Mr. Right in Neighborhood
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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

Mr. Right in Neighborhood
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Mr. Right in Neighborhood Comics Online. She has loved him for 8 years. By virtue of identity substitution, she finally gets close to the man she’s loved for 8 years. But old times, old things and former famous people cannot be recalled. Will the love fade out or turn warm again? Gu Yusheng, do you know I’m Qin Zhiai? I will love you for the rest of my life.

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Non Lumiere
now I could only imagine the Zhiai Qin works as Yusheng's secretary. They slowly get closer but Daokao(?) appears, still trying ro win his heart. After saw Zhiai very close to Yasheng, Daokao threatened Zhiai Qin and pay people to lock her at thw deserted place. But Yasheng somehow got her location and come to pick her up. After beat the men, Yasheng was loads with joy and relief, and he didn't realized a man stood up and tried to smack him. Zhiai tried to cover him but Yasheng cover her again and got hit on his head. When he opened his eyes, he was in the hospital, with bandage covers his head (lol). He couldn't remember what happened until Zhiai opened his room's door and shocked that he finally woke up after 3 days. That's when he remembered Zhiai from years ago. They've met, liked each othee but he has a short period amnesia and forgot Zhiai. He was relieved and hugs her, in tears.

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☑️ AnnieLeblanc ❤️🌹: The author forced the ending😭
☑️ AnnieLeblanc ❤️🌹: Thanks for the ending, it's way more creative than the one the author gave us
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Mea Gheera
Waste of time with that ending. So, many threads left loose, the new job, how he finally convinces her to give him a second chance, the pen pals revealed, the head injury/lost memories, the setting and then standing up If date nights and ao forth, and the end is too rushed. And the storyline and character development we're so good till you got past 90% of the story. It's like getting to the part in Snow White where the Evil Queen gives Snow White the poisoned apple and then the next scene we see snow white riding off the prince and just a few lines on the screen, "The queen was killed, and snow white and the prince lived happily ever after." You're sitting there thinking,"Obviously there is a "happy ever after" that's why I picked a romance and not a tragedy. What I'm here for is how they get from A to Z, not A thru P, and then skip everything and jump to Z. Is there an actual novel to read, does anyone know? Hopefully, it's a wholly fleshed out story!
Pretty Pineapple : exactly!
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Wowww 😲 such great ending.
I like the wedding photo very much.
Finally yusheng fall in love with her and recall his memory. Ooo I was just looking forward it.
It can show us something more like how did he recall his memory, how did he found out that little troublemaker is zhiai qin etc. But sometimes shot stories touch our heart and we can imagine it in our way. So the end is too good. I liked the story. Lead a happy life together you two
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