Mr. Right in Neighborhood
Romance / CEO

Mr. Right in Neighborhood

Mr. Right in Neighborhood
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Cantuba Nelros
like it so much😘😘😘
Fei Sparks: Here's a marvellous Novel for you, 《Memoirs of Love》, Check it out now.
도레miaomiao몬: really with that kind of a disappointing ending
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Wow,I watched more than 10 manga and every time the story is about a crazy rich man and bla bla... But I still like it
Diabolik Anayah : me too that's what I say
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i must tell that she is very pretty
Aaratrika Ghosh
I really love the story. The art is beautiful. Thank you author keep up the good work.
Mhay Erika Britania Sarmiento
uhmm. ive read it before but im still for points and still reading it again. The Ml has his reasons why he's like that to the FL. And FL is not supposed to be his wife. She was hired by the original wife to be which is an actress. But because that girl has an illness she went to abroad for medication. She hires the FL to stand in to be the ml's wife, and replace the ML if she went better and can be the ml's wife. Its a nice story even if its a complicated story at first.
I read it last yr. but I can still remember some of it.
They also has a history together when they are in college or in middle school. They have feelings for each other. But He couldnt recognize the FL because she wears make up to be that to be. They have a wonderful story before. Keep reading it and u will love it. 😍😍
Mhay Erika Britania Sarmiento: yes of course. 😍😍 because the ML will know that the FL is her first love.
Queenly Joy: will they ended up together?
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Tupperware Mampu Milik
I think I cross this kind novel before. The difference is the actress mom want the adopted son marriage her own daughter to maintain make he qualifies to take control the company because actress daughter not really trustful.
But same stroyline the actress have illness need one years to cure,she need substitute for her work because she on peak moment. The same thing the husband hate the actress wife because she extorting the adopted brother @ husband about his background and make won’t make him ceo if he does not want to marriage her. Of the end the husband know his wife is not his original wife. And he chasing after her in end. It the novel I don’t think they together because the girl left but become actress under her own name.
Lmfao_144: Yeah. Finally someone wise. Left him and didn’t get back with him.
licht: are you malaysian?
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The Man
Well if I be honest this story is REALLY GOOD but the author could not portray the really story in the manga therefore in the end the manga gets really out of context and short- especially the last chapter. As for the characters, the author really over exaggerate the ml’s character. In the novel ml actually has many different expressions and emotions other than anger. There was a time when the ml was on the verge of tears but hold it back and many more. This are the part that this manga missed out. The author only portrayed the ml as an angry demon wherelse in the novel the scenario is different. When I read the manga I totally hated the ml; however, after reading the novel-though I still hate him- but not much as before. Most importantly this story is much more painful than the way it has been expressed in the manga. So I would suggest you after reading the manga read the novel at least once. I can guarantee you guys will love it. The story in the novel is much more deep and rich in emotion. So pls read the novel once. It’s worthy.
For those who don’t know the name of the novel: BACK THEN, I ADORED YOU
Nanshin: does this manga have another name?
The Man: I am reading this online though. The name of the site is novelfull. com
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Suzette Ngojo
i have read the novel counterpart. And it is much better there than what you can see here in the manga. You can read how the characters became close and how their love blossomed and their secrets to be revealed one by one. It was a roller coaster until the end but all in all it was a lovely novel. By the time you have finished reading it, you would want to reread all over again, thats how good it is.
Yeamin_Ria: Back then, I adored you is the title
Lestiawati Ajah: Title is the adonis next door
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It's that how the story ends?
why end it so quickly?
Author we need more,your story is so interesting and we love it. But why end up like this 😭..We didn't even see how they make things back as they we're supposed to be..
But why? we need more chapters author,we like your story....
Since you make this, I'll forgive you for giving such a nice ending. Even though there are some missing episode🥰🥺🥺
Be gentle senpai ugh~: i know right!!!! it just brokemy heart😭
Hamdi Khalif: Why did it end like this 🤧
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I'd never ship her with him no matter how he gonna change later, you just see, fight me.
Nightcore cooly: I support u
Eying Shitiri: I ain't gonna ship them too,the FL is dumb af and the guy tho"words can't say*
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Grunge bisss
The author saved a lot of energy and time by simply writing "many years later". Like I can already guess what kinda drama they faced in those years and eventually got married😂 This ending might feel sloppy but I feel it's better than most manhuas which keeps dragging with all the same scheming b*tches. So this kinda ending is really good. Since the leads are gonna end up together anyway why show the unnecessary same drama? I like this. I like his character development too.
iminlove: hahahahah..... why others saying “disappointed" ending ..... this ending is so confused ... hahahahaha..... “many years later" huh???? .... we didnt even see how mr. gu regain his memory and how's the two being together again..... haystttt.....
Lmfao_144: But the thing is that in other places they have showed the chapters so they are the translators😂 At least that is what I got told of.
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saly sid
I can see why he treats her like that🤦🏻‍♀️ , he must feel cornered and forced against his will, would be the same if my family forced me to marry someone I don't want to let along someone I hate😩 .
Oh I feel sorry for her but she asked for it when she accepted to live with him even though she knows he doesn't want her in his life.
saly sid: I didn’t know that at the beginning, that she’s a substitute?😣
Misaki X Takumi😌: treated**
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Meidou 🌺
You can adore him how much you want but if he is an asshole, you have to take care of yourself. It called self respect.
A kick in the groin and run away from that house .
starless_night: She can't as she is a substitute for his main wife.
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Novita N
It feels like reading a different story. I really have no more interest to continue reading. Everything is changing, I don't like the new art 😫 I felt lost 😭 If only I could go back to before reading, I would jump to the last episodes to see notice the changing art, and choose to not reading the manga 😓 I'm sorry, author. I really am dissapointed 😭
✌ yow
whose here for points?🙋
Anushka Gupta: yup same here
✌ yow: ohh... I understand how that feels
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Is it just me or the ML is not that handsome
Kookoo💟💟: lol 😂😂
chinita692: yes, an ugly man with any ugly personality 😂
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Stella Solaria
That's what they say, "Not every shining thing is gold but can be glitter". He shows to everyone outside how good and nice guy he is but it is all FAKE. Fl fall for his fake acting and here she is. You never know what is inside someone, or what he does indoors. Huh - huh
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: I mean it’s okay if he’s not a celebrity because a handsome face is enough
doraemon💜Lin Yi💜BTS: yeahhhhh both of us.........but not today cuz you know....the happenings in this world...................
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is it trauma? because he ended up like his father? and how come he didn't recognize her? I know she's wearing make up to pretend but.... I hope he will remember her? making love?
Wulandarii: Because he lost his memory during a mission when he is in military.
SessKag: yeah I know and I like it how he called and tease her with that tiiiihiii
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the story is become more confusing...
its really hard to understand and follow the story...i think the author need to focus more by the details of the story to become easy to understand and to follow..
if you knew the the help what she did to you!!that much that you can't even count!!and you just treat her as a dust!!you hurt her badly while she was treating you good enough!!do you think you still deserve to be with her
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