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Divine Doctor

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Feng yuheng, a Super-A military medical officer of Land Force in the 21st Century, travels through time and possesses the body of the second daughter of the Feng family. However, her half sister and the hostess of the family bully her and even try to chase her out of the family. But it doesn’t matter for the emperor cares for her, empress dowager protects her~ but what about that damned engagement with that prince?

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Time Travel
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Prince are you that frustrated to sleep with her...and product babies...😁😁😂😂
bad boy she is still 13...I also forget she is 13only....😂😂 she is more like 31🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ariadna 💜 : well mentally she is 8 years older than him, and physically 8 younger than him 😂😂😂,she died at the age of 28 normally
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Chia Chan
how can she doing that?
i'm sure no one can match prince polestar except her 🥰
A horse with bad eyesight can still avoid obstacles. I knew a blind horse that could get to the stable ahead of the others when oats and apples were being served. I saw him kill a snake once. He was a rescue animal worth every bit of care and nurture we gave him.
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