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You are My Woman!

Jessie Morine
See this is what I don't get with people sometimes... they make this kind of lying issue such a big deal when she could've just allowed him to explain.

I understand she may be ipset with Zhao hiding hisnidentity, but would she even feel comfortable around him had she known Zhao Yun is actually the CEO? Let alone allow him to take care of her?

sometimes I cant help but think FL is so shallow. Is she really the position to be acting this way around him after Mo Zhao Yun helped her in so many way?

The least she could do is listen... and if she still feels all self righteous why won't she try thanking him for once before she goes over reacting about him lying.

It's irritating! Men lie and cheat with their significant other with another woman and she acuses him of cheating and lying because of hidding his identity, when it was actually FL who mistook ML for a male prostitute and driver from the start... 😒😒😒
Jessie Morine: i just forgot i was just reading... lol! 😂
alexa: hehe
totally acceptable
a noble mistake of young and pure otakus
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Angel Grace
Wait, WHAT? Is this the end of season one? Is there a part two or not? I mean, you just sudden pointed out a big fact in the story that her father was jailed wrongly.

2. Is the present visiting the sea?

3. I mean, the ending is great and all but why suddenly cut there... Yes, she explained she married but wasn't it a bit too fast and like a big leap or maybe it's just me.

4. She was just called a gold digger bla bla bla in school and the misunderstanding hasn't even been clear. Her name has been tarnished. Shouldn't you at least clear out her name and like announce that they are married.

The ending is great honestly, I love it... But why leave gaps for us readers to ponder on.

Anyways, just me pointing..

Author and Art team, thanks for your hard work! Love the story and hoping for more! ❤❤❤
Abegail Hope Mamolo Oyao: wahhh this is wrongfully unfair
April Arrubio: oll9lpo
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Risa Iseri
everyone's looking down on the female lead but I think that that's ludicrous the girl was tormented buy horrible family environment and she was left penniless buy a gold-digging stepmother she was betrayed by the one man she loved her entire life has been nothing but trauma after trauma now she's receiving pictures of her husband with another woman and he was actually evasive about it the first time so what is she supposed to think no big deal you have low self-esteem and you have those kind of dramas on in your past I can be really hard to trust. But people who haven't lived through something like that probably can never understand
mien🌹: You are right!🤗
°☆《Anastasia Lynn》☆°: hiiii☺
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I’ve never heard someone moan ‘Woo-Woo’ before....if i hear my neighbors moan like that while having their sexy time In the middle of the night ill think the whole place is haunted 🥶😂
Miseane Randle: Omg.....!!! 😂😂😂😂
Kim Taeyung: yeah ...I also read at night
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What ?? End?? How is that possible?? Has the original author discarded the manga?? The ending isn't done right?? I mean no wedding?? No brimging her to the public eye?? Won't An Zhi be with her bestie?? Won't her father be released?? Won't that Su Rao get punished?? Won't her name even have a good reputation?? Will she forever be a sugar baby in the other people's eye?? Won't Zhao Yun hold a proper wedding ceremony for her????
Man I have so many questions....
Medhu: Yeah the same thing happened with the last app I was using.They said the author removed it.Seems like the author only discared the manga's completion.
Medhu: So you mean it is a perfect timing by not showing her real face to the world?? But it is completely a good time to not disregard the fact that she was called a mistress??
You say she would attract jealousy feelings from other women and stuff but isn't she already facing that being deemed a mistress on other people's eyes?? Why should the legal wife be treated a mistress and someone who created trouble face it all as if its nothing??
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xiao shen
finally got me a manhwa that has an ML that's an actual hero and gentleman from the get-go, with wonderful parents as a bonus, but has (unfortunately!) an extremely ungrateful FL who's stupid as f ck and a flirt to boot! At this point im half hoping some girl actually snatches the husband so this idiot would get the ultimate face slap! i think it'll serve her right if her husband separates from her. He doesnt deserve this kind of disloyalty from this stupid woman! I am sooo mad!

The next couple of chapters will determine if im quitting this comic for good. This sorry excuse for an FL better do something to make up for this stupidity or i swear to god--!!!
cutie pie 💓💓💓💓: I don't like weak or stupid fl so,

after reading your comment i don't want to read this comic, thanks
TheRazeluXE: Have you tried reading “My Adorable Girlfriend”? The fl start like any other manhwa with weak standing and getting abused. But it gets better and better and I think the female lead is one of the most powerful female lead with flirtatious attitude and wicked remarks, sometimes she act like a villainess in many manhwas lol. The male lead can do nothing to tame her lol 😂
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I can accept that there's no marriage ceremony, I make do with it. But author what happened to the other ship???

You have to make a spin off, this time Mo Zhi and Bei Bei's love story those two are so adorabke you can't ignore this after setting another one hell of a love story for your readers to binge on!

This is so unfair, I was waiting for their moment together 😭😭😭

I shipped Mo Zhi and Bei Bei.
Christine Madriaga
Nah, they're both stupid. He doesn't even realize the girl's motives towards him when she is always everywhere he went. It can't be just some coincidence especially how she tries to touch him every now and then.

FL is childish, that I'll admit. She was shelthered by her parents so I can't really blame her.

They should know how to communicate with each other rather than jumping into conclusions.
Khushis LG Arshi
She was virgin n yet she had the guts to call Male prostitute ...WTAF 😝😝😝 n on the top of that her virginity was so precious too her that instead of freaking out ,she didnt forgot to write a note saying he wasn’t good at it like she is a pro 😂😂😂😂 this is ridiculous 😝😝😝
fite me bish: wow.. i just knew this now HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i thought that if you lose your virginity.. its lost forever
Andre 777: Well I did'nt know that!!
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I haven’t read the novel but supposedly the way the story ends is that they have a couple of kids. Twins, a boy and a girl. I’m rather disappointed that they didn’t write than into the manhua version. When she was holding her tummy I really thought that’s when she found out she was pregnant. Now I wanna read the novel to find out everything. The ending for this is too rushed. Too many open plot lines.
IamCiel: It was on Webnovel app before.
Daniel Aragon: whats the name of the novel
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Snow Bunny
You are a married woman, That is not your house but your husband's and yet you invited another man to come in?? and it's you who called him first asking for help?? Where is your mind??? If Xiao Yun mad at you i won't blame him!!! He always tried to stay away from another woman, but you instead who get close to another man...Others will see it as an Infedility....
I just love comics so much
I have the wildest thought that maybe...just maybe, the author of modern genre manhwa is actually only 1, because they keep to have the same starting scene like having one night stand in the hotel with a good looking and rich guy unintentionally. What a nice thing if that could happen in real life 😏😏
Esther Esther sharma: Yeah you said it right. Almost all the starting chapter of some comic have the same basic
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These are the FL’s y’all feel bad for? She actually has one of the few good ML’s but acts dumb. She doesn’t want the ML to be around women but she can be around man? She’s saying she doesn’t have a family after all the ML and his family did for her? It’s obvious that this guy likes her but she continues to flirt. She’s just a little better than the FL in my peachy little girl. I’m convinced that the more good the ML is in a comic is the more the FL takes him for granted.
Now explain to her that you don't have anything to do with the other slut and then everything will be settled!
Nostalgic night 💜
I only want to ask a genuine question and I really want answers for it
Does this kind if grudges between the woman for 1 man and fighting publicly and then sl##ping with random man , really happen?
in real life?
it really makes me feel disgusting whenever I imagine it
Nostalgic night 💜: yeah
but it is really disgusting to read such things
Katrina Gajdzik: I've only seen it once with a group, we all kinda wandered if they were on drugs.
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He saves her but he still takes advantage of her while she’s drugged and let’s not forget he took advantage of her when she was drunk. Lol a gentleman every girl dreams of
Kayla109: I love it
Sako Yang: True that, preach
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Rachael Selest
why the hell they leave her with her cell phone. alright so we have.

drunk and one night stand with "male prostitute" check (at least not drugged)

lost virginity. check.

evil fiance who cheated. check.

about to be sold off. check.

male comes and rescues her. check.

offers her a job because needs repayment check. anything else
SoLaMi: fiance tries to reconcile with her .not checked

the ML's fiance pops out from somewhere .not checked

evil parents and supportive grandparents.not checked

2nd ML pops out .not checked

pregnancy and a time skip of 5yrs.not checked
Tsudere Sádicas: her ex boyfriend try to kill her
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As cute as a rabbit prepare to be eaten by you wolf hubby😂😂😂
Snow Bunny
This FL keep forgetting Bei bei whenever she suddenly got fetch up by Zhao Yun!! Hey that is not a good thing!! Bei Bei is your only friend who always stand up by your side during your hardest time...don't stood her up occasionally like that! Author please, make Bei Bei become Mo Zhi's girlfriend! Bei Bei deserves it!
Wang xiao ❤️❤️
wow what an ending right after bringing up the topic of her father imprisonment,
the story was interesting but ended when hot and interesting story can be brought up like,clearing all the public misunderstanding towards waner, is it suitable to end without clearing out her name and her father's and also expose su Rao.🤔🤔
AbsVK The_Tech_Gamer: I do agree with you even I want to read more about her father...
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