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Mr. Right in Neighborhood

Sana (zalfa khayl)
8 years waiting the man she loves, in the end he loves her back. But i am disappointed. i'm waiting my crush from elementary school till now, and he doesnt love me back. 😭😭
Sana (zalfa khayl): like disney. the first love can will be your future
Nekopii: real life just doesn't work like manhua 😭
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Concubine Chu Ming
i dont know why, i just hate the real doukou
Sakura: you will hate her even more
Carla Clark: I do? She's a faker and a pos.
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girl. just move out. run away
hot_accountable😋💃😇: uhm. she wasn't forced to live with him. she isn't supposed to be there.... later down in the story. your gonna see what i mean
Lovely rose: She can't move out she was (not forced )forced
To live which him she can't run away cause it's weird and she can't
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Sadia Afroj
5 days ?
it's a every day published one
Hanis Sabrina
I think their eye color are different! CANT HE SEE THATTTT
Juni: @Hope Melody Belle there’s a video?
Hope Melody Belle: In the video she was positioned purposely so he couldn't see her eye colour, so he wouldn't have been able to tell it wasn't the female MC
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Han Hayi
He is too blind to notice the eyes colour
Kasma Wati: maybe the eyes colour just for us as a reader. can u imagine if they have similar eyes. how we can make difference?
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Yoshi Dwi Ramadani
yes just make the truth came up... im tired to see zhiai qin suffer because of her fake identity... i want zhiai qin find her happiness without any pressures anymore.. thanks for the update. 😘
Tangela Reynolds
why did you have him in yours? there's no rhyme or reason to love. like she said, they grew up together. he could probably only ever see he as family or a family friend. which is as good as family when it comes to matters of the heart. and simply because he forgot her due to brain injury, doesnt mean she was erased from his heart. this was your stupid insidious idea, using the girl you know he loves and loves him to trick him into loving you. do you think the man is an idiot? did you really think she would be able to play you perfectly, 24/7? and that he would instinctively fall for her again and not notice the changes in personality? you are the idiot. bwcause according to you he never paid you any attention. what made you think his feelings toward you would change because of this trick? he will still feel the same about you, no matter what. and when he finds out what you did, he will completely hate you.
I really can stand women like her. normally when the love we have is not returned, we move on. but this girl is clinging to him with every fiber of her being. if she took two seconds and really think about it, she would realize that she has an unhealthy obsession with him. if you love someone, you should want them to be happy and you definitely wouldn't try to destroy their love. not would you use them for your own benefits like she has.
Tangela Reynolds: first, they don't look exactly alike. it is easy to forget and hard to tell in this version, but zhaia puts on a large amount of make up to look exactly like doukou everyday. it is emphasized more in the novel. but this version seems to skim over it a little and with the drawing, they look identical. but the novel it implies they look alike enough to pass as sisters. but no so alike that you couldnt tell them apart.
and no. she didn't HAVE to do it. she could be just told them the truth, that she was sick and needed treatment. but she wanted to have it all. not only did she pester grandpa into forcing the marriage her agent came up with this crazy plan, hoping that Yanchen would dote and cherish her by using the woman they know he loves. he would fall for her and then when they switched back she would have a very powerful backer who spoils her and supports her career. it was a fool hearty plan. they know how rithless he is and yet they still chose to lie and trick him. can't feel sorry for whatever comes their way when he finds out the truth. they are both so done and so is Liang family.
Natallie Sinanan: the fact that the real doukou looks exactly like Zhiai is strange. no one looks that closely alike unless they are twins. but I think doukou purposefully changed to look like zhiai maybe with plastic surgery (since she has that kinda money) in hope for the guy to love her
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Kristi Blodgett
the mango will give her away in the switch
Mary Larrison
😖😫😭😭😭😫I don't want them to separate
i don't mind if doukou back now, bcs i don't want zhiai to suffer again
Grace 🙇
now,I want spoiler , some said it was not happy ending.I want them together anyway😢
Marvy Garcia: so Is there a site that I can go to where I can read all the chapters ..
UwU🥰🤯: It is a happy ending don’t worry I read it all yesterday
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Lin. 🧸
Crazy update crazy update!!!
5 days????? Why it's already been written and released other places!
rachbakesss: I read it fully there before it was removed and it had like 300 episodes they left a lot out this time
Taif Sherif: where it got banned in webc0mics
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Nina Sze
WTF.. i have to wait 5days? 😭😭😭 NOOOO!!
Nina Sze: ikr. we want everyday update
Kria Hough: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏please put it back to everyday!!
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~ anime mei-chan ~
i cried am i weak ass biss..?
Otamour: pat pat friend pat pat 😭😭😭
Nisa Iskandar: yes.
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🐲𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕟🐲
Can't he see that they eyes color look different?? And have different voices??? Come on!!!!!
🐲𝔻𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕟🐲: Idk I just think that they voices is different?
Glory: there r some foolish men who can't even think when there r angry

and it's really easy to make those people angry
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roar?? from where did this sound come from
Storytimez: plot twist he is secretly a tiger
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Tutie Kirana
thor.. can u give us update crazy..?
Amiera Batrisyia
I really don’t know what should I feel right now.... Like seriously?!?! BRUH ANSWER ME!!!
- Because she’s gonna and leave the one that she
loves the most behind.
- Because he still don’t know that she’s not Dokou

- Because he can’t even tell that she’s the same
person that they met before thisnot Dokou
Liang and
- Because he doesn’t take the real her seriously
before this (when he gave her his number)
- Because she doesn’t tell the truth so that he knows
how bad Doukou is (and also because I want him
him to know that the one that he loves is you and
not Dokou

- Because he’s finally in love with her
- Because she love him too

USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: Hmmm this manga is getting boring 😪😪😪💀😑
Sweet Gam3rs: Me too UwU
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