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Fox's Love Notebook

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The fox demon Qiao Lian and her brother are running a small fortune telling house-the Fox's. Those who go to the Fox's shall exchange something with Qiao Lian to get an answer they want. Actually, Qiao Lian runs the fortune telling house to wait for her destined lover to reincarnate. During a case of finding the sister of a cat demon, she saved a boy…

Manga Toon got authorization from KS to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xiaohulidelianaishouzhang,xhldlasz
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Essence 7
so author your really going to do this to me. your not going to have this continue?

hes not going to meet the other guy face to face cause he gets knocked out and their minds are in a single dish. and he has a heart to heart with him about who really loves her and who can actually protect her. cause gu is the only one with the seal that gives her power back. so in the end he ends up coming back and she gets stronger and they fight with like girls from his past and other drama and then they finally win out. have a flash wedding and child and a glimpse into the future with a sweet end at least. your gunna cut it next epi. noooo come on. please.
Roxy Rose: yes come on author please a little more
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Mandy J
I'm wondering if the old warlord was not really her destined one or if the other guy who she so casually tossed away (yep I'm pretty unhappy with this FL although I understand), was her true destined one. Like she met the warlord because he would lead her to her true guy.
what kinda pisses me off is that she seems so uncaring about the guy that locked away his soul for her. I get that you want you happily ever after, but the lies you just told thatgirl, were exactly that, lies that you seemed to have said to make yourself feel less guilt. all of this is my opinion and rant of I'll drop this again for a while and wait for more chaps.

Trinity’s Angles😘
OMG! I’m sorry but she dumb...
How can they be the same person?? Sure they share the same body but even a kid could notice the difference in how the act, talk, move etc. Like seriously 😒 The souls are completely different! I feel like she actually is supposed to be with chuan gu and in the end she’s going to go through this Journey in trying to get his soul back, because if li hu was her destined one why he die? Ya know? And right now her with Li Hu is too happy like usually these mangas have sooooo many ups and downs. All she did was lose her tail! Idk... maybe I’m wrong 🤷‍♀️
Dxs: And you saying "maybe I'm wrong" you actually misused it I think cuz like you started off with an expression "OMG! I'm sorry but she dumb" right from there you were saying your opinion and also cuz of that I wanted to share my opinion regarding such matters I didn't take it too seriously though just common sharing and stuff
Dxs: No actually I was so bored to the point I wanna explain and also don't worry I wasn't offended in anyways I'm just not too gid with my words people sometimes misunderstand me and also I just wanted to share my opinion lols. And actually the plot is like the skeleton what I told you was like the uhm happenings/events.
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