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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

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She has loved him for 8 years. By virtue of identity substitution, she finally gets close to the man she’s loved for 8 years. But old times, old things and former famous people cannot be recalled. Will the love fade out or turn warm again? Gu Yusheng, do you know I’m Qin Zhiai? I will love you for the rest of my life.

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Here’s a brief summary::
1. After GYS chased LDK out, she leaned on Old Master Gu (OMG).
2. QZA meet up with old school friends (Lu Bancheng etc.. Sorry I forgot their names), where she happened to meet GYS. He didn’t recognised her although they were schoolmates.
3. GYS actually lost his memory. That’s why he forgot about QZA.
4. GYS hired QZA as secretary because of her eyes. During their work interactions, GYS almost found out her identity as LDK’s substitute. QZA was rap*d again by GYS when he was drunk, she got pregnant.
5. GYS regained his memory of QZA, that she was his first love. GYS confessed to QZA. They got married without OMG’s approval.
6. OMG tried to chase QZA out because he despised her. He liked LDK more. During this time, LDK did many things to QZA.
7. LDK’s true nature was exposed. She hit rock bottom. She killed her manager. Turned herself in to the police.
8. GYS & QZA had a daughter.
zephyr919: The title of the novel is “Back then, I adored you.” On the app where I am reading though, the English version, it’s still ongoing.
Liph Liph Oliph: oolpolicy 97j
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Here’s how it supposed to go down before the ending. Summarised from Chapter 407 until Chapter 823.


Heartbroken GYS hired QZA as he felt some familiarity in her eyes. During their work interactions, QZA did her best to conceal her secret. But her similarity to Little Troublemaker became apparent. Ie: her menstrual cramp & scar on her calf. He tested her with mango juice, she drank it while pretending to be fine, thus shattering GYS’s hope. One night, drunken GYS & sober QZA made love resulting in QZA’s pregnancy (Sorry, he didn’t violate her. 🙏🏻 It was consensual). Through their pen pal letters, GYS found out that he & QZA had met earlier — in high school. He went through all his school stuffs, noticed most of them were related to QZA. His memory of her returned. QZA was his first love, the one he ever loved during school & enlistment, even in the present moment. He’d forgotten her after an incident during military duty. When he reread the pen pal letters again, he connected the dots. QZA was Little Troublemaker, the substitute. GYS confronted QZA, breaking her guard through his beautiful, touching love confession. The lovebirds reconciled & GYS proposed to her. They married legally. GYS was excited to be married & to be a father. They had a daughter & held a wedding ceremony after she was born.

**Continued in the comment section.
RK: oh my God, such rich content explained clearly! thank you very much!
Zhella FeRnando: this link direct to novel in chiness languange
anyway where can i read this novel in english version?
thanks before
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Dahlia Dream
I think it was a good comic. I do wish that some moments in the novel was included in the comic but not all scenes could be included so I understand that. I don’t think I can call him a “stupid” ML b/c when you think about it in his position, he doesn’t even know that 2 LDK exists. He technically only ever met 1 (the fake one) in his life. Yet despite that, he still had this feeling that the real one wasn’t the one he fell in love with. So thinking in that perspective, I would say that he’s pretty intelligent and do pay attention to her. Also he knew that she was the real one really quickly too. So I would say he’s pretty smart to catch onto these subtlety, esp since only their eyes differ. Do I think he’s a “good/ nice” ML? Not entirely. Esp at the beginning but over time, I feel like he did start to like her and paid attention to her and try to understand her. And I don’t blame her for keeping the truth from him since she had her own reasons. What’s kinda sad for this couple is that they’re together but she cannot truly enjoy those moments despite waiting for so many years. And in the back of her mind was filled with doubts and rejection at he did those years ago. But I’m glad that they sorted it out. Hopefully the novel’s translation will be completed and we’ll finally get to read the story from start to finish.
Nisya Kamaruzzaman: Aiya.... so long to finish for them to be together.. last episode just like that.. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lina .3.: tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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