Mr. Right in Neighborhood
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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

Mr. Right in Neighborhood
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Mr. Right in Neighborhood Comics Online. She has loved him for 8 years. By virtue of identity substitution, she finally gets close to the man she’s loved for 8 years. But old times, old things and former famous people cannot be recalled. Will the love fade out or turn warm again? Gu Yusheng, do you know I’m Qin Zhiai? I will love you for the rest of my life.

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Afia Azad
Well if I be honest this story is REALLY GOOD but the author could not portray the really story in the manga therefore in the end the manga gets really out of context and short- especially the last chapter. As for the characters, the author really over exaggerate the ml’s character. In the novel ml actually has many different expressions and emotions other than anger. There was a time when the ml was on the verge of tears but hold it back and many more. This are the part that this manga missed out. The author only portrayed the ml as an angry demon wherelse in the novel the scenario is different. When I read the manga I totally hated the ml; however, after reading the novel-though I still hate him- but not much as before. Most importantly this story is much more painful than the way it has been expressed in the manga. So I would suggest you after reading the manga read the novel at least once. I can guarantee you guys will love it. The story in the novel is much more deep and rich in emotion. So pls read the novel once. It’s worthy.
For those who don’t know the name of the novel: BACK THEN, I ADORED YOU
Afia Azad: So the grandpa didn’t agree with their relationship????
Intan: It havent end yet there is still few chapters left thats why I'm looking for the complete one. The last chapter that I read they already together but still struggle for getting grandpa bless
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Joy W
I feel jipped! How did he get his memories back? when did they start dating for real? How did the all important Grandpa take the substitute news? How does the ML apologize and make up for all the horrible things he did to her in the beginning? What does her brother think of his brother in law? What happened to the conniving agent to Doukou Liang? How's the married life? Why did they end the last chapter with them in separate rooms with yet another misunderstanding? I want my points & coins back
Yurie: what is the title of the novell?
Afia Azad: Thanks I have started to read the novel right after you gave me the name and trust me it’s way better than the manga 🤩 and not only that the novel consists of very deep emotion and it’s more painful than the manga. Though I skipped few chapters but it’s worth reading 🥰🥰🥰
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Non Lumiere
now I could only imagine the Zhiai Qin works as Yusheng's secretary. They slowly get closer but Daokao(?) appears, still trying ro win his heart. After saw Zhiai very close to Yasheng, Daokao threatened Zhiai Qin and pay people to lock her at thw deserted place. But Yasheng somehow got her location and come to pick her up. After beat the men, Yasheng was loads with joy and relief, and he didn't realized a man stood up and tried to smack him. Zhiai tried to cover him but Yasheng cover her again and got hit on his head. When he opened his eyes, he was in the hospital, with bandage covers his head (lol). He couldn't remember what happened until Zhiai opened his room's door and shocked that he finally woke up after 3 days. That's when he remembered Zhiai from years ago. They've met, liked each othee but he has a short period amnesia and forgot Zhiai. He was relieved and hugs her, in tears.

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HAZE: This is not the ending I read on the Novel. There was still a scandal of Liang Douku where she was tricked to admit that she never married Gu Yusheng and the Marriage certificate is a fake in order to clean her name from a recent sex scandal with an old man. And tells the media that Qin Zhi Ai and Gu Yusheng are engaged and wishes them both blessings for their upcoming marriage. And there's a lot more scenes undisclosed on the manga. Such as how Liang Douku killed her agent and become a celebrity turned to murderer. Qin Zhi Ai gave birth to a baby girl, and how Liang Douku's schemes were unmasked on Grandpa Gu's (80th birthday I think?)
Waiting for Mr Perfect 😍😍: thank you for explaining the ending
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