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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

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She has loved him for 8 years. By virtue of identity substitution, she finally gets close to the man she’s loved for 8 years. But old times, old things and former famous people cannot be recalled. Will the love fade out or turn warm again? Gu Yusheng, do you know I’m Qin Zhiai? I will love you for the rest of my life.

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yasha balasub
this male lead thinks he is the king on the word he is not he is treating his wife like a maid she is a person like you I mean this is just messed up he can't do this it has to stop he thinks he can treat her like a pet she is a person a woman not a play toy so this male lead has to stop he is just ruthless it's just sad to see this woman get hurt all her love live because of him he is the reason why she is hurting I don't like seeing her get hurt cuz of him 😢 she needs a new husband and not be treated like a pesant she is not a toy no woman are toys just like the song not your toy you woman should stand up I would know I'm not a woman yet but I will soon know so this woman is vary strong she is a very strong female lead I'm glad she can stand up for her self good bless all you woman out there AND STAY STRONG🏋️
Gina Cenabre: yea.. same with the other person.. are ya a gurl, gurl??
D£iNa_JuLeZ: r u a girl?
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Griffin Grey
Ok... Mr. Gu had a pretty @@@@ up childhood because his father was violent against his mother and him. So he kept his distance from everyone and especially females (although he was supposed to be a player rich and handsome etc.) When he met Little Trouble he fall in love with her but he didn’t want her to get involved with him because of his family. So although he liked and somehow encouraged her he tried to make her dislike him. Then he lost his memory and although he was in love with her he doesn’t now remember her. But she never forgot him or stop loving him 😞
Griffin Grey
This is a pair of friends that they both knew when they were at school. She is her best friend while he is his closest friend. He didn’t recognize her because he doesn’t remember her at all. He has amnesia. The reason he didn’t realize that he currently lives with her is because he didn’t bother to pay attention to her. He has already start falling in love with the current “her” that he lives with. P.S. This is not a spoiler because it is from the book and is not further analyzed at the comic.
Carla Clark: Ohhh, so is he now going to start realizing, I wonder? Thanks for the info, though, Griffin!
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