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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

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She has loved him for 8 years. By virtue of identity substitution, she finally gets close to the man she’s loved for 8 years. But old times, old things and former famous people cannot be recalled. Will the love fade out or turn warm again? Gu Yusheng, do you know I’m Qin Zhiai? I will love you for the rest of my life.

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Here’s a brief summary::
1. After GYS chased LDK out, she leaned on Old Master Gu (OMG).
2. QZA meet up with old school friends (Lu Bancheng etc.. Sorry I forgot their names), where she happened to meet GYS. He didn’t recognised her although they were schoolmates.
3. GYS actually lost his memory. That’s why he forgot about QZA.
4. GYS hired QZA as secretary because of her eyes. During their work interactions, GYS almost found out her identity as LDK’s substitute. QZA was rap*d again by GYS when he was drunk, she got pregnant.
5. GYS regained his memory of QZA, that she was his first love. GYS confessed to QZA. They got married without OMG’s approval.
6. OMG tried to chase QZA out because he despised her. He liked LDK more. During this time, LDK did many things to QZA.
7. LDK’s true nature was exposed. She hit rock bottom. She killed her manager. Turned herself in to the police.
8. GYS & QZA had a daughter.
Mi K: Wtf a big jump of the story 😭😭😭 the story was ruined 😭😭
mingty: where did u read it?...
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Tangela Reynolds
why did you have him in yours? there's no rhyme or reason to love. like she said, they grew up together. he could probably only ever see he as family or a family friend. which is as good as family when it comes to matters of the heart. and simply because he forgot her due to brain injury, doesnt mean she was erased from his heart. this was your stupid insidious idea, using the girl you know he loves and loves him to trick him into loving you. do you think the man is an idiot? did you really think she would be able to play you perfectly, 24/7? and that he would instinctively fall for her again and not notice the changes in personality? you are the idiot. bwcause according to you he never paid you any attention. what made you think his feelings toward you would change because of this trick? he will still feel the same about you, no matter what. and when he finds out what you did, he will completely hate you.
I really can stand women like her. normally when the love we have is not returned, we move on. but this girl is clinging to him with every fiber of her being. if she took two seconds and really think about it, she would realize that she has an unhealthy obsession with him. if you love someone, you should want them to be happy and you definitely wouldn't try to destroy their love. not would you use them for your own benefits like she has.
Alice Chan: Its one sided love huh..... meh~
Freyry Anhao: F*ck this lock thingy!
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The kiLLeR
HEY GUYS!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! Dont worry. There love story hasnt been ended. In a chapter which is 13-16 above. Our main protagonist will be invited by her bestfriend to a reunion party of their batch.

Yusheng will be curious about our main p. A big fact, Yusheng has been inlove to our main since the day they met when they were highschool or college.

When Yusheng knows that the woman she loved is the substitute for doukou. He is angry but at the same time sad because he realized that he free the woman he loved.

So thats just a spoiler. Dont report this or SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!😑
Luxirox: It seems it wont be uploaded that here. Seems like the story is getting distorted
Pegasus Crew: i hate u but also love u
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