and please accept his sincere apologies and make up I beg of you Wan Er.🥰🥰🥰
kalaivani sekar
this is the 1st manga that am reading where the father-in-law and mother-in-law are not judging FL by her family background... thank you author for this sweet family...
Kengi: yeh its so refreshing to see that they only judge by character and not by appearance and background...aahh so nice
ulol ka ba? : I ducking know right? Like 😤✊
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spoiler alert!!(you could just avoid this if you do not want spoils)

in chapter 100+ they will go to a park and have lots to talk about and in there wan er will admit that she is pregnant they will have arguments and wan er wiĺl trow her ring.


Purple Hair Smash: My ghad this is killing me slowly
Smargj Squad: whr have u read man!?
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Kira 🐹
I really love his mom! I also want a mother in law like her. I wonder what will happen with the picture? Will she send it to all her friends to brag about her cute daughter in law 😉? Perhaps she will also add that her daughter in law is pregnant. After all she mentioned that fl is pregnant since her son was so gentle to her.
Bhums Vora
hey guys I'm writing a novel "Alisha's secret"
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