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Divine Doctor

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Feng yuheng, a Super-A military medical officer of Land Force in the 21st Century, travels through time and possesses the body of the second daughter of the Feng family. However, her half sister and the hostess of the family bully her and even try to chase her out of the family. But it doesn’t matter for the emperor cares for her, empress dowager protects her~ but what about that damned engagement with that prince?

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Time Travel
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⚠️Manhwa Recommendation⚠️

This manhwa is top 2 on my list‼️AND TRUST ME, THIS MANHWA IS REALLY GOOD. The female lead will literally give you chills/goosebumps because of her strength and skills. The male lead is also really strong and good looking that he reminds me of Hak from Akatsuki no Yona.

For those who prefer manhwas with female lead (possibly) stronger than the male lead. Unique plot and good flow of story with a hint of comedy, stunning art, characters that are royals/nobles/knights, some plot twists, THIS IS IT!


You guys can search it on gööglë or read it in this website:

~ In order for the noble daughter not to get married to the Duke, who is known to be a ruthless and vicious knight, a maid named Edna was sacrificed and sent in her place. Little do they know that Edna has been hiding her true identity, a BIG SECRET that could change the Kingdom's History, just so that she can stay alive. ~

For those who haven't read it yet, it will never get you bored. The female lead's skills are no joke. It literally gave me goosebumps. HAVE FUN READING ❤️
otakumonster: this manhua is worth reading because it is intelligently written. at least my brain cells wont die while reading this. 😉
otakumonster: wooow! i love TRUE BEAUTY!!! I like your username. ❤❤❤
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Sabrina Lu
lmao the father saying the daughter is merciless and has a bad heart and that's why you tried to kill her...Uh all of this is in response to all of your previous actions. You all tried to kill an innocent girl and her brother and mother for no reason other than them outliving their use, so when she manages to thwart all your plans to survive she's heartless but you're just a family man? Ok lmao get outta here all of you. Only one with some sense and kindness in Feng besides MC is Xiang Rong
Amandine Sauvage: thank u, i probably dont know cuz i'm french ^^'
⚘S.I.A⚘: still it's good that ur brave enough to ask it means laugh my ass off
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The marriage with 7th this other kingdom is angling for? Not gonna happen. Not unless 9th Prince and Heng endorse it...and they don't. They think it's another of the sucky schemes of a certain princely loser who is too chicken to attack anyone bigger than a skinny kid but who doesn't hesitate to choke anyone half his size IF he catches them alone. Loser wants 7th out of circulation and this pathetic scheme is his sucky loser plan for it. Even this sucky loser's own mom thinks he's sucky. And a loser.
Belle: a plenty of sucky in there haha but true haha he sucks
Belle: a plenty of sucky in there haha but true haha he sucks
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